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The Famous “Haunted Doll???” Creepy Bridal Doll. Real Footage on camera.

A simple search for “HAUNTED DOLL” and google will flood you with links to this world famous doll, which is owned by ghosts of Britain “paranormal magazine”

Above video is the first ever day ghosts of Britain got hands on the doll and opened her live, this is a very important part to the story what the media got wrong.

Recently she made a comeback into the scene, and we are all preparing for the next chapter of this journey of investigation.

The Research Will Continue!

But before we move onto anything new, we are to compile a LOG of all the events and happenings ever reported with the doll, including the logs of “haunted antiques museum”

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The Creepy Bridal Doll – Media Coverage – Is The Doltergeist REAL? This Morning.

The Sun dollThe Creepy Bridal Doll | Is making waves through the paranormal field, with all media attention it comes with good and bad publicity, so lets take a look at whats been going off within the media from the start to now.

Debbie Listed a doll for sale on EBAY, which was listed as creepy doll, she states she wanted to get rid asap and wanted it out of the house but doesnt say anything about the hauntings surrounding it on ebay “which could have increased the bids of the item”

The Sun News paper then decided to do a feature on the story of the doll been haunted.

from the Sun’s news paper report other papers also jumped onto the story.  The Mirror, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, just to name a few.

The Media attention did help sell the doll, of course and i dont think Debbie expected it to blow up as big as what she thought. At this stage on ebay you are not just bidding on and “alleged” haunted doll you are bidding for the fame associated with it, and is a reason it sold for so much,

Debbie could have postponed the auction and extended it until after this morning TV Show Aired The Interview.  There are Pros and Cons when it comes to selling anything within the media coverage.. the instant belief is “shes just making money” and this is to be expected.

When we are paranormal magazine / ghosts of Britain decided to bid for it. We was well aware of that and that this could be indeed a made up story just like every other alleged haunted item out there of course, and its a risk we happily decided to take as a team.

Which brings us to the show “this morning Live” on ITV.

Above video is the interview which debbie did on this morning tv program, at this point the auction ended 2 /  days ago for the alleged haunted doll. she briefly tells her story again but to much much larger audience and prime time TV.

Yet again this is a touchy subject when it comes to haunted items, on prime time tv, it is bound to get some stick no matter what the object, or “ghost sighting” people who watch ghost hunting programs tune into ghost hunting programs on tv late at night, they dont receive such bad publicity because the audience is well targeted and catered for. This is a day time tv show where the audience is wide and broad and most likely not even interested in the paranormal.

After the interview ended it didn’t take long for the papers to jump back onto the story but this time a different twist to their last report.

Haunted doll sun

Mean While another News paper reports this…


Two totally different reports saying totally different things.. also we would like to point out how media makes things look not as they seem… and make the hype up them selves just to push a story..

On this morning show, Debbie was asked does she think its demonic, which, she replies saying

” i wouldn’t say demonic but there is something about it”  later that day this morning re posts up about the doll on their fan page.


They Realise its creating alot of attention, And they Post up another segment of the already shown video on their facebook fan page.

Meanwhile after the show ended the doll was packed up and sent from this morning tv show it self to our address.

While all this media attention was circulating it was also news and hot topic within the paranormal community of course, with some people mocking and having a joke about the story. Posting up an alleged haunted packet of mints for sale for a joke and we would like to Thank you for adding to the interest for the doll.

pack of sweets

The Doll arrived the same day they sent it. at around 6.20pm, we was shocked to get the doll so fast..Charlene from paranormal magazine said we must do a live opening of the doll when it arrives it would be good I think so thats what we planned.


Stay Tuned for more updates of when the next LIVE appearance or documentary will be surrounding this item. 

Maybe you will see her LIVE today…..