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Red Ridge X – Lab Lock Down – Test 1 — Red Ridge X

Recently we have decided to utilise a room we have access to that we have turned into our own lab. This room sits isolated with the ability to have all the power supplied to it switched off. With this lab setup we have decided to place items that have been labelled haunted or may have […]

via Red Ridge X – Lab Lock Down – Test 1 — Red Ridge X

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Episode 23: Mysterious Books

In the weeks episode we look at mysterious books! books that have left people stumped for centuries..

As always we would love to no what your thoughts are…



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Does Paranormal Unity Exist? The Truth Revealed!!

Does Paranormal unity really exist? **Public Poll Revealed**

We asked the community the question, and this is the response!

Why do people say they support paranormal unity or believe in paranormal unity?

  • Its a way to say they work well with others, “like a badge of honour”
  • Its a way to gain more followers and grow your own brand by trying to unify with bigger groups and teams.
  • To keep people within a circle of knowledge
  • some will truly want to share research because we are after the same goal “to find evidence of life after death”
  • To Further their Knowledge..
  • splitting hire charges of events, so its cheaper to investigate without public.
  • To learn new methods and get new ideas.

Why Paranormal Unity Doesn’t Work..

  • Competition between Ghost Hunting Events
  • Exclusive Venues
  • Jeliously
  • EGO’S
  • Money / Price of events.
  • People get upset when their idea’s are Copied.
  • Motives.

Within my 16 years of the paranormal field i am more of a skeptic then i ever was before because i have seen it all. or mostly it all…

Paranormal unity in a big scale doesn’t exist. and it rarely ever lasts when there is a large chain of groups all within a unity bond.

However paranormal unity does exist in small circles. a few teams thinking they are doing good and sharing all their knowledge and resources which is good. but even these bonds are bound to brake at some point.. there is that saying… nothing lasts forever and as much as i am a barer of bad news its how i feel with it all, honestly.

The more groups within a chain of unity the more unstable it will be. in my opinion. it just takes one person to disagree and cause a massive split in the bond.


This is a rare situation which doesn’t happen often where HEEPS of teams and companys come together for a pacific cause or agenda for a short while when something drastic has happened in the field. like a Money Con, or vandalism of a venue, Or Robbing of people’s gear.

So all people who dont get along, put their differences aside for this sole purpose to try and right a wrong. Which is very nice to see happen and does happen from time to time. But sometimes everything is not what it seems.. always listen to both sides of the story before taking a side. or even better. TAKE NO SIDE, but your own.

Here is the results of the poll.

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The Feeling of Been Watched – Is It Paranormal? COOL FACT.

The Feeling of been watched, how many of us have felt it? Public Poll Revealed. 

Maybe you have been out investigating, and you get a strange vibe, where you feel someone is watching you. normally this vibe is given off by a REAL person.

Our Skin have micro sensitive intelligent sensors which are all lined to our brain, and our skin is i think the first thing to send a signal to the brain and causes a reaction to the rest of the body. With blind folding our eyes, skin can detect objects without been touched with it, and its all controlled subconsciously.

So when someone is looking at you for real, you turn and see them, they then turn away fast.. this is because your skin alerted your brain. MAD ISN’T IT?

So when you are out investigating and get that feeling, no one is there.. what caused it?

Since we know its our skin what tricks us into this, it is possible that our skin sensors are experiencing some interaction with electromagnetic fields or static which are causing them to move rapidly sending a strange sensation to the brain, which makes you think its the “Someone is looking at you vibe”.

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Night Vision Camera – GIVEAWAY.

Night Vision Camera GIVEAWAY. – To Enter.

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Winner Will be Drawn on the 23nd April.  Good Luck.

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Do People Believe Orbs Are Ghosts or Dust …

Orbs are the most frequently captured phenomena in the paranormal field, but are they spirit energy’s or dust? Public poll revealed!!

Orbs are bug bares to most seasoned investigators, alot of people dont understand what an orb actually means, its just a word to describe a shape and it came about when flash photography was invented, where people was saying they see ORBic.. foreign objects within their pictures taken with the flash.

