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The worlds most creepy haunted house!

The worlds most creepy HAUNTED house!! Would you dare to enter here?

It seemed once we entered this creepy house something tried to communicate with us from the other side!

Let us know if you enjoyed the video.

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OMG This Went WRONG! The Ancient tombstone Witchboard

A real ancient tombstone witchboard was sent to our house, and we decided to open it in our haunted objects museum, and OMG it went horribly wrong!

The witchboard is actually a positive energy charged from a witch in Germany called Maria known as parawisp who specialize in tombstone jewellery the only person to do it, and only person to make WITCHBOARD from tombstone.

when we had the board in the museum and decided to open it, we got amazing results from the EVP. You will have to watch the video back yourself. it seemed something in our museum then decided to kick up a fuss and threw fire onto the floor. which was very concerning. From working with the board we found out there is multiple spirits attached all positive in nature and connected to war!

go check out parawhisp

ParaWhisp –

May be an image of 1 person
May be an image of text that says "Z $19 119 0.A contact Te! DM E @parawhisp GERMANY"
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The Worlds Most Viewed Paranormal Video. 158 Million views.

Stocksbridge Bypass in Sheffield is believed to be the worlds most haunted stretch of road, and to date it is the worlds most famous video on Facebook and possibly YouTube. collecting over 156 million views. A ghost monk is said to haunted this road and a group of children who sing nursery rhymes!

SHEFFIELD Stocksbridge bypass

Have you ever encountered anything in Sheffield Stocksbridge bypass? We would love to know.

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I’m a Celebrity castle HAUNTED – All the videos – James Higgins – Urban Asylum – Kerry Katona Paranormal Investigation.

The first team of investigators to officially investigate the hauntings of the famous castle known as gwrych castle. AKA I’m a celebrity Castle. Watch all the action from different points of view when we took celebrity Kerry katona on a ghost hunt into the deepest and darkest areas of this historic haunted location.

On this investigation we had.

Simon – Urban Asylum Paranormal Youtuber. James Higgins – TV Psychic Medium and Celebrity Kerry Katona – joined with daughter Lilly, and Ellis – camera man. Aaron – The Reporter.

Here we are going to list all the videos to watch the investigation from all the different angels and perspectives.

Urban Asylum.

Kerry Katona

Part 1

Part 2

May be a close-up of 1 person, hair, beard and outerwear

Please go and give JAMES HIGGINS Psychic Medium A FOLLOW.

James Higgins TV Spiritualist Medium | Facebook

Ghosts of britain LIVE.

part 2

From all of us. We hope you enjoyed the night.

The question is WHERE NEXT 😉

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The Poltergeist HOUSE – First 4 teams encounter Unbelievable ACTIVITY In Rotherham

Rotherham’s Poltergeist house is becoming a famous HAUNTED HOUSE, with the first 4 getting a unbelievable responses .

The Former fancy dress and bridal shop is home to a poltergeist reported by ex property owner Jane & Rob, and the first 4 teams to investigate the building certainly got more then what they thought.

Poltergeist House – Rotherham

G&C Investigators, Paranormal Uncovered, PXTV, and Spookology Events entered the doors to the poltergeist house, which is also HOME TO THE HAUNTED OBJECTS MUSEUM, This is what they reported.

G&C & Uncovered :- crying boy room ornament started playing, a doll started moving, Lights flickering, LIGHTS COMPLETELY SHUT OFF, Good EVP Responses, Bangs on the floor. Heard Singing. Huge Temperature fluctuations

Paranormal-x : – Shadows seen from sinister room, Growls, Curtain Moving on command, Caught EVPS. Marks video light Dimming, Bridal Doll Room Light Dimming.

Poltergeist House – Crying Boy ROOM

Spookology Events : – Heard whistling in the crying boy room, some heard talking, Singing. Curtain Moving, Feelings of been touched on the back, Walking on the floor boards. Smelling roses in the bridal doll room. Feelings of anger. Heard Singing. Heard Banging. Temperatures Rising very hot.

with many more paranormal teams due to investigate this building, its currently got a lot of eyes watching and public interest, with the general public wanting to watch different teams INVESTIGATE our building.

The Haunted Objects Museum – Poltergeist House.

