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Dead Creepy ~ “IT’S A GAS!” What Taboo Topic does the Paranormal Community Need to Address?

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In episode three of Dead Creepy Podcast, Paranormal Sisters Claire Barrand and Linzi Smith discuss Para News, Who’s had a Para-Paddy this week? and we have another Skeptics View with Daryl Whitebottom.

The girls discuss the “almost viral” video of their “gruesome discovery in the woods” and discuss whether or not they have found evidence of the U.K’s Bigfoot!

Not to be missed is the girls’ advice on a “Taboo” subject that Paranormal community needs to address in “Paranormal Uncensored!

Finally, Claire Barrand reads a traditional Welsh story from Wirt Sikes book Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology Legends, and Traditions


This Morning with Peter Andre and Jolene Lockwood

Black Eyed Kid Lured into Trap!?

Binaural Beats

Gruesome Discovery




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The Devils Toy Box – TRAP A GHOST? Dangerous

“The Devils Toy Box”

Considered more dangerous then the OUJIA BOARD

What is this device I hear you say?

6 mirrors all identical size, all facing each other forming a cube.. with the mirrors facing inwards

Attached with a special microphone which picks up vibrations and sound.

The idea behind this device is an interesting one to say the least!!,  this device is believed to bring fourth paranormal activity. An Energy loop that is perpetuated by the six mirrors, which can be recorded.

More about this device

Mirrors are believed within the paranormal community to be doorways and portals to other dimensions, In fact a lot of todays pictures are captured in mirrors and windows,

With 2 mirrors facing each other, you will notice an infant image, a Mirror within a mirror, which goes on endlessly, until you can no longer see any more, which doesn’t mean it ends there… Now adding more mirrors is going to create more reflections and more Infinite images and double the energy within the cube.

 His idea behind it, is that mirrors can work as a window to bring fourth paranormal activity. An Energy loop that is perpetuated by the six mirrors making up the cube.

It is believed that when we combine the mirrors, it is like adding a signal booster to the reception on a different wavelength

Its believed that Wiccan’s of the past supposedly used the box to trap and transfer negative energies, and it wasn’t until 2012 when someone decided to look more into this field, and conduct research. The results he found was “out of this world” “phenomenal” and the longer you leave the box the more energy you will get coming thought the mic.


Lee steer from paranormal magazine and project-reveal decided to put the device to the test.

Using an Olympus VN3200

Now there is a number of experiments I would like to try with this device.

  • Plugging an GUITAR AMP into the box, and listing to LIVE audio, where you can play with the gain and noise.
  • Putting trigger objects within the box, which could be connected to a person or house.
  • Putting a light source into the box
  • Put a camera into the box
  • use a franks box on top of the box

There will be more experiments I can think of but my first one, was a standard recording session.

I wasn’t expecting to get any sounds but after 15 mins, I started to hear a slight hissing.. 5 mins later we started to get some scratching sounds..

“there was nothing in the box”

so as a sceptic I cannot explain what was causing the scratching and growls, this device manages to block out around 75% of human sound. due to the construction of the mirror and the microphone inside.

overall this device has left me scratching my head.. MORE EXPERIMENTS TO COME


people say this device captures spirits, its safe to say I let them out…

Wait… maybe that’s a bad thing!!!!


I urge all paranormal researchers an paranormal investigators to look more into this!!

Paranormal Investigations Equipment


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New Age Paranormal Ghost Hunting Equipment – 2014 – 2015

Paranormal Magazine will be working with a leading paranormal equipment specialist Called: Paranormal Investigations Equipment


P.I.E.’s mission is to help the paranormal community by providing tools and equipment for investigating the paranormal at a price that wont break the bank. Paranormal Investigations Equipment (P.I.E.) is all about paranormal unity and helping others with there research and investigations into the paranormal. Paranormal research is NOT a competition, we are all in search of the same thing…answers and proof of the paranormal. P.I.E. is based in the U.S. and we do ship the next day in most cases.

 Paranormal magazine: Now days there is much more to ghost hunting then a Camera and a K2 meter, The technologies is getting better and new methods are showing up faster then what we can say “paranormal” We at paranormal magazine can guarantee that you will find something interesting at P.I.E.  

Here is a small selection of equipment Offered at P.I.E

Here is a list of categories of what P.I.E Specialises in, Feel free to click and look through of what cool funky ghost hunting equipment is on offer here!

Website Link:

Facebook store link:




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How to make an EMF Pump. Ghost Hunting Secrets Revealed

A lot of ghost hunting shops will soon hate Paranormal Magazine as we reveal secrets on how to make gadgets used for ghost hunting!

Today we reveal how to make an EM Pump, Electro magnetic Field Pump.

What is this Device?
This device kicks out electro magnetic fields, within a small radius.
The theory is that ghosts need electro magnetic fields to show them self’s or to do something.. so placing this down may increase activity..
The other thing this device can be used for is EVP enhancement, Acts as a white noise generator.
You can easy test if the device is working with k2 meter which picks up on Electro Magnetic Fields, also used within the paranormal industry.
Items Needed
9V motor
Project Box
9V Battery Clip
Rare Earth Magnets
Now we know the components, All we need to do next is put them together, and you don’t need to be very technical minded.
Net step
You will need some Super Clue and a soldering iron.
  • 1. Super clue the rare earth magnets edge to the side of the metal pivot which spins on the 9v motor.
  • 2. Connect the 9V battery to the Motors metal – and + points
  • 3. Use Soldering iron to burn an hole into the side of the project box “small hole for the 9v clip to fit through
  • 4. Glue the Motor onto the base of the project box
  • 5. pull the 9v battery clip through the hole.
***Want to add a light?
extra Attach the long Led Leg, to the Red Wire, on the 9v battery clip, and the small leg to the 9v Motor*** 
Please be careful when making this device, we cannot be held responsible for any injuries which may occur if you are not careful..
If you are under 18 please advice your parents and ask them to assist you if you want to make this device.
Thank you
Happy ghost hunting!