Statement by Kodak: The flash reflects on the surface of any particle (dust, insect etc) between the camera lens and the point of focus and appear as a circle of confusion (out of focus highlight) and create an ‘orb’ shape in a picture.

TV show most haunted kick started the ORB craze to mainstream audiences saying it was a first sign of a spirit manifestation, alot of the casual everyday people who are not involved in the field will have heard the term orb and think paranormal due to the battering it has had in the shows.


I asked the audience if they believe orbs are spirit energy’s or dust. and to my amazement they are in favour of spirit energy. by a long shit, which i am pretty surprised about to be honest.

So lets try to make sense of what is happening here…

Why did People vote YES spirit energy 

  • a lot of new fresh faces within the paranormal will possibly vote yes if they have only ever watched TV shows.
  • Some will be aware dust can cause orbs.. but still believe that some orbs will not be dust and be something spiritual
  • Some will have not been on a ghost hunt or done any research into orbs so they will auto believe what the tv says and vote Yes to spirit energy.
  • despite the explanations from camera company’s some long time investigators  choose to still believe these are ghosts

People who go out looking for alternatives answers to debunk activity will vote DUST.

i think we are out numbers by all of the bullet points above.

Saying that all this is public opinion and its great to see the statistics.

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Do You Believe Ghost Adventures Is REAL?

Ghost Adventures the most SUCCESSFUL paranormal TV Show of all time. But is it real? Public Poll Revealed!

An american tv show, which is very popular in the states and UK. mainly appeals to the females of the community. its a statistic that there is over 75% of women active in the field. Men tend to do private research groups and teams. more women tend to take to the ghost hunting event scenes or… attend ghost hunting events.  this is why men investigators stand out more because there are fewer of them so they are noticed more within the big paranormal pool.

I predicted 25 – 35% would say its FAKE.  and 65 – 75% say its REAL.

Ghost adventures have their head screwed on and they realise they dont need to FAKE activity to get ratings or fans. There is other ways to pull in the audiences…

  1. Good Lucks – Its no brainier to know a success to any show is a good looking presenter female or male.
  2. Dramatics – i feel this show has to much dramatics but chicks dig it. for me its OVER THE TOP. but for the female audience its sexy and entertaining.
  3. Fresh – unlike most haunted they think up new ideas and methods from time to time.
  4. Blame the producers – if there is any foul play the producers are to blame, the presenters have such a huge fan base, its like a shield of protection from attacks and its the producers who get the stick.

So with the vote i guessed the majority of the female community voted for REAL. despite that they may know its put on. Expect for the female skeptics out there who voted no along side the male skeptics. which i guess to be 25% of the community. and i guess another 10% onto the fake vote by the people who generally dont trust TV shows.

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Can 790 People Be Wrong About Most Haunted Been FAKE?

Is 790 people wrong about most haunted been fake? (Statistics revealed) Most haunted the most successful UK tv show which lives in the stone age, but people love it. or do they?

People have the right to express their opinion on matters such as if they feel something if fabricated, with this tv show. it is widely watched by ghost hunters / paranormal investigators and people who are not in the field.

There is loads of evidence out there today which sways in favour that most haunted seems fake, just a simple google search or youtube search “most haunted fake” and you will be presented with such evidence.

The Paranormal Community – Alot say in the field that it is faked in their opinion, and they just accept it for what it is. A fun show not to be taken serious, they get something happening every time, and even the ghost hunting company’s know it isn’t like that.

but without most haunted we possibly wouldn’t have the interest today we have of the paranormal.

We decided to ask the question do we think its real or fake and out of 1000 people.

  • 790 said FAKE.
  • 210 said REAL.

I predict within the vote most of the paranormal community said fake. and the real votes i guess to be mainly people who are not active in the field who just watch most haunted on their tv screens.

Another fun paranormal stat coming soon! 🙂 

Some comments posted about most haunted on the vote.

