Issue 4

Paranormal Magazine issue 4: comes back BIGGER and BETTER then ever!! this Issue Contains: The paranormal A to z “K, L, N” Feature length Articles: EXORCISM The Amazing Saga of Florence Cook and Katie King RIP conducting an EVP session A CBS correspondent Jeff Tells us about: Ghost hunters 10th Season Haunted Buildings: drakelow tunnels shadow factory My home, The Cage St Osyth We learn about: wiccan foods Vernal Equinox, 20th March 2014 – Interview With Alexandra Holzer Ghost Gallery by hellen cherry – We Meet Lifting spirits – New Ghost Hunting Equipments: Devils toy box atdd teddy We Also Share Ghost Hunts

Issue 3

Issue 3: Voted the best paranormal magazine in uk. In this issue we will cover. A to Z – G = Geo Phone – H : Haunted – I : Infrasound Why do ghost hunters turn off the lights? Fan Ghost Pictures Donington Le Heath Snibson Collery, Bosworth Battlefield In The dead of Night – People who are paralyzed at night, and encounter strange paranormal phenomena Ley Lines Vampirism pt 1 Lure of the vampire pt 2 The origins of a dark culture pt 3 Vampires in mind. Borley rectory part 3 Christmas – Santa’s dark helper Demonology How to use an Ouija board safely smart phones are haunted Christmas edition paranormal magazine. Enjoy

Issue 2

Issue 2: A Unique Style magazine like no other. Brought to you from the minds of: Lee Steer, Wayne Ridsdel, Philip & john Williams The mission is to Educate, and showcase the world of the paranormal. This issue features: Part 2 of borley rectory, The Cocklane poltergeist,  black eyed people, Halloween superstitions, samhain,  A to Z’s: (D.e.f), Franks box, Proven Fake, Free Pendulum Board cut out and more!


Issue 1

Issue 1: The world of paranormal at your figure tips, in a unique style Magazine book, The Paranormal Magazine Features: Famous Paranormal Cases: Borley Rectory, Pontefract Poltergeist, New Hauntings, Funky Paranormal Equipment, A to Z Series, Make Your Own Equipment, Old Traditions, Plus Much More.. In the theme of STREAMPUNK,  With Recreational Illustrations Just how educated are we on the paranormal, we plan to learn and amaze you with the most best kept secrets in the paranormal community.



Paranormal magaizne

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  1. Just ordered all three issues and can’t wait to read them. I’ll put some feedback up once I’ve finished each issue. Need to get the word out there that these are available as I’m sure there is a huge market out there waiting.

    1. Thank you for the loyal support. I hope you enjoy them.. we aimed them to be different from the rest of the magazines out there. Giving it an old retro look compared to the bright and colorful which we normally see our days. I would love to hear your feedback. We strive hard on making this a truly unique magazine. Thank you lee.

  2. big fan of your show was wondering how to order your magazines if you could help this would be great …. my address is 350 Melrose street Cambridge Ontario n3h4a9

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