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The WOLRDS MOST Haunted Asylum!! REAL Paranormal Activity caught on camera.

We went to a real haunted asylum and we got locked inside! This is the worlds most haunted ASYLYUM. and we caught some real paranormal activity. take a look!

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The worlds most creepy haunted house!

The worlds most creepy HAUNTED house!! Would you dare to enter here?

It seemed once we entered this creepy house something tried to communicate with us from the other side!

Let us know if you enjoyed the video.

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OMG This Went WRONG! The Ancient tombstone Witchboard

A real ancient tombstone witchboard was sent to our house, and we decided to open it in our haunted objects museum, and OMG it went horribly wrong!

The witchboard is actually a positive energy charged from a witch in Germany called Maria known as parawisp who specialize in tombstone jewellery the only person to do it, and only person to make WITCHBOARD from tombstone.

when we had the board in the museum and decided to open it, we got amazing results from the EVP. You will have to watch the video back yourself. it seemed something in our museum then decided to kick up a fuss and threw fire onto the floor. which was very concerning. From working with the board we found out there is multiple spirits attached all positive in nature and connected to war!

go check out parawhisp

ParaWhisp –

May be an image of 1 person
May be an image of text that says "Z $19 119 0.A contact Te! DM E @parawhisp GERMANY"
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The Worlds Most Viewed Paranormal Video. 158 Million views.

Stocksbridge Bypass in Sheffield is believed to be the worlds most haunted stretch of road, and to date it is the worlds most famous video on Facebook and possibly YouTube. collecting over 156 million views. A ghost monk is said to haunted this road and a group of children who sing nursery rhymes!

SHEFFIELD Stocksbridge bypass

Have you ever encountered anything in Sheffield Stocksbridge bypass? We would love to know.

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The Poltergeist HOUSE – First 4 teams encounter Unbelievable ACTIVITY In Rotherham

Rotherham’s Poltergeist house is becoming a famous HAUNTED HOUSE, with the first 4 getting a unbelievable responses .

The Former fancy dress and bridal shop is home to a poltergeist reported by ex property owner Jane & Rob, and the first 4 teams to investigate the building certainly got more then what they thought.

Poltergeist House – Rotherham

G&C Investigators, Paranormal Uncovered, PXTV, and Spookology Events entered the doors to the poltergeist house, which is also HOME TO THE HAUNTED OBJECTS MUSEUM, This is what they reported.

G&C & Uncovered :- crying boy room ornament started playing, a doll started moving, Lights flickering, LIGHTS COMPLETELY SHUT OFF, Good EVP Responses, Bangs on the floor. Heard Singing. Huge Temperature fluctuations

Paranormal-x : – Shadows seen from sinister room, Growls, Curtain Moving on command, Caught EVPS. Marks video light Dimming, Bridal Doll Room Light Dimming.

Poltergeist House – Crying Boy ROOM

Spookology Events : – Heard whistling in the crying boy room, some heard talking, Singing. Curtain Moving, Feelings of been touched on the back, Walking on the floor boards. Smelling roses in the bridal doll room. Feelings of anger. Heard Singing. Heard Banging. Temperatures Rising very hot.

with many more paranormal teams due to investigate this building, its currently got a lot of eyes watching and public interest, with the general public wanting to watch different teams INVESTIGATE our building.

The Haunted Objects Museum – Poltergeist House.

The Evil Room

10 rooms of the paranormal to explore which are: The Shop, The Evidence Room, The Cellar, The Crying Boy Room, Confusion Room, Bridal Room, Sinister Room, Evil Room, Bedroom.

Dare you spend the night here?

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30 east drive GHOST 2019?

30 East drive is claimed to be the UKs most terrifying poltergeist, We did 5 hours of LIVE streaming and here is what we, and YOU the viewers captured during this investigation. Is this the ghost of east drive?

Ghosts of Britain with Paranormal-x and Fearless afterlife encounters did an investigation at 30 east drive. here is our investigation and pictures what you fans and followers took during the investigation. thank you!

