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The Best EVP Recorder – Records a Ghosts / Spirits Voice Every time!!!

Well Sorry, i have baited you here with a false claim, “the best EVP Recorder – Records a ghosts / spirits voice every time”
Lets re phrase the title: The Broken EVP Recorder – Which Records its own Inner electronics every time without fail.


You will see people with this device called Panasonic RR-DR60.

People claim this device is the best, and captures real voices of the other side.

When used on every investigation it will pick up on spirits asking for HELP and growling down the mic..

However this isnt the case, the company Panasonic released a statement and recalled the product “DR-60” because people was complaining it was recording “SOUNDS” which shouldn’t be there.. Upon their investigation of the device, they deemed the device not fit for use, and asked everyone to return the device, for a newer model with an improved quality audio.

This device is possibly the biggest scam and con within the paranormal community with people selling this device for over £1000.00

Dont believe me? take a look…


a noisy electric circuit such as is found in the Panasonic RR-DR60 or in the loopback used in Video ITC. In fact, this is what we have found to be true.

The Quality of the recorder is shockingly bad also.

The Freq Response (above300kHz) and the very low sampling rate (sub 8kHz), as well as known noise artifacts produced by the RR-DR60 make this a very hard sell for the prices demanded.

Yet again the well known noise artifacts are brought up  to our attention as well as the quality of the recorder.  While there is someone talking there will be no evps over your voice but ONLY when you are not talking wait….

Lets dig something else up.

Experience is showing that a microphone is only important to introduce additional noise if the noise generated internally by the recorder is not useful for voice formation.

A very high quality recorder produces very little internal noise but a low-quality recorder typically produces too much steady-state noise, which is not useful for EVP.

Current understanding is that noise in the voice range–400 to 4,000 Hz–with many perturbations, such as small noise spikes, is useful for voice formation. The noise is needed for voice, but the perturbations are apparently useful to initiate the voice formation process.

The Panasonic RR-DR60 produces this kind of noise internally,

There is a few quotes by the company and some people who investigated the claims. It is well DOCUMENTED that this device creates its own WHITE NOISE. and inner circuit which then people say its a ghost.

Now the sick thing is some people are well aware of this.. not all.. but alot..and know that this device is infact faulty and broken.. to con their audience in believing that they have indeed caught spirit communication or to sell to the public making 100s if not 1000s of pounds. SICK.

For the fresh people coming into the field they will see these records on “ghost hunts, Paranormal youtube series, and even on TV…” and of course on ebay… SO BE AWARE.. dont be conned.. Do not BUY A BROKEN RECORDER…… and if you see someone use this point out that.. HEY… that was recalled by Panasonic because it records its own electronics.. the chances are.. they will already know that.



The Phantom Piano – Haun7ed Live – Fake Or Not?

So its been brought to our attention people are kicking off about this phantom piano playing which was caught by the haunted live team at the village, Mansfield.

In a video we hear the piano “keys sounds” as if they are been pressed..

one guy runs and tells the crowd and then the rest follow just shortly after..

Now this has caused such an interest as would any unreal type of paranormal occurrence in this community would do.


There is now a Debunk Video, about that nights events.. and MR Lee Roberts actually drew our attention to right this article by this message to the person doing the debunk. “picture on the left”

Lee tells the guy to take some notes from us before doing a de bunked video.. Thanks lee. LOL.

So this made us watch the guys video, and made us write this article.

So as a skeptic myself lets look at this video and lets see what we can verify, can we prove that this video is faked?


Well after watching both videos of the live, and de bunk, which is here.. go listen to what is said.

So from the above video, was any “de bunked” evidence presented to us?

Sadly there was not… the video was based upon a viewers opinion of a persons motive and not based on visual evidence “string, seeing a person touch the piano”

Lets bullet point some facts..

