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Interested in the paranormal? then you will love the Uk Ghost Hunts TV Show.

Real paranormal investigators, cool methods of investigation, Filming with public on most locations.

Join in the fun and watch our Series TV show.

Your Best Ghost Hunting Epsiode? UK Ghost Hunts POLL!!

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“Watch” The Angry Ghost – St Johns Museum – UK Ghost Hunts S01 E03


Episode 3, Season One, The Uk Ghost Hunts Team head to the creepy St Johns Museum, which was once an old hospital and school, the team go In search of paranormal activity.
Follow the story of real paranormal investigators, Just what will they encounter tonight?

The Angry Ghost??

Come to our next filming

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Ordsall Hall Ghosts – The White Lady – UK Ghost Hunts S01 E01

Episode One of UK Ghost Hunts new TV show is here!

We would like your feedback on our show, any suggestions, Anything.. We welcome all feedback.

Did you enjoy?

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Thanks for your support a lot of time and effort has gone into this production and we look forward to bringing you more episodes every 2 weeks.

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