Karen Louise Crosskey I’ve just watched one, where the TV goes on and off but you can clearly see Karl holding something in his hand, pointing it at the TV and it isn’t a torch and it only happens when he moves back to the bathroom, if it wasn’t fake why don’t they show Karl when it happens. Most Haunted is FAKE and I’m a true believer in ghosts. Google , Is most Haunted fake and see what comes up !!!


Steve Archibald I watch it because I enjoy it, don’t care whether it’s either. Too much drama in the world already without bitching about a TV show


Anita Carrington Most haunted yes defo fake now ghost adventures thats real thay debunk things when things happen and explain things too x


Christine Wright Having been part of most haunted on two occasions now…and the spin off girls aloud…I am sorry to say its an entertainment program for tv .. if nothing happened they would not have an audience for long…. 👍

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Episode 22: The Worlds Most Haunted Roads

Episode 22: The Worlds Most Haunted Roads

In the weeks episode we look at just a few of the worlds most haunted roads! And the stories behind them..

As always we would love to no what your thoughts are…



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The Interest of Haunted Items!

My interest in Haunted Items comes from when i was investigating with a event company. I had purchased a doll which was a EMF trigger doll. I had taken her to numberous locations which was said to be haunted. Over this time, i started to notice that the Doll would respond in nearly every location when calling out. When i say respond, it was giving high EMF readings to questions we was asking. The thought that maybe it could have a attachment to it did cross my mind, I would take it back home and see if it reacted the same at times and it did. But how could it when there was no history to it and it had came straight from a ghost hunting equipment shop? Well i dont have the answers but the thought is that could it have picked up a spirit attachment while i had been investigating and if ghosts do exist and if it did have a attachment was it from a location and was it following me around with this item to get understood?
This lead me to look into Spirit attachment more, this is where i came across Jayne Harris’s research in to the topic and found that her theories on it made sense to me. Jayne Harris is a well known haunted item researcher and any one interested in theories on Haunted items i would advise to go and check her out. The idea of a item being haunted may sound silly to some but when you look into it, the idea isnt much different to a location having a haunting.
If a person protects a item in life, why wouldnt they in death? The theory that a spirit lives within a item is not something i personally believe in, though i do know many who would put a strong arguement to why our energy may go into a vessel after death.
Curses are slightly different to me, i do believe a item can be cursed. We are all a energy source and if that energy is put into a bad practice to cause a bad intent, i believe a item could hold that energy from a person, possibly causing a person illnesses, bad luck and so on.
I decided i want to investiagte the claims of haunted items more, so i contacted Sean Robinson, the owner of The Anguished Man Painting, to see if he would allow a interview and a lone vigil with the item. Unfortunatly, due to work commitments and after structuring the interview myself, i couldnt attend. The interview with Sean opened my eyes further, when reviewing it and the 10 minutes the team i was with at the time had spent with the item seemed to prove somewhat interesting. This then led us on as a team to explore the concepts behind haunted items more. I hope in the future, if allowed, Sean may let me pop by to actually visit the painting myself, even if its just to have a selfie with it :).
A few weeks later, i had the pleasure of meeting Jayne Harris and speaking to her personally regarding the subject. In her collection of Haunted items was ‘Peggy the Doll’. I had seen previous footage and knew the story of Peggy after watching Jayne on ‘DEADLY POSSESSIONS’ with Zak Baggins.
I was offered a lone vigil with Peggy and of course i accepted so I sat in a room by myself faced with what is known to be one of the most deadly prossessed dolls. During my lone vigil, nothing occured only heart palpartions (which Peggys is known to cause), but there is no doubt that Peggy does somewhat give off a daughting presence around her and a presence which many have felt worldwide.
Peggy is now in Zak Baggins haunted collection.
Over the following years, I started to collected pieces from all over, I have been involoved in numberous experiments to explore the concept and over time the experiments have seemed to prove somewhat interesting leading me to explore it more. peggy

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Episode 21: Urban Legends from around the world!

In this weeks episode we look into some of the worlds most famous and terrifying Urban Legends!