The investigation was very interesting we arrived for 6pm and we had a few hours spare till the advertised LIVE stream at 9. we fetched along an allegedly haunted doll called scarlet. We decided to go LIVE on our network so when its released on Tuesday 19/03/2019 you have some exclusive content on the network. but we was blown away with the amazing response of the evp’s we caught! we truly didn’t expect this to happen, be sure to join the network and see what we caught! but never the less.

at 9pm we went live at the time we said on the fan page. and yet again we seemed to have gotten some good responses on evp saying “IM IN CHARGE” and then mark smiths camera on his phone turned it self on and started taking pictures of the wall. all this was caught LIVE. on the second part of the investigation right here.

Mark smith from paranormal-x also had a very eventful investigation at the very end of his video. his phone turned on and said YOU HAVE SUMMONED ME.

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Sinister the haunted painting comes to Gloucester and makes woman collapse and effects 2 others!!

Saturday the 16th of Jan 2019, the travelling haunted museum came to Gloucester and cause chaos while live on stage, making a Gloucester woman “lyn cinderey” collapse when we brought forward the painting known as SINISTER.

What is sinister?

Sinister is a black and white painting which the artist is unknown. it was commissioned for the film finders keepers in 2018 set in revesby abbey, but it never made it into the film, due to the actors, directors having a horrible feeling about the picture they didn’t like it at all, they didn’t want to work in the same room or area as it. after they finished filming they decided to leave the picture behind due to the uneasy feelings and fear around it.

The owner of revesby abbey didn’t like the picture either and wanted it gone, so it was given to mark penn from Yorkshire ghost hunts who took the picture back to his home, and he noticed that his crystal skull on his desk had turned complete around, and then his daughter began getting very ill health.

Image may contain: indoor

Mark penn then gave ghosts of Britain the picture to add to its museum and to research, upon getting the picture we decided to do some voice recordings asking questions, and we asked where are you, and it said UPSTAIRS, and we then asked where do you want to go, it replied with Go back, we then asked where, and it said the woods.

We then decided to use a random word generator. its a theory that spirits can use the devices to say what it wants, after turning on the word generator the first word was “mark” which is relevant because it came from mark penn. it then said upstairs on the generator and we heard dragging sounds from upstairs. later that night we put the picture upstairs and when we came back up we realised it was in a different spot.

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Due to the responses of it saying stuff like it wants to go back, we decided to take it back to the place it was found, and when it was there. we was calling out asking questions and we got the odd little reply nothing to solid.., but mark penn had to leave the investigation for a short while, and we said bye to him, and something from the spirit box replied BYE, we then asked who you saying bye too it said MARK. we then started saying we are going to take the picture away now. and the meters starting going crazy, which detected all different energy fields.

A few weeks later it was time for to do the travelling museum, where we bring most of our collection of allegedly haunted items to the public to hear the stories, mixed with a night of mediumship. this night on 16th FEB was very intense. it was on the second half of the show, where we talk about the darker side of the museum, and sinister was up first to tell the story. Lyn Cinderey instantly started to feel odd, and shortly collapsed to the floor. Here is what she had to say:

Whether you believe or not in the ‘paranormal’ this is what happened.
I was fine All day and Night had a nice Meal and Chat with the Ghosts of Britain Team Linzi Sheeran Lee Steer Kenny Saw and Mark Smith from Paranormal XTV . The haunted museum night went well but as soon as the black & white painting came out Named by Lee as Sinister was shown I suddenly had a thumping headache , felt sick , and felt very drained and weak , I tried to fight it off or shrug it off but I only felt worse.
I was actually talking to people in the chat on Fb Live streaming as I knew the Team were doing there stuff and couldn’t reply to their fans direct at that time. I told them in chat How I felt but didn’t want to disturb the Team as it was Their Show. But got no better so as we always say in the ‘ paranormal’ circles to let people know if anyone gets effected in anyway , never ever thinking that would be me.
So I stood up and got their attention : I was slurring as if Drunk ( but do not drink any more ) and could hardly stand while explaining how I was feeling. 
I turned after speaking to go and sit back down and the next thing was people were standing over me and I had collapsed. I felt vet weak and really ill and disoriented. I was then taken out of the room

I have been in bed and resting since and been trying to make sense of it all.
2 Other People became unwell that night as well.

