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The WOLRDS MOST Haunted Asylum!! REAL Paranormal Activity caught on camera.

We went to a real haunted asylum and we got locked inside! This is the worlds most haunted ASYLYUM. and we caught some real paranormal activity. take a look!

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The worlds most creepy haunted house!

The worlds most creepy HAUNTED house!! Would you dare to enter here?

It seemed once we entered this creepy house something tried to communicate with us from the other side!

Let us know if you enjoyed the video.

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OMG This Went WRONG! The Ancient tombstone Witchboard

A real ancient tombstone witchboard was sent to our house, and we decided to open it in our haunted objects museum, and OMG it went horribly wrong!

The witchboard is actually a positive energy charged from a witch in Germany called Maria known as parawisp who specialize in tombstone jewellery the only person to do it, and only person to make WITCHBOARD from tombstone.

when we had the board in the museum and decided to open it, we got amazing results from the EVP. You will have to watch the video back yourself. it seemed something in our museum then decided to kick up a fuss and threw fire onto the floor. which was very concerning. From working with the board we found out there is multiple spirits attached all positive in nature and connected to war!

go check out parawhisp

ParaWhisp –

May be an image of 1 person
May be an image of text that says "Z $19 119 0.A contact Te! DM E @parawhisp GERMANY"
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The Worlds Most Viewed Paranormal Video. 158 Million views.

Stocksbridge Bypass in Sheffield is believed to be the worlds most haunted stretch of road, and to date it is the worlds most famous video on Facebook and possibly YouTube. collecting over 156 million views. A ghost monk is said to haunted this road and a group of children who sing nursery rhymes!

SHEFFIELD Stocksbridge bypass

Have you ever encountered anything in Sheffield Stocksbridge bypass? We would love to know.

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I’m a Celebrity castle HAUNTED – All the videos – James Higgins – Urban Asylum – Kerry Katona Paranormal Investigation.

The first team of investigators to officially investigate the hauntings of the famous castle known as gwrych castle. AKA I’m a celebrity Castle. Watch all the action from different points of view when we took celebrity Kerry katona on a ghost hunt into the deepest and darkest areas of this historic haunted location.

On this investigation we had.

Simon – Urban Asylum Paranormal Youtuber. James Higgins – TV Psychic Medium and Celebrity Kerry Katona – joined with daughter Lilly, and Ellis – camera man. Aaron – The Reporter.

Here we are going to list all the videos to watch the investigation from all the different angels and perspectives.

Urban Asylum.

Kerry Katona

Part 1

Part 2

May be a close-up of 1 person, hair, beard and outerwear

Please go and give JAMES HIGGINS Psychic Medium A FOLLOW.

James Higgins TV Spiritualist Medium | Facebook

Ghosts of britain LIVE.

part 2

From all of us. We hope you enjoyed the night.

The question is WHERE NEXT 😉

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Psychic Readings from GHOSTS OF BRITAIN.

Do you want a psychic reading from the UKS Biggest Paranormal Team on facebook?

TEXT Ghosts of Britain’s Team of PSYCHICS!! Text GOB + Your question to 84901 £1/msg, max 3. 18+ UK & IRELAND ONLY..

If you want a PAST reading.

Text GOB + Your PAST to 84901 £1/msg, max 3. 18+ UK & IRELAND ONLY..

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If you want a LOVE reading.

Text GOB + LOVE to 84901 £1/msg, max 3. 18+ UK & IRELAND ONLY..

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Do You Believe In Ghosts? Have you got a story?

Ghosts of britain’s Paranormal magazine are looking for ghost stories.

If you feel you have seen a ghost please let us know and submit you story to be posted on our page.

1000s of people experience hauntings everyday are you one of them?


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Lee and Darren Capture a MOFFMAN type creature in rawmarsh graveyard!! UK

Rawmarsh graveyard is known for hauntings that stem from all different types, such as Witches, Shadow Men, Pit workers, white mists, and much more.

Lee and darren went down to the graveyard & LIVE streamed to 1000s of people and found something strange.

This video was captured live on facebook. “edited down by Darren” all we saw was EYES moving across the path.

Was this a MOTHMAN Type creature or just some type of fox? it looked alittle big for a fox!

let us know what you think this is?

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The Ghost Hunting TOUCH Bear by spirit shack

This ghost hunting bear made by spirit shack is one of our most used pieces of equipment. its quick and easy to setup and very visual so when any activity is happening you will see it right away. we called our bear, CASPER, what would you call yours? fans of ghosts of Britain love the devices and its become the favourite piece of equipment. These bears also make a great Xmas present or birthday present for anyone who has an interest in the paranormal.

if you would like a bear visit this website to order one. SPIRIT SHACK

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Watch Ghosts Of Britain LIVE

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