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OMG This Went WRONG! The Ancient tombstone Witchboard

A real ancient tombstone witchboard was sent to our house, and we decided to open it in our haunted objects museum, and OMG it went horribly wrong!

The witchboard is actually a positive energy charged from a witch in Germany called Maria known as parawisp who specialize in tombstone jewellery the only person to do it, and only person to make WITCHBOARD from tombstone.

when we had the board in the museum and decided to open it, we got amazing results from the EVP. You will have to watch the video back yourself. it seemed something in our museum then decided to kick up a fuss and threw fire onto the floor. which was very concerning. From working with the board we found out there is multiple spirits attached all positive in nature and connected to war!

go check out parawhisp

ParaWhisp –

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May be an image of text that says "Z $19 119 0.A contact Te! DM E @parawhisp GERMANY"