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The Famous “Haunted Doll???” Creepy Bridal Doll. Real Footage on camera.

A simple search for “HAUNTED DOLL” and google will flood you with links to this world famous doll, which is owned by ghosts of Britain “paranormal magazine”

Above video is the first ever day ghosts of Britain got hands on the doll and opened her live, this is a very important part to the story what the media got wrong.

Recently she made a comeback into the scene, and we are all preparing for the next chapter of this journey of investigation.

The Research Will Continue!

But before we move onto anything new, we are to compile a LOG of all the events and happenings ever reported with the doll, including the logs of “haunted antiques museum”

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Caught On Video | Does The Creepy Bridal Doll Blink? & Attack my DAD?

Developments are moving fast with the creepy bridal doll, day 6 now, and its still a hot topic within the paranormal community and still been shown by “this morning tv channel” with a recent post today.. asking if people believe the idea of an haunted doll.  “bottom of article”.  

However the reason we are all here is to watch the footage of possibly my dads paranormal experience? WAS IT A SPIRITUAL ATTACK?? and to view the video of what people believe to be the dolls eyes blinking, which we will show you that first..

above video is from the 8 – 9 hour long live stream we did. where live watchers reported the eyes blinking however the skeptical responce by us is that it could be video pixelation from the live feed itself.

Now here is the video where my dad got abit spooked out, lee’s mum came rushing up stairs and said “lee something happened to your dad” i replied what…. she said hes got scratches all down his arm.. i said really… she said yes i grabbed the camera and ran down stairs to record what was going off…

So the video above is a few moments after he realised the scratches WHAT IS NEXT???

doll feeling

We are compiling an initial Report of the doll with everything listed on one page in date order logging everything to do with this doll. so far our reported logs are: Lights effected, Possible Heat Reactions, Tapping and Thumping Sounds, Sceptics dad has scratches appear, Viewers report eyes blinking, viewers say things happen at home after watching live.

we are also planning a documentary of the doll, featuring, Debbie and her husband, her friend, the shop of where she bought it from and people within the paranormal community.

Here is the most latest media appearance of the doll… Today the 29th July.


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The Paranormal Bride Haunted Doll?| ON ITV This Morning | Is Now On Its Way To Us.

This morning at 11:20 the world met “the paranormal bride” an alleged haunted doll, which is now the property of ghosts of Britain / paranormal magazine.

Watch Debbie has she talks about the events leading upto selling the doll to us.

Possibly the most famous alleged haunted doll to date with all the media attention (the sun – the mirror – Daily mail – Yahoo News – Express – and TV coverage on this morning LIVE, with an historic auction out bidding any other haunted object to date.  $1123.63

The Doll is now packed and sent directly from this morning TV crew them selves – will the doll live upto the hype when she arrives at the door step of the sceptic lee steer in rotherham.

Watch out for a live stream of the opening of the doll when it arrives.

Anything within major public spotlight gets hate, and i respect that.  but i truly feel there are some elements within the case which are interesting which lead us to bid and win this auction.

  1. The woman selling isn’t involved in the paranormal community
  2. Her eBay account Showed no listings of anything haunted for sale…
  3. The Ebay listing didn’t even say it was haunted.
  4. We checked out the sellers history before bidding, and saw no previous haunted items sold.
  5. This seems like a genuine case and Debbie put the listing up at a very low price…its the bidders that have made it a big price!
  6. If this was made up, there would be more by the seller.
  7. If this was owned by a paranormal team selling loads of dolls i would have stayed well away..
  8. Upon first viewing the article and ebay listing i knew that it was close to beating the hands resist him painting, and thought to myself tonight history is going to change.. and we would like to try and be apart of it.

So all of the above made us decide to put in a bid. for the item, and we are proud to say we won…