Lyn Cinderey

So that is all for now with sinister. we are due to come to more places and towns, we have re booked Gloucestershire again for Saturday 12th October 2019.

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The GOATMAN hides in a tunnel??, United Kingdom!! The Banshee Saga Write up.

This is going to sound so bizarre and surreal, but we cant deny what we heard and experienced on new years eve 2018. we decided to head to a tunnel in the middle of nowhere where a train is meant to be heard, but we find something more unreal on our investigation!!! which leaves both lee and linzi abit shuck up…

To start this i want to stress that there was no reports of a banshee or goatman at this location. but we want to officially put a digital print on the location and happenings which we encounter, here it goes..

We once visited this place before, half way down the tunnel Kenny had his chain pulled which spooked him, we also got some good spirit box responses but nothing sinister, However on new years eve Lee and Linzi decided to head down for a live special, and decided to check out the other tunnels further along the track. when we reached the other tunnels linzi put the paratek app on which is a random word generator. the theory that spirit can choose their words through the device. and the first word that came through was BANSHEE, linzi said i hope not. walking back through the tunnel we decided to use spirit box and it kept on saying, I SEE YOU… I SEE YOU… I SEE YOU… then it changed to WHERE ARE YOU… WHERE ARE YOU… then when we got out of the tunnel it said I SEE YOU. it was the first time we heard something so repetitive come through the spirit box.

Then it was time for the live stream, and we decided to start with an EVP, and we couldn’t believe what we was hearing, it sounds like its saying BANSHEE… we decided to do another evp session, and it was repeating Banshee Banshee Banshee.. this was live in the moment. there wasn’t just us experiencing this there was 1000s of people watching us who lived the moment with us. we then decided to try some spirit box and we aksed who it was and it said KANE, and GOATMAN, at this point i was sat on the floor and linzi was saying the chat was asking lee to stand up and he felt like if he stood up he was about to enter a fight.. just a feeling!! and while i was explaining why i was keeping sat down. something through the spirit box shouted SIT DOWN!!!

there was a strange tension and we decided to end the live stream but i wish we kept it rolling, because the happening didn’t stop! we started to walk back down the long path and all the animals in the trees was very disturbed fleeing the area, we wasn’t making a sound.. it was like a scene out of the exorcist.. the feeling of been followed all the way back to the car, we then started to drive to the next location. and on a corner linzi saw a cow like figure on the edge of the road with horns, my eyes then started to water… and i told her that she described KANE, she wasnt aware of what kane was meant to be portrayed has.

That was our first encounter with was a personal encounter to us both. We cant deny what we heard, felt and saw.

we then decided to go back a few week later with mark smith from PXTV, and this just further backed up our claims of what happened at this place. Every EVP we did captured something saying GOATMAN, we then did Spirit box and it said “I AM GOATMAN” Clear as day. This article is going to sound so strange but it all actually happened. We have to go back and find out more!! Do you want us to go back?

We are not saying an actual goatman lives in here and we defiantly are not saying the spirit of KANE or goatman is here BUT we are just telling you what happened. its such an interesting story.

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TOP 5 REAL Ghost Pictures 2018!

TOP 5 Real Ghost Pictures Captured In 2018 By You The PUBLIC. 