  • Could the video be re created? YES
  • Was there any visual foul play? No
  • Was everyone accounted for when the keys was playing? NO
  • Does this mean it was faked? NO
  • Was the peoples reactions strange? Yes “but doesn’t mean it was faked, we all handle situations differently.. some will laugh, some will get scared and cower up, some will run… some will just not know what to do..”
  • Does DDF Ghost Hunting Provide any evidence to show its fake? NO
  • Does DDF provide personal opinion? Yes
  • Is personally opinion classed as evidence? No
  • Can there be real logical explanations of the piano playing one or 2 keys? YES
  1. An increase in temperature on the strings, they could expand and tighten up.
  2. Vibrations is known to cause piano keys to hit “this is next to a main road if my memory is right”
  3. There is a cat which roams the area, sorry to say this but it could also be rodents of some kind in the piano

So there you have it 3 possible explanations to the key sounds of the piano..

We are sorry but with what we see we do not have enough evidence to say that this paranormal occurrence is fake.. we just cant say it without having that 100% solid evidence there to back up the claim.

Good Day all!





The Paranormal Paradigm Shift

15240199_10157899728010038_1354388610_nThe word ghost is an idea,  hope, suggestion and belief which has been around since the start of mankind, and is still a question asked today, do ghosts exists? Now we all can have a belief and an opinion, however a fact is that science hasn’t yet proved the word ghost to be a true theory.

Through the years many scientists have tested and spent a lot of time, some spent their life dedicated to paranormal research but where is it going today? is there real scientific research still been carried out?

The Victorian Era

The most interesting era in the paranormal is when people really did push the boundaries of the research and decided to “investigate” the claims people reported, it wasn’t a cool thing to talk about in this time period you would be ridiculed, laughed at, and called crazy.. as the scientists pushed the research to try and find any credible evidence that ghosts do indeed exist, a group of charletons emerged with an idea,  TO GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR messages from the other side, after all it is a question we all try to find comfort in.

People would book to see “mediums” Psychics” Investigators” who was thought by people that they  could communicate with the dead, pay them a handsome amount for a seance! where the medium would channel any spirit of their choice. This caught the eye of the sceptics and scientists, they noticed some unusual new activity. This  was called Ectoplasum, coming from the mediums mouth, Tables levitating, light bulbs coming on and off to signal a spirit energy was present and real time spirit communication through the medium. This was all to good to be true!!! It turns out these people was tricksters, shams, who really did put alot of time and effort into an “ACT”

This act was exposed, and revealed on how they did everything, from the tables levitating, Lights turning on and off, the ectoplasum, it was all one big lie and one big hoax which indeed put the research of paranormal activity into uncertainty.

A few big high profile cases was next to appear which was to put the paranormal scene back on the map, Borely Rectory, Enfield Poltergeist, Ponterfact Poltergeist to name a few big cases which captured the media and public attention, yet again in every high profile case there was some element of fraud of confusion.

The way people investigated the old cases, was to have an experts specialised in a single field they was to use on their investigation like, Sound, Emf, Temperature, photography, and so on.. but sadly there was never no real evidence captured by the top experts of the technology used.


Now moving onto the TV era, this is where the paradigm shift started to kick the field into a new direction, in my opinion a direction for the worse, Its safe to say before the TV era did come into play, there was private small paranormal investigation teams out there who did go to peoples houses, to conduct research and compile case logs, also there was “few” very few ghost hunting event company’s.. the paranormal research really wasn’t much of an interest to people.. BUT when it aired on TV.. Most haunted.. it really did boost the spark in peoples minds.. However this show was created to sell advertisement space and created for entertainment purposes.. they made ghost hunting look fun, and also scary at the same time.. it worked because of our will to believe in ghosts… and the show did soak up the viewers and peoples minds.. it made people want to go out and start their own teams, conduct their own research, but the problem is these shows wasn’t giving these people the real facts and the real terms to consider when investigating the paranormal.

More TV shows appeared, and so did more investigation teams, yet again spreading the wrong knowledge, Then came along MORE ghost hunting event company’s people who realise the public are soooooooooo interested in this stuff, they can make some buck on it. Yet again spreading even more wrong knowledge of the field, TV has turned this field into a Thrill seeking fun adventure.. there is a huge market and demand for a paranormal rush.. with the rise and fall of many ghost hunting event company’s, many people have jumped onto the band wagon thinking they can make money, on peoples interest of the paranormal.

