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The Creepy Bridal Doll – Media Coverage – Is The Doltergeist REAL? This Morning.

The Sun dollThe Creepy Bridal Doll | Is making waves through the paranormal field, with all media attention it comes with good and bad publicity, so lets take a look at whats been going off within the media from the start to now.

Debbie Listed a doll for sale on EBAY, which was listed as creepy doll, she states she wanted to get rid asap and wanted it out of the house but doesnt say anything about the hauntings surrounding it on ebay “which could have increased the bids of the item”

The Sun News paper then decided to do a feature on the story of the doll been haunted.

from the Sun’s news paper report other papers also jumped onto the story.  The Mirror, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, just to name a few.

The Media attention did help sell the doll, of course and i dont think Debbie expected it to blow up as big as what she thought. At this stage on ebay you are not just bidding on and “alleged” haunted doll you are bidding for the fame associated with it, and is a reason it sold for so much,

Debbie could have postponed the auction and extended it until after this morning TV Show Aired The Interview.  There are Pros and Cons when it comes to selling anything within the media coverage.. the instant belief is “shes just making money” and this is to be expected.

When we are paranormal magazine / ghosts of Britain decided to bid for it. We was well aware of that and that this could be indeed a made up story just like every other alleged haunted item out there of course, and its a risk we happily decided to take as a team.

Which brings us to the show “this morning Live” on ITV.

Above video is the interview which debbie did on this morning tv program, at this point the auction ended 2 /  days ago for the alleged haunted doll. she briefly tells her story again but to much much larger audience and prime time TV.

Yet again this is a touchy subject when it comes to haunted items, on prime time tv, it is bound to get some stick no matter what the object, or “ghost sighting” people who watch ghost hunting programs tune into ghost hunting programs on tv late at night, they dont receive such bad publicity because the audience is well targeted and catered for. This is a day time tv show where the audience is wide and broad and most likely not even interested in the paranormal.

After the interview ended it didn’t take long for the papers to jump back onto the story but this time a different twist to their last report.

Haunted doll sun

Mean While another News paper reports this…


Two totally different reports saying totally different things.. also we would like to point out how media makes things look not as they seem… and make the hype up them selves just to push a story..

On this morning show, Debbie was asked does she think its demonic, which, she replies saying

” i wouldn’t say demonic but there is something about it”  later that day this morning re posts up about the doll on their fan page.


They Realise its creating alot of attention, And they Post up another segment of the already shown video on their facebook fan page.

Meanwhile after the show ended the doll was packed up and sent from this morning tv show it self to our address.

While all this media attention was circulating it was also news and hot topic within the paranormal community of course, with some people mocking and having a joke about the story. Posting up an alleged haunted packet of mints for sale for a joke and we would like to Thank you for adding to the interest for the doll.

pack of sweets

The Doll arrived the same day they sent it. at around 6.20pm, we was shocked to get the doll so fast..Charlene from paranormal magazine said we must do a live opening of the doll when it arrives it would be good I think so thats what we planned.


Stay Tuned for more updates of when the next LIVE appearance or documentary will be surrounding this item. 

Maybe you will see her LIVE today…..

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Paranormal Magazine is Expanding To Your TV Screens.

Paranormal Magazine is Expanding To Your TV Screens.
Paranormal TV.
Follow us the Paranormal Magazine Team. On an epic adventure to investigate the ghostly goings on from the most haunted locations around the united kingdom.
We are proud to announce that we will be bringing our services right to your TV screens, On Sky channel 192.
Who have produced hit shows across major Channels
The devils Vice – BBC 1 Wales
Airsoft TV – Sky
Operation Spartan – Sky
We are currently open for any advertisers who wish to capitalize on this production, please contact us
Many thanks.
Paranormal Magazine Team.


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The Real Show – Im A Ghost Hunter Get Me Out Of Here

In Feb 2014 there was a creation called

Im a ghost hunters get me out of here

One person, One Radio, one Camera.

im a ghost hunter

The idea was founded by steve co founder of UKGH (uk ghost hunts)

I’m A Ghost Hunter Get Me Out Of Here , Where real ghost hunting guests can take a 30 minute challenge to see if they have what it takes to be a ghost hunter on there own in the dark with just a radio and camera for 30 minutes with the top paranormal ghost hunts team

Real People, Real Footage, Real Ghost Hunts

Now It seems this idea was stolen by other teams who want to try the same kind of series..

this article is to make you all aware of the REAL series..

you can watch here

Read more:

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Paracon UK Coming soon!

Cover PhotoOK PARANORMAL WORLD!!! Please help us get the word out around the international paranormal community. Serious Paranormal Investigations along with DEADLIVE and UK Paranormal are hosting the first annual PARACON UK!! We are going to be offering all things paranormal, Paranormal Investigation, UFO research, Medium-ship, Creatures, Legends/Fantasy and much more…

We are looking to create UNITY in the paranormal community! There has been quite a gap forming and its time to get back together. What better way to do this, than for charity! We will be donating to not one, but two amazing charities!! (TROOP AID and Wounded Warrior Project) As you may know my team is mostly made up of current US military members. So we want to campaign “UNITE TO HONOR” and give back to the many that serve both great nations.

There will be sponsorships available as well as stalls to promote your interest or team/group. We will also be posting donation sites along with the ticket information very soon! This is going to be an explosive event with something for all in the paranormal community! We have already had some of the world’s paranormal elite getting involved and are expecting many more. Remembering its going to benefit some deserving charities!

