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We are hiring! Here’s a chance to work with Ghosts of London.


There are two voluntary positions available within our team should you be interested. We have a position for a medium from any genre. We have recently lost a medium whose specialist field was within the demonic side of things. We also have a position for an investigator / video reel maker. We need a person who can stitch together our videos and add music etc for a more professional feel to our work. We are a very tight team and we all look out for each other. Uniform is supplied and use of all our equipment that we use in the field.

Living in London / Hertfordshire is an advantage.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please contact us at

Ghosts of London

Facebook page

We really hope to hear from you soon!


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Welcome to our messed up little world of the paranormal

IMG_2306We are a paranormal team based in Hertfordshire. We like to tell the tales of people who have endured a haunting and / or still do. We are also a hard working and dedicated investigation team who like BIG challenges. We will be visiting the famous Wheatsheaf pub in West Boldon in October and then the well documented haunting of 30 East Drive, Pontefract in November. Come and join us on our adventures on Facebook and on our website

If you would like to have a chat with us please do drop us a line we would love to hear from you.

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Paranormal Magazine Issue 4

Paranormal Magazine Issue 4


Paperback £2.99



Paranormal Magazine issue 4 comes back BIGGER and BETTER then ever!! this Issue Contains: The paranormal A to z “K, L, N”

Feature length Articles:


The Amazing Saga of Florence Cook and Katie King


conducting an EVP session

A CBS correspondent Jeff Tells us about:

Ghost hunters 10th Season

Haunted Buildings:

drakelow tunnels shadow factory

My home, The Cage St Osyth

We learn about: wiccan foods

Vernal Equinox, 20th March 2014

Interview With

Alexandra Holzer

Ghost Gallery by hellen cherry

We Meet Lifting spirits

New Ghost Hunting Equipments:

Devils toy box

atdd teddy

We Also Share Ghost Hunts

Please share, Like, comment,

Submit your content for ISSUE 5 now by contacting us.



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Paranormal magazine issue 4 out now!!!

Paranormal Magazine #4: The Ghost Hunting Magazine

Enjoy and sorry for the delay. Me and Wayne have had personal problems which delayed the release.

Thank you for been patient and hope to see you on issue 5.

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Paranormal Magazine Issue 3 OUT NOW.

Paranormal magazine issue 3


Paperback and kindle.

Available from amazon world wide

UK  link.                                                                                               USA Link

Click to buy from Uk
Click to buy from Uk
Click to buy from USA
Click to buy from USA

The world of the paranormal at your figure tips.

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Paranormal Magaizne Issue 3

We are proud to announce ISSUE 3 of the paranormal magazine will be set for launch on 13th December! Just in time for Xmas.

There is still time to tell us if you would like to see anything issue 3, Or if you have an article, Deadline is end of the month.

Please leave a comment below!

If you haven’t read, issue 1 or 2, Please click the issues tab to view them.

Enjoy and have a great day.


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Paranormal Magazine Issue 1

Paranormal magazine Issue 1

The world of paranormal at your finger tips, in a unique style Magazine book, The Paranormal Magazine Features: Famous Paranormal Cases: Borley Rectory, Pontefract Poltergeist, New Hauntings, Funky Paranormal Equipment, A to Z Series. Make Your Own Equipment, Old Traditions Plus Much More.. In the theme of STREAMPUNK,  With Recreational Illustrations Just how educated are we on the paranormal?, we plan to learn and amaze you with the most best kept secrets in the paranormal community.