The Evil Room

10 rooms of the paranormal to explore which are: The Shop, The Evidence Room, The Cellar, The Crying Boy Room, Confusion Room, Bridal Room, Sinister Room, Evil Room, Bedroom.

Dare you spend the night here?

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Ghosts Of Britain Network – Now Open

The ghosts of Britain network is now open and ready for you to join.


(To join you must have the FACEBOOK APP UPDATED)

You cant join using IPAD or TABLET or mobile web browser)

please use a smart phone with the latest Facebook app updated. Or use a LAPTOP web browser.

Join today and get 7 days Free Trail.

The Ghosts of Britain network features exclusive behind the scenes content, Live material, and many benefits and perks.


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Are Spirit Boxes Dangerous?

Are spirit boxes dangerous? A way to answer this, is to ask yourself, Would you play an Ouija board? If the answer is NO, then i wouldn’t use a spirit box. If you answered yes, then i would recommend using a spirit box.

In my opinion it is no different to an Ouija board, “a method of communication” only difference is. Ouija is via touch, and words. Where a spirit box is vocal and radio waves. Both methods use energy, (Your own or Electronic) You use both devices in a similar way, where you ask questions like.

  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • Where did you come from?
  • Do you want to talk?

You are initiating a conversation with said spirit, and if a spirit can come through an Ouija board and stay with you. im sure it would be able to via a ghost box.

What do you think?

DO YOU THINK A SPIRIT BOX CAN BE DANGEROUS?Let us know in the comments
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30 east drive GHOST 2019?

30 East drive is claimed to be the UKs most terrifying poltergeist, We did 5 hours of LIVE streaming and here is what we, and YOU the viewers captured during this investigation. Is this the ghost of east drive?

Ghosts of Britain with Paranormal-x and Fearless afterlife encounters did an investigation at 30 east drive. here is our investigation and pictures what you fans and followers took during the investigation. thank you!

The investigation was very interesting we arrived for 6pm and we had a few hours spare till the advertised LIVE stream at 9. we fetched along an allegedly haunted doll called scarlet. We decided to go LIVE on our network so when its released on Tuesday 19/03/2019 you have some exclusive content on the network. but we was blown away with the amazing response of the evp’s we caught! we truly didn’t expect this to happen, be sure to join the network and see what we caught! but never the less.

at 9pm we went live at the time we said on the fan page. and yet again we seemed to have gotten some good responses on evp saying “IM IN CHARGE” and then mark smiths camera on his phone turned it self on and started taking pictures of the wall. all this was caught LIVE. on the second part of the investigation right here.

Mark smith from paranormal-x also had a very eventful investigation at the very end of his video. his phone turned on and said YOU HAVE SUMMONED ME.

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Image result for UFO crashes world cup


During the world cup it is reported that a UFO has crashed fear the world cup stadium during an England football game in Russia.

Locals have a mixed reaction saying UFO, Some say man made object.

There has been no announcement by Russia on what crashed near the village of Bostandyk.

Pictures of the wreckage emerged and this made some people say its part of a satellite which was falling back down to earth.

Image result for UFO crashes world cup

Locals say its a cover up, people say the lights in the sky was hovering, and lost control.

However from my point of view the footage of what we have here. it seems to be constantly falling to earth and not floating..

Cover UP – Alien – Man Made – WHAT DO YOU THINK? Let us know in the comments.


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TOP 5 REAL Ghost Pictures 2018!

TOP 5 Real Ghost Pictures Captured In 2018 By You The PUBLIC. 

  1. Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and natureThis photo was taken a year ago on vacation. My husband is in the back ground fishing. The sun was already gone and just before leaving before dark i took this picture. What i saw in the back ground shook me pretty good. Everyone is saying it’s a reflection, i have doubts because there’s no sun. Is there anyone who could possibly give me some answers to what this is please. Thank you – Sent by Pamela.
  2.  Weymouth! Lady in Victorian clothes the more you look you can see Bonet and children round her waist! Sent by Julia.Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature
  3. Beamish, sweet shop 2009, we saw nothing but found this when looking through our photos – By Louise Image may contain: one or more people
  4. Taken in a haunted forest area around Pluckley, Kent. There’s reputed to be a highwayman that haunts this area.Image may contain: night and outdoor
  5. A clown appeared in my picture in my parents back garden (there was nothing behind me its a kitchen window with just a table behind me) Sent by Eileen. No automatic alt text available.