Please contact myself, Matt Hall or Michelle Hare if you have ideas or know of performers, celebrity, or researchers that would like to participate! We will have plenty of media and exposure to offer for sponsors too.. We have already a few but more the merrier!!

Please help us and spread the word! We will be posting the details very soon and the website is nearly finished. The event will be in November so save up now for your tickets and some donations.. Feel free to come join our facebook pages and be apart of the buzz. Thank you and blessings to all!

“UNITE TO HONOR!” Unity is power!!

Please like our fan page
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Galleries Of Justice Ghost Hunt 11th October 2014

Galleries Of Justice Ghost Hunt 11th October 2014

We At paranormal magazine have stumbled upon an amazing offer for ghost hunting groups!


The 7 floors of Hell…. 11th Oct 2014
TEAMS ONLY EVENT Only 1 Ticket Left!!!
£250 per team (Max of 12 team members per team)

Join us as we carry out and investigation of the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. This is a team only event with places for 4 teams only. Max of 12 members per team please. This will be a full on paranormal investigation.
Please call 07977 135448 for team booking details


Join us as we undertake an investigation of the Galleries of Justice Nottingham. The galleries are one of the top locations in the UK and offers just about everything a paranormal investigator could wish for. Apparitions are seen on every floor of this amazing building, security guards leave in terror with reports of screams and strange figures being seen in the main hall ways. Cell doors slam for no reason and footsteps are heard in the court rooms. This will be our 8th visit to this location and will be the best one so far. Will you spend an hour alone in the dark cells? Or walk to corridor to the condemned mans cell?
With hangings, murder, torture and the cries of so many lost souls dare you join the team at the world famous Galleries of Justice?

Details for booking : This is a team only event so please only contact us if you are in a team or run a team. We have limited this event to 4 teams. Each team can bring a max of 12 team members along to this event. The cost is £250 per team, so if you bring 2 members its £250 or if you bring 12 members its still £250. Please contact us for payment details.
A deposit of £75 per team is required to secure your teams place on this event. Balance payment is due by the 1st September 2014. Teams are requested to turn up at the location for 2030 hours on the night of the event. Please email us at or call Richard direct on 07977 135448—11oct-2014.html

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Drakelow Tunnels 22nd March Ghost Hunt

Join Well Haunted at

DRAKELOW TUNNELS 22nd March, £35.00

Venue Description

The Drakelow Tunnels are a former underground military complex beneath the Kingsford    Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, covering 250,000 sq ft. The    tunnels, which have a total length of 3.5 miles, have a very interesting past and    are a historical monument to the military history of the United Kingdom.
Designed by Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners, the Drakelow Tunnel Complex (originally called    “Drakelow Underground Dispersal Factory”) was excavated during World War II in sandstone hills near the village of Kinver and the town of Kidderminster. It was originally  constructed as a shadow factory for the Rover car company who were at the time manufacturing  engines for the Bristol Aeroplane Company.

It was also intended to supply components to Rover’s main shadow factories at Acocks Green and Solihull, to supply spare parts, and to act as a backup facility if either of the main shadow factories was damaged    by enemy action. The tunnels contained dormitories, storage areas, workshops, electrical equipment, toilets, offices, a BBC studio, a GPO Telephones communications facility and other facilities.
During the 1950’s and the growing Cold War, the site was initially used by the Ministry of Supply for storage. Then around 1958 part of the site was    developed by the Home Office as a Regional Seat of Government (RSG9). It was publicly exposed in a demonstration held there by the West Midlands Committee of 100 in the    summer of 1963. Under later Home Defence schemes the bunker was designated a Sub-Regional  Control (SRC), Sub-Regional Headquarters (SRHQ) and finally Regional Government Headquarters    (RGHQ). The site was greatly modernised in the early 1980’s, only a small portion of the site was designated for use. New blast doors were fitted in place of the previous    wooden factory doors and the interior of the site was refurbished in the areas forward of tunnel 4.
It is claimed that during construction workers were crushed to death    by collapsing tunnels and accidents with dumper trucks. Reports of experiments gone    wrong, and people stationed there taking their own lives. Many mediums have picked    up on a deadly demon’s presence down by the old theatre.

Join Us If You Dare…

Buy tickets from the link below.

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Ghosts of Britain looking for you..

We at ghosts of Britain founders of paranormal magazine are looking to film paranormal investigation teams, and documentarys on post haunted locations like pubs, hotels, museums, radio stations and etc.. to appear in our DVD, magazine paperback, 50.000 – 100.000 people reach. And to appear on 5 of the best paranormal information websites. Please contact us.

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Ghost Appears during an Ice Storm blackout

Is this a ghost? You decide.

Your Name.:Philysteak
What could this possibly be? Last night during the Ice Storm Black Out that we
had here in Wellington Ontario I snapped a picture of this strange Entity that
was floating around the house. By the time I tried to take another picture it
was gone. There was no flash and no lights because of the black out. And it was
there for about 5 -10 seconds or so.

Please leave your comments to the above person.
Thank you, will appear in issue 4!.

Submit your ghost videos to:­ideos-2014/4581812157

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Britains Ghosts: The Walkabout Inn Ghosts Investigation – Sheffield Paranormal

The Walkabout Inn Ghosts Investigation – Sheffield ParanormalIs this place in Sheffield truly haunted ? what do you think?the walkabout in interview. Sheffield

via Britains Ghosts: The Walkabout Inn Ghosts Investigation – Sheffield Paranormal.