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Ghost Hunters Find a BODY IN THE WALL?? Claims Spirit TOLD THEM SO.. Police Report says: HOAX the bone had been place.

Within the last few hours a video has been uploaded onto YouTube, by Proving Demons a very popular paranormal channel with a shocking discovery, they believe they have found some human bones, behind the wall.

The Journey takes place over 3 videos where each video would leave more of a clue passed down from the spirit world.

It started from a spirit box , a tool used by paranormal investigators which scans radio frequencies, its believed that spirits can talk through them. it is through this device which investigators head BODY, and then within the walls.

This was then a moment where they decided to go looking for this body, to try and validate the spirit box. So a few nights of knocking down the walls begin, bit by bit they make a nice hole in the wall, and in video 2 they find a “Santa teddy” and some cloths of some sort.

Video 3, they continue to make more of a hole within the wall, they reach a stopping point and start reaching into the bramble and twigs bit by bit pulling it all out into the room.

All of a sudden Andrew freaks out and falls backwards, Curses alot and says “dont touch that, this is now a crime scene” they find a bone, they fastly ring the police telling them the situation, the police arrive and take a look, one of the officers say “its a bone” the video then concludes with the investigators believing the spirit told them so. and they dont know whats next.

Does this ultimately prove ghosts exist? no not yet, you-tube is open to all sorts of scrutiny, can we trust what we see on YouTube as an whole? No, the only person who really does know what happened is “proving demons”

24 hours later we see a link pop up on the youtube video,

Human remains discovery in Nantwich cottage is “hoax”, say police

Here are some snippets of what the report says:

Police say the discovery of human remains at a cottage near Nantwich is being treated as a ‘hoax’.

Police discovered that the bone had been placed there as a hoax and are establishing where the bone originally came from”

Today Cheshire Police confirmed it was being treated as a ‘hoax’ discovery and that those involved would be issued with a verbal warning.

Police discovered that the bone had been placed there as a hoax and are establishing where the bone originally came from

“The people who placed it there – three men aged 29, 31 and 19, and a 19-year-old woman, all from Lancashire – will be given strong words of advice.”

The paranormal team initially contacted Nantwich News to highlight their find.

However, our request for a comment since police confirmed it is a hoax has gone unanswered.

Proving Demons response to this news is:

Omg I can’t believe I have to comment while I’m supposed to be at this event. Yall calm down plz. I’ll explain exactly what happened on a live in a couple days. Detectives came to my house today I explained the ghost box told me to dig in the wall. Obv they dont accept paranormal as evidence and ten min after leaving the reported they’re treating it as a hoax. Even though they are still identifying who the real human bone came from. I’ll update yall when I’m back from this event plz tho I don’t need yall blowing me up in all the comments w the link I’ve seen it. I’ll talk about it when I’m back thx love you all.

So thats all the news regarding this interesting case, something interesting to follow for sure and see whats next. Some people think that this is a cover up from the police now, some people think its fake. What do you think? let us know.

What do you think happened? LET US KNOW.

if you want to watch the video here it is.

We at paranormal magazine cannot tell you if this is fake or real we only have little bits of info to pass forward on this interesting find. its down to you to believe what you want. IS it real? is it fake? is this a life changing discovery? did the spirits talk through the ghost box you decide..

“this is not an expose this is a recap of the 2 days since video aired”

thanks for reading.

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In the words of Iain Lawrence “are we not bored yet” The answer is yes. Yes we are.

in the past 10 years, there has been no breakthrough and no real fresh attempts of investigations, in life we are taught to do things certain ways without making our own judgements and assessments on methods and knowledge.

we need to brake out of the tunnel view which is set and re invent to further push the questions out there.  What do we need to do as a community?

Re think our approach’s. – most people will have an approach which is actually mainstream style, “watching tv shows and doing what they do”

Ghost Hunting Equipment DOESN’T EXIST.  BUT IDEAS DO –  nothing is more powerful then an idea, if ghosts exist then they will be able to interact with anything on this planet. so dont fall into the showbiz ideas of equipment currently out there. think more about wow no one ever thought to use this. lets try it!.