(these pictures are not taken by us at paranormal magazine they are taken and submitted by you the followers of ghosts of britain / Paranormal Magazine.)

if you have any ghost pictures please send them to Ghosts of Britain on facebook. and you may get featured here! 🙂

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Does Paranormal Unity Exist? The Truth Revealed!!

Does Paranormal unity really exist? **Public Poll Revealed**

We asked the community the question, and this is the response!

Why do people say they support paranormal unity or believe in paranormal unity?

  • Its a way to say they work well with others, “like a badge of honour”
  • Its a way to gain more followers and grow your own brand by trying to unify with bigger groups and teams.
  • To keep people within a circle of knowledge
  • some will truly want to share research because we are after the same goal “to find evidence of life after death”
  • To Further their Knowledge..
  • splitting hire charges of events, so its cheaper to investigate without public.
  • To learn new methods and get new ideas.

Why Paranormal Unity Doesn’t Work..

  • Competition between Ghost Hunting Events
  • Exclusive Venues
  • Jeliously
  • EGO’S
  • Money / Price of events.
  • People get upset when their idea’s are Copied.
  • Motives.

Within my 16 years of the paranormal field i am more of a skeptic then i ever was before because i have seen it all. or mostly it all…

Paranormal unity in a big scale doesn’t exist. and it rarely ever lasts when there is a large chain of groups all within a unity bond.

However paranormal unity does exist in small circles. a few teams thinking they are doing good and sharing all their knowledge and resources which is good. but even these bonds are bound to brake at some point.. there is that saying… nothing lasts forever and as much as i am a barer of bad news its how i feel with it all, honestly.

The more groups within a chain of unity the more unstable it will be. in my opinion. it just takes one person to disagree and cause a massive split in the bond.


This is a rare situation which doesn’t happen often where HEEPS of teams and companys come together for a pacific cause or agenda for a short while when something drastic has happened in the field. like a Money Con, or vandalism of a venue, Or Robbing of people’s gear.

So all people who dont get along, put their differences aside for this sole purpose to try and right a wrong. Which is very nice to see happen and does happen from time to time. But sometimes everything is not what it seems.. always listen to both sides of the story before taking a side. or even better. TAKE NO SIDE, but your own.

Here is the results of the poll.

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The Feeling of Been Watched – Is It Paranormal? COOL FACT.

The Feeling of been watched, how many of us have felt it? Public Poll Revealed. 

Maybe you have been out investigating, and you get a strange vibe, where you feel someone is watching you. normally this vibe is given off by a REAL person.

Our Skin have micro sensitive intelligent sensors which are all lined to our brain, and our skin is i think the first thing to send a signal to the brain and causes a reaction to the rest of the body. With blind folding our eyes, skin can detect objects without been touched with it, and its all controlled subconsciously.

So when someone is looking at you for real, you turn and see them, they then turn away fast.. this is because your skin alerted your brain. MAD ISN’T IT?

So when you are out investigating and get that feeling, no one is there.. what caused it?

Since we know its our skin what tricks us into this, it is possible that our skin sensors are experiencing some interaction with electromagnetic fields or static which are causing them to move rapidly sending a strange sensation to the brain, which makes you think its the “Someone is looking at you vibe”.

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Night Vision Camera – GIVEAWAY.

Night Vision Camera GIVEAWAY. – To Enter.

Click SHARE, Click LIKE, Leave a Comment.

Winner Will be Drawn on the 23nd April. Good Luck because nobody Ever WINS!!!!

Like, share, and comment on the facebook post below to enter.

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Reportedly Haunted Bear “MR TED” Leaves Lee Steer & Sends ITV Producer From This Morning To Hospital ???

Paranormal magazine sends another MEDIA Outburst about an allegedly haunted bear called “MR Ted”  which tabloids state

Related imageHaunted teddy bear sends This Morning producer to hospital and speaks to three terrified viewers

Related image

Terrified Holly Willoughby demands Phillip Schofield keeps ‘haunted teddy’ away from

her after This Morning producer is rushed to hospital with mystery ailment

The Story Starts with Deborah davies Psychic medium who pick up the teddy & charlotte rose which didn’t feature on this morning programme, it was just the teddy bear which the show worked with and showed.