  1. Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and natureThis photo was taken a year ago on vacation. My husband is in the back ground fishing. The sun was already gone and just before leaving before dark i took this picture. What i saw in the back ground shook me pretty good. Everyone is saying it’s a reflection, i have doubts because there’s no sun. Is there anyone who could possibly give me some answers to what this is please. Thank you – Sent by Pamela.
  2.  Weymouth! Lady in Victorian clothes the more you look you can see Bonet and children round her waist! Sent by Julia.Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature
  3. Beamish, sweet shop 2009, we saw nothing but found this when looking through our photos – By Louise Image may contain: one or more people
  4. Taken in a haunted forest area around Pluckley, Kent. There’s reputed to be a highwayman that haunts this area.Image may contain: night and outdoor
  5. A clown appeared in my picture in my parents back garden (there was nothing behind me its a kitchen window with just a table behind me) Sent by Eileen. No automatic alt text available.

(these pictures are not taken by us at paranormal magazine they are taken and submitted by you the followers of ghosts of britain / Paranormal Magazine.)

if you have any ghost pictures please send them to Ghosts of Britain on facebook. and you may get featured here! 🙂

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The Famous “Haunted Doll???” Creepy Bridal Doll. Real Footage on camera.

A simple search for “HAUNTED DOLL” and google will flood you with links to this world famous doll, which is owned by ghosts of Britain “paranormal magazine”

Above video is the first ever day ghosts of Britain got hands on the doll and opened her live, this is a very important part to the story what the media got wrong.

Recently she made a comeback into the scene, and we are all preparing for the next chapter of this journey of investigation.

The Research Will Continue!

But before we move onto anything new, we are to compile a LOG of all the events and happenings ever reported with the doll, including the logs of “haunted antiques museum”

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS! John Zaffis speaks about his own “Haunted Bride Doll”! Sage Paracon 2017

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was an epic weekend for the Paranormal community when Sage Paracon 2017 opened the doors of Warwick Castle in the U.K for a three-day extravaganza of all things haunted spooky and downright terrifying!

Dead Creepy Podcast hosts Claire Barrand and Linzi Smith were there in their official capacity as broadcasters for the event and bagged some exclusive interviews with the stars of the screen, including The Godfather of the Paranormal himself Mr John Zaffis “The Haunted Collector” ( we showed him the photo of the Bride Doll and asked him about the same one he has in his collection! Tune into Part One to hear what he has to say about her!).

We also spoke to Brain J Cano of Scared! and The Haunted Collector, Jeff Belanger of Ghost Adventures, Greg Lawson “The Paranormal Detective”, Robert Murch, The Worlds’ Leading Ouija Specialist, Nikki Folsom Author, and Clare Hinks Psychic Medium. Listen to out the two-part podcast for more exclusive gossip!

Listen to the two-part podcast for more exclusive gossip!

For tickets for 2018 Sage Paracon please visit


[podbean type=audio-rectangle resource=”episode=mtixm-72c9d6″ skin=”2″ auto=”1″ height=100 ]

[podbean resource=”episode=shjjb-752870″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”2″ btn-skin=”109″ share=”1″ fonts=”Helvetica” auto=”0″ download=”0″ rtl=”0″]


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Watch “Strange But True – Stocksbridge Bypass” – Tv Show.

Remember “Strange But True” TV Show back in 1994? NO? then you wouldn’t remember when stockbridge bypass, situated in sheffield was on the TV about its paranormal goings on, reported by 2 police men. Still to this date 2017 this is alleged to be one of Britain most haunted roads.. some would say it is the MOST HAUNTED.. Enjoy strange but true, a good old gem of a show.

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Caught On Video | Does The Creepy Bridal Doll Blink? & Attack my DAD?

Developments are moving fast with the creepy bridal doll, day 6 now, and its still a hot topic within the paranormal community and still been shown by “this morning tv channel” with a recent post today.. asking if people believe the idea of an haunted doll.  “bottom of article”.  

However the reason we are all here is to watch the footage of possibly my dads paranormal experience? WAS IT A SPIRITUAL ATTACK?? and to view the video of what people believe to be the dolls eyes blinking, which we will show you that first..

above video is from the 8 – 9 hour long live stream we did. where live watchers reported the eyes blinking however the skeptical responce by us is that it could be video pixelation from the live feed itself.

