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We would like to offer you the opportunity to contact us regarding:

Media enquires, Article submissions, Ghost pictures, Videos, 

We do allow other teams and persons to write articles in the magazine, as long as its non promotional.

If you write an article for the magazine, it must not be selling any tickets, Or selling equipment, or bosting about your team.

We will allow a URL at the end of an article to your website if your article is non Promotional

Some examples of articles you could write about.

  • How to use…
  • What is..
  • Ghost story’s…
  • Equipment Reviews “no url to equipment”
  • Venue Reviews
  • Paranormal Team Reviews.

These are just some of many examples of the style of articles you could submit.




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  1. Hi i lead a paranormal team and have been investigating for over 5 years. We were the only group allowed to inestigate the home of mary ann cotton. Would you be interested in viewing some of our footage?

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