Deborah reported growls, Head aches, nauseous feeling, even captured an EVP on her live stream, she went on to say live viewers would see shadows and also feel sick,  it didn’t take Deborah long before she decided to bury the doll and teddy quite some distance away from her house.

Along came the creepy bridal doll, and we asked deborah if she would like to read the doll, to let us know what she feels may be haunting it “if anything”.. shortly after we collected the bridal doll, around 1 week later, deborah asked lee steer if he would have the items to see if anything happens.

Upon arrival of team “project-reveal ghosts of Britain” at deborahs house, they right away heard a growl / Hissing sound, lee’s reaction was that is an air freshener.. however there wasn’t any in the house.

while we was there we decided to do a small scale investigation, we did capture some unusual static movement which was very interesting as we couldn’t explain it. doesn’t mean it was a ghost tho just means we had an environmental change which was interesting because it was Electrostatic and not Electromagnetic fields.

On the way home with mr ted and charlotte rose 3 out of the 4 people in the car suffered sickness and headaches.. when the teddy left the car with lee, the crew started to feel better, and lee’s sickness and headaches lasted over 1 week…

Within a live stream of lees experiments there was some rapid temperature changes which went from hot to cold to hot, which shows a 10 degree change in temperature within a second, a live viewer also captured a strange red mist on the wall.

Then came rotherham advertiser, who wrote up the story of what was going off here with these objects, and then came “this morning ITV” who found the story interesting and wanted myself and deborah davies on the show to talk about it.

The show collected MR Ted & charlotte rose from lee’s house and took them directly to the studio ready for 3 “this morning viewers” to spend the night with “MR TED” at bolsover castle with Jolene Lockwood leading the investigation that night with the guests.

Monday night Lee & Deborah was dropped from the show, because they wanted something else to take its spot “pigging” with not much really communicated with myself and deborah.. it was all strange and felt abit odd the sudden change of plans…

Then came tuesday morning, the day we was meant to be on the show, we find out they are going to show the bear on TV from the investigation they did sunday nite without myself and deborah.

The shows investigation activity’s highlighted

balls of light “orbs” which was said is the first signs of a spirit manifestation

Rem Pod Disturbance – a brake within an electromagnetic field bubble.

A voice which they think may have said LEAVE, through a franks box which scans radio waves.

and just as the show is about to end, they wish the producer to get well soon… and said the show was nearly not going to go ahead. Because the producer was taken ill after one night with the teddy.

Now the teddy is still with “this morning” and no word has been spoken to lee or Deborah of its whereabouts……… what is happening, what is next??? we have no idea it is total chaos. What we do know is where ever the teddy and doll is now they eventually will return to Deborah.

The Alternative Answers “debunks” 

Sickness – the bear had a very horrible smell, which could have effected the mind and psychically effected the body.

Temperature changes – No possible explanations for this of what we know, but at end of the day its just a temperature change.

Orbs “this morning”– Dust, flys, cobwebs reflecting off the IR light on the camcorder.

Rem Pod “this morning” – Police scanners, Police Radios, Normal Radios, text messages have also been known to send off rem pods on certain networks.

The Leave Voice “This Morning” – because this is scanning radio channels fastly we are getting real words through this device at certain parts, its possbile it was a real radio station saying something which sounded like leave, or LEE.

The Producer sent to hospital – the information is very vague and wasn’t revealed to myself or deborah we found out from the show, and the shows facebook status around 12 – 14 hours after we was dropped.. now the question is if the bear wasn’t there would he still have gone to hospital on that day and time with this illness???

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The Famous “Haunted Doll???” Creepy Bridal Doll. Real Footage on camera.

A simple search for “HAUNTED DOLL” and google will flood you with links to this world famous doll, which is owned by ghosts of Britain “paranormal magazine”

Above video is the first ever day ghosts of Britain got hands on the doll and opened her live, this is a very important part to the story what the media got wrong.

Recently she made a comeback into the scene, and we are all preparing for the next chapter of this journey of investigation.

The Research Will Continue!

But before we move onto anything new, we are to compile a LOG of all the events and happenings ever reported with the doll, including the logs of “haunted antiques museum”