From this we see, 1000s of pictures, 1000s of videos of non structured research, a barrage of tricksters on youtube making haunted house videos, Paranormal Web TV shows, the real research conducted by the private investigation teams is sadly overran by event company’s findings..from the guests who pay to go on these thrill seeking adventures, expecting to see a ghost, and communicate with one. Yet again ask yourself why are people expecting this? its how the TV shows are portrayed…

The question on my mind now is, Will there be another paradigm shift? is it possible? what other direction can it take? Or has the field suck to deep within the entertainment and thrill seeking field to be taken seriously again?

After all its a cool thing to be doing now! unlike the 70s and 80s..

There will be some event company’s out there doing this for the right reasons and trying their best to do “Real research” telling the public “the truth” behind the equipment and methods used. If you are one of them teams. Thank you for trying to restore order and educate.

Thank you for reading Lee Paranormal Magazine / Project-reveal / Project Paranormal.


#Exposed – Ultra Sonic Movement Sensor Ghost Hunting Equipment

Today’s exposure is in the equipment market of the paranormal community..

much of today’s equipment is actually really simple to make, and this device today is extremely simple and cheap to do it yourself..  This is how much you would be paying from a paranormal ghost hunting shop


so if you was in UK, this would cost you 100£ thats including the postage and packing which was £20.00 and on top of that you may have had to pay customs which would be around 30 – 45£ so a total of around £150 – 165.

Now im going to show you how to make this for under £20.00.

But before i do that, i want to put out a statement i actually blanked out the company’s logo who made this device, although i dont agree with this devices price, i do however like some of the equipment this company has got, i have some of it myself and i like it, “not saying it detects ghosts”  Hell i dont even believe in ghosts… also this company doesn’t list this item no more on their website but it is found else where. But..  no equipment out there is 100% designed to detect a ghost because we haven’t scientifically proven ghosts to exists so its impossible to make any piece of equipment which does indeed contact something we haven’t even proven exists yet…  all equipment out there is used based upon peoples beliefs and theory’s .

Back onto the device in question now! How do you make this unit then? SIMPLE…

Just buy a car reverse censor

here is a link, which costs £9.99


You get everything you need just about from that link, only thing missing now is a CASE, and Battery’s

Below is a link to a simple black ABS Project Box. £5.90 “the first one i found”  This Should be big enough to stand on top of the Battery Box, Length ways, Stick down “2 Censors” One at each end of the Box, and Add the Display on the top of the box.







So there you have it! a simple little device, i hope this saves you money this xmas 🙂

If you like this exposure pleaseeeeeeeeee Re Blog and share 🙂 also comment thank you.

Paranormal-magazine Team.

UPDATE: Jeromy Jones contacted the magazine, with some more points of view, we feel are indeed worth sharing. 

Being the owner of the company I can speak about this. What is not obvious is that we are adjust the internals of each sensor individually so they work in a small area. I was the first to use the sensors for the Paranormal and can tell you it has brought some interesting results. The comment is correct ultrasonic sensors should only detect solid objects but my results have shown otherwise. I have videos posted all over showing intelligent responses with the Paramid. What you are paying for is the design the calibration and the idea. Yeah you can go buy yourself a project box and throw it in there but you won’t get the same results and design is very important to me so that would look hideous.

I could buld the Paramid with arduino, two sensors a display and some minor electronics, however that would mean the price would double or triple in price. By using a simple backup sensor kit like you’ve shown above and doing some minor modifications to the transducer controllers and adding some resistors I can bring it to the public for much cheaper. It’s not as easy as just popping the kit in a plastic box and adding a battery. If you don’t take account in the amount of time it took me to test the system and get results and adjustments, or design time, there’s still 6 hours to print the unit, then hardware all the electronics instead of just plugging the kit in, your looking at about a 7 hour build time. For those that can’t build there own equipment, in my opinion, the price for the designs and functionality are fair. While we are located in the US, we do have a lot of friends outside the US and are proud to ship to them. While I understand the point of the article, I just want to make sure your readers understand what goes on behind the scenes.
Thanks again
-Jeromy Jones

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