Now here is the video where my dad got abit spooked out, lee’s mum came rushing up stairs and said “lee something happened to your dad” i replied what…. she said hes got scratches all down his arm.. i said really… she said yes i grabbed the camera and ran down stairs to record what was going off…

So the video above is a few moments after he realised the scratches WHAT IS NEXT???

doll feeling

We are compiling an initial Report of the doll with everything listed on one page in date order logging everything to do with this doll. so far our reported logs are: Lights effected, Possible Heat Reactions, Tapping and Thumping Sounds, Sceptics dad has scratches appear, Viewers report eyes blinking, viewers say things happen at home after watching live.

we are also planning a documentary of the doll, featuring, Debbie and her husband, her friend, the shop of where she bought it from and people within the paranormal community.

Here is the most latest media appearance of the doll… Today the 29th July.


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The Creepy Bridal Doll – Media Coverage – Is The Doltergeist REAL? This Morning.

The Sun dollThe Creepy Bridal Doll | Is making waves through the paranormal field, with all media attention it comes with good and bad publicity, so lets take a look at whats been going off within the media from the start to now.

Debbie Listed a doll for sale on EBAY, which was listed as creepy doll, she states she wanted to get rid asap and wanted it out of the house but doesnt say anything about the hauntings surrounding it on ebay “which could have increased the bids of the item”

The Sun News paper then decided to do a feature on the story of the doll been haunted.

from the Sun’s news paper report other papers also jumped onto the story.  The Mirror, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, just to name a few.

The Media attention did help sell the doll, of course and i dont think Debbie expected it to blow up as big as what she thought. At this stage on ebay you are not just bidding on and “alleged” haunted doll you are bidding for the fame associated with it, and is a reason it sold for so much,

Debbie could have postponed the auction and extended it until after this morning TV Show Aired The Interview.  There are Pros and Cons when it comes to selling anything within the media coverage.. the instant belief is “shes just making money” and this is to be expected.

When we are paranormal magazine / ghosts of Britain decided to bid for it. We was well aware of that and that this could be indeed a made up story just like every other alleged haunted item out there of course, and its a risk we happily decided to take as a team.

Which brings us to the show “this morning Live” on ITV.

Above video is the interview which debbie did on this morning tv program, at this point the auction ended 2 /  days ago for the alleged haunted doll. she briefly tells her story again but to much much larger audience and prime time TV.

Yet again this is a touchy subject when it comes to haunted items, on prime time tv, it is bound to get some stick no matter what the object, or “ghost sighting” people who watch ghost hunting programs tune into ghost hunting programs on tv late at night, they dont receive such bad publicity because the audience is well targeted and catered for. This is a day time tv show where the audience is wide and broad and most likely not even interested in the paranormal.

After the interview ended it didn’t take long for the papers to jump back onto the story but this time a different twist to their last report.

Haunted doll sun

Mean While another News paper reports this…


Two totally different reports saying totally different things.. also we would like to point out how media makes things look not as they seem… and make the hype up them selves just to push a story..

On this morning show, Debbie was asked does she think its demonic, which, she replies saying

” i wouldn’t say demonic but there is something about it”  later that day this morning re posts up about the doll on their fan page.


They Realise its creating alot of attention, And they Post up another segment of the already shown video on their facebook fan page.

Meanwhile after the show ended the doll was packed up and sent from this morning tv show it self to our address.

While all this media attention was circulating it was also news and hot topic within the paranormal community of course, with some people mocking and having a joke about the story. Posting up an alleged haunted packet of mints for sale for a joke and we would like to Thank you for adding to the interest for the doll.

pack of sweets

The Doll arrived the same day they sent it. at around 6.20pm, we was shocked to get the doll so fast..Charlene from paranormal magazine said we must do a live opening of the doll when it arrives it would be good I think so thats what we planned.


Stay Tuned for more updates of when the next LIVE appearance or documentary will be surrounding this item. 

Maybe you will see her LIVE today…..