Paranormal Magazine was Founded By Lee Steer & Wayne Ridsdel, in 2013.

currently ran by Lee steer & charlene lowe kemp.

With a mission to relive the old famous cases of the paranormal, and to educate our readers on the paranormal.

We developed a truly unique magazine with real art work illustrated by Wayne Ridsdel himself. The magazine is set to cover many areas.

We also work closely with red ridge X, who brings some superb content to our magazine.

What do we cover?

  • A to Z : Three letters of the alphabet covered in each issue, starting from A.
  • Famous Hauntings : Wayne Ridsdel writes about the most famous cases and brings a whole new life to them!
  • How to Make : In each issue we reveal a secret which some ghost hunters would hate to be shown public on how to make certain equipment and perks, for your team.
  • Ghost Pictures : In each issue we will either show some ghost pictures what are considered real by the senders, or expose a fake!
  • Busted : In some issues we will expose the fake pictures and ghost hunters!
  • Paranormal equipment : In each issue we will showcase certain equipment, the pros and the cons, and if possible the history.
  • Ghost Hunting Venues : in certain issues we will showcase certain venues used for ghost hunting, including the sightings and history.
  • Myths and legends : In Certain issues we will talk about certain myths and legends which will chill you to the bone!
  • Other : From time to time we talk about other things which are not mentioned above!

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  1. How do I post a sneak peek of my book Penny Lane – Paranormal Investigator – The Ouija Board Mystery on your page?

    1. Yes Post it on my page or email using the forum on the page of mine. Thank you.

    2. for now use this page to submit your content. http://paranormal-magazine.com/advertising/

      I am working on a Submit Page, thank you.

  2. HI Check out ghostseekersparanormal.com for all our events coming up
    email ghostseekersparanormal3gmail.com

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