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The Famous “Haunted Doll???” Creepy Bridal Doll. Real Footage on camera.

A simple search for “HAUNTED DOLL” and google will flood you with links to this world famous doll, which is owned by ghosts of Britain “paranormal magazine”

Above video is the first ever day ghosts of Britain got hands on the doll and opened her live, this is a very important part to the story what the media got wrong.

Recently she made a comeback into the scene, and we are all preparing for the next chapter of this journey of investigation.

The Research Will Continue!

But before we move onto anything new, we are to compile a LOG of all the events and happenings ever reported with the doll, including the logs of “haunted antiques museum”

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Watch “Britain’s Most Haunted House My Real Ghost Story – Essex – The Cage” on YouTube

Paranormal magazine heads to Essex to interview vanessa who bought her dream home but got more then what she bargained for. This is a real story of a terrifying haunting. Which made Vanessa flee her home. Is this the most haunted house in Britain ? You decide .

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