The key to this article is, BE DIFFERENT. BE Original. and know what you want to achieve.

set one goal and keep on this goal, dont distract.


THE best thing about the paranormal is.

No one is right and no one is wrong. anything is possible, with endless possibilities



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The Creepy Bridal Doll – 1 year later. ITV This morning famous haunted doll.

The doll what started the trend of haunted items in 2017 is back one year later!.

People say the famous bridal doll is responsible for the current haunted item interest today. but what is she upto now?

The most recent update is that we decided to take the bridal doll to a para convention called fearcon ran by trisha.

the doll was not! locked away for a good year, and i wanted to do something different new and fresh. ! so i thought up of an EXPERIMENT CALLED.

The Spiritus Armarium

which is Latin for the spirit cabinet, but designed for haunted items in mind. the first of its kind. pushing the boundaries of paranormal research.

A cabinet where you place the subject inside, flood it with smoke. and ask the spirit to show it self. while taking photos. also within the cabinet is different spectrum’s of light emitting to also help the different wavelengths of vision, and a strobe light to slow down our vision to further your chances to maybe see something we struggle to see naturally.

No automatic alt text available.

The live feed after FEARCON

we decided to do a live feed a couple of days after the live audience experiment in wales.

1000s of people tuned in to watch the bridal doll again on their live screens. and we decided to try some ITC. we asked where the doll has been. and it said IN THE BOX.

we then asked it to effect the people watching, we asked if is going to do something and all of a sudden we had a massive out burst of people saying they have uncontrollable itching. 42 people to be precise reported it.

its a new reporting associated with the doll. obviously we cant say it is the doll. but what we can say is its happened within the presence of the doll. was this mind over matter, was this a contagious reaction programmed in peoples mind which caught their imagination we dont know. but its interesting! Or was it me implanting it by asking people for permission to be strached.

We will be working again with the bridal doll next week on ghosts of britain so keep posted! and keep watching!

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HELP My House Is Haunted | Most Haunted MOVE ALONG!

Help my house is haunted is a tv show which is aired on REALLY channel. Really is the home for many paranormal shows come 2018. But how well do they all do and what really works? ARE THEY DIFFERENT? People dont want to see the same old thing. people want a change and something new to watch.

and most tv shows have the idea that they need to fake to keep people interested. HELP my house is haunted i take my hat off to them “Zak i think produces the show” it goes to show you dont need to fake, to keep your viewers interested..

Just look at most haunted, alot of people scream fake, and alot of people have posted evidence to suggest most haunted is fake, there is heaps of evidence to look through and the show is produced for ENTERTAINMENT Purposes only as stated at the start..  means they can do what they want. its only entertainment and i feel that is what is happening.

Its time to let others have the “repetitive” spotlight. People only watch most haunted because its shown on tv…, if it wasn’t shown attention would be most focused on the new shows.

All of the OTHER current shows on really have been VERY OVER DRAMATIC, people not knowing what the equipment they use really picks up. a very unpleasant watch!

Out of all the shows on really HELP my house is haunted really did show and prove that


Great Personalities, A great story, great cinematography is all you need.

well done guys i hope you continue this path..

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Image result for UFO crashes world cup


During the world cup it is reported that a UFO has crashed fear the world cup stadium during an England football game in Russia.

Locals have a mixed reaction saying UFO, Some say man made object.

There has been no announcement by Russia on what crashed near the village of Bostandyk.

Pictures of the wreckage emerged and this made some people say its part of a satellite which was falling back down to earth.

Image result for UFO crashes world cup

Locals say its a cover up, people say the lights in the sky was hovering, and lost control.

However from my point of view the footage of what we have here. it seems to be constantly falling to earth and not floating..

Cover UP – Alien – Man Made – WHAT DO YOU THINK? Let us know in the comments.


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On YouTube its riddled with fake paranormal videos.  and today we have found someone who points out how these tactics can be done.

Duck of truth, looks into the investigations and videos of MOE SARGI & Omar gosh.

Are these people real paranormal investigators or just stage men? acting for the camera.

(In the video duck talk about video)

Smoke coming from oujia board.

been chased by a person with a chainsaw, “typical behaviour”

objects moved location.

What do you think?