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30 east drive GHOST 2019?

30 East drive is claimed to be the UKs most terrifying poltergeist, We did 5 hours of LIVE streaming and here is what we, and YOU the viewers captured during this investigation. Is this the ghost of east drive?

Ghosts of Britain with Paranormal-x and Fearless afterlife encounters did an investigation at 30 east drive. here is our investigation and pictures what you fans and followers took during the investigation. thank you!

The investigation was very interesting we arrived for 6pm and we had a few hours spare till the advertised LIVE stream at 9. we fetched along an allegedly haunted doll called scarlet. We decided to go LIVE on our network so when its released on Tuesday 19/03/2019 you have some exclusive content on the network. but we was blown away with the amazing response of the evp’s we caught! we truly didn’t expect this to happen, be sure to join the network and see what we caught! but never the less.

at 9pm we went live at the time we said on the fan page. and yet again we seemed to have gotten some good responses on evp saying “IM IN CHARGE” and then mark smiths camera on his phone turned it self on and started taking pictures of the wall. all this was caught LIVE. on the second part of the investigation right here.

Mark smith from paranormal-x also had a very eventful investigation at the very end of his video. his phone turned on and said YOU HAVE SUMMONED ME.

4 thoughts on “30 east drive GHOST 2019?

  1. This was an amazing live and so much.activity heard clear as day “im in charge” loved it and look forward to many more.😁

    1. thank you so much for the comments. 🙂

  2. I am in charge!! Can’t wait to see what else you guys caught when it’s revealed on the new network, it’s true to say us viewers are spoilt with good content that’s why I don’t understand the trools (idiots) don’t watch simple! Thanks guys, kenny what colour is your coat today lol 💜👻💯

  3. Now that got me. B-E-A-utiful evidence. That one picture with the eyes *shudders* <3

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