As always we would love to no what your thoughts are…

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The Mystery of the Kaz 2

The Kaz 2

The Kaz 2 what is sometimes known as Australia’s Ghost ship. On April the 15th 2007 three friends set sail on their Catamaran. Thy were on the first part of there trip from northern to southern Australia the 3 men that were on the boat were 56-year-old Derek Batten, Peter Tunstead (69) and his brother James who was (63) They were all experienced sailors and had been sailing together since they were teenagers.

But just three days into their journey a helicopter spotted a boat adrift off the coast of the great barrier reef after the helicopter had reported this the coast guard a mission was set to catch up with the vessel and board it and on the 20th of April that is what happened. The boat was the Kaz 2 and what the boarding party noticed was very strange! All three men were missing but everything else seemed normal. The only sign of damage was one of the sails where ripped but that is it, nothing else. There were no signs that the boat had been hit by a rogue wave.

The search was called off after several days and the police said that there did not believe it was foul play and that the men were probably just swept overboard! However, the families of the men were not convinced this this as there were things that just did not add up… As there was a fishing line that had been put out by one of the three men and the families argued that they would not have done this if the weather was bad! Ruling out being swept overboard. Plus, all of the life jackets were still on the vessel indicating that there were never needed or used. The Families believed that the three men must have been abducted and were still alive somewhere!
The Families believed that the three men must have been abducted and were still alive somewhere! It is hard to believe that these three experienced sailors would do anything that would be unsafe whilst on-board the yacht. So, the thought that these men were just swept overboard is a bit unlikely. So, what do you think? Could the men have been abducted? Or possibly have been swept overboard? Or could it be something more sinister! Some people have suggested the possibility of a USO or a UFO or perhaps something more sinister altogether!
What are your thoughts?



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Is Aokigahara aka The Suicide Forest haunted?

By Nicolle Bryson.

“Aokigahara, also known as the Sea of Trees is a forest on the northwestern flank of Japan’s Mount Fuji thriving on 30 square kilometres of hardened lava laid down by the last major eruption of Mount Fuji in 846 CE. Source : Wikipedia.”

This forest is known as one of the most famous hotspots internationally for suicide with hundreds of people taking their lives every year. Upon entry of the forest there are many signs urging suicidal visitors to re- think there actions and they also list a number of suicide hotlines. Many well known YouTubers and people from around the globe have travelled far to see and explore the famous forest. The suicides are not the only scary thing about this large forest as it has a historical reputation as being very much haunted with ‘Ghosts of the Dead’. Its been reported many visitors have gone far into the forest and have heard voices not of the living and seen spirits telling them to get out, with many people getting lost and never coming back out and locals desperately urging visitors not to enter as it’s very bad luck and incredibly easy to get lost and not come back out. Police have stopped reporting incidents of suicide the last few years as not to popularise the area and change it’s reputation.
Some believe the ghosts of those abandoned and the mournful spirits of the suicidal linger in the woods. Folklore claims they are vengeful, dedicated to tormenting visitors and luring those that are sad and lost off the path. It’s also reported there are a very high number of ghosts left who have died of unnatural and violent deaths and even word of demons being present. Visitors and locals report the sea of trees being cursed and sounds of loud screams in the distance when exploring and fast whispers as if various people are having a conversation at once when no one is anyone nearby. There is no definite proof of the area being haunted but one thing we know is that you wouldn’t want to be alone there at night, the look and feel of the place alone is enough to make even the most brave people scared. Would you explore here? I know I would, but absolutely not alone and never at night! If you have any theories, feel free to let us know in the comments, I love hearing them.

Here is a link below from VICE to see the suicide forest for yourself but BEWARE of watching as more than likely you will see something unnatural and scary although very interesting!

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Episode 20: Haunted & Cursed Items… In this weeks episode we look at haunted and cursed items

Episode 20: Haunted & Cursed Items

In this weeks episode we look at haunted and cursed items. Can items really be haunted or cursed… What do you think?

As always we would love to no what your thoughts are…



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Episode 19: Mysterious Disappearances


Episode 19: 4 Unsolved & Strange Disappearances

In this weeks episode we take a look at 4 Mystious Disappearances that need explaining.
As always we would love to no what your thoughts are…



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