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Project-Paranormal – Sky TV Show & DVD Series (Sky Showcase Channel 212)

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A ghost hunting TV show with a perfect blend of investigators with many years experience under their belts, we will be sure to not run away with the fairy’s, A TV Show not based on VIEWER Entertainment, But based on Viewer Education, giving you all the real points you need to consider.

Ghost Hunters In The UK (DVD Series – Get Scared TV – Roku TV)


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Want to know what happens on a real paranormal investigation, The different methods used and views on investigations, This brand new series explores the techniques, skills, and equipment used to explore the unknown and just how teams work differently to another, to try to connect to the spirit world. All investigations filmed are as they are, and nothing is staged or faked for entertainment.



Ghost Tales Of The UK (DVD Series)



Ghost Tales Of The UK – Amazon Link – IMDB Link (to follow)

A one of a kind paranormal road show where the Ghosts Of Britain and Project paranormal team take you on a tour around united kingdoms City’s, Towns and Villages, telling you their ghost tales and stories and grim history.