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#Exposed – Ultra Sonic Movement Sensor Ghost Hunting Equipment

Today’s exposure is in the equipment market of the paranormal community..

much of today’s equipment is actually really simple to make, and this device today is extremely simple and cheap to do it yourself..  This is how much you would be paying from a paranormal ghost hunting shop


so if you was in UK, this would cost you 100£ thats including the postage and packing which was £20.00 and on top of that you may have had to pay customs which would be around 30 – 45£ so a total of around £150 – 165.

Now im going to show you how to make this for under £20.00.

But before i do that, i want to put out a statement i actually blanked out the company’s logo who made this device, although i dont agree with this devices price, i do however like some of the equipment this company has got, i have some of it myself and i like it, “not saying it detects ghosts”  Hell i dont even believe in ghosts… also this company doesn’t list this item no more on their website but it is found else where. But..  no equipment out there is 100% designed to detect a ghost because we haven’t scientifically proven ghosts to exists so its impossible to make any piece of equipment which does indeed contact something we haven’t even proven exists yet…  all equipment out there is used based upon peoples beliefs and theory’s .

Back onto the device in question now! How do you make this unit then? SIMPLE…

Just buy a car reverse censor

here is a link, which costs £9.99


You get everything you need just about from that link, only thing missing now is a CASE, and Battery’s

Below is a link to a simple black ABS Project Box. £5.90 “the first one i found”  This Should be big enough to stand on top of the Battery Box, Length ways, Stick down “2 Censors” One at each end of the Box, and Add the Display on the top of the box.







So there you have it! a simple little device, i hope this saves you money this xmas 🙂

If you like this exposure pleaseeeeeeeeee Re Blog and share 🙂 also comment thank you.

Paranormal-magazine Team.

UPDATE: Jeromy Jones contacted the magazine, with some more points of view, we feel are indeed worth sharing. 

Being the owner of the company I can speak about this. What is not obvious is that we are adjust the internals of each sensor individually so they work in a small area. I was the first to use the sensors for the Paranormal and can tell you it has brought some interesting results. The comment is correct ultrasonic sensors should only detect solid objects but my results have shown otherwise. I have videos posted all over showing intelligent responses with the Paramid. What you are paying for is the design the calibration and the idea. Yeah you can go buy yourself a project box and throw it in there but you won’t get the same results and design is very important to me so that would look hideous.

I could buld the Paramid with arduino, two sensors a display and some minor electronics, however that would mean the price would double or triple in price. By using a simple backup sensor kit like you’ve shown above and doing some minor modifications to the transducer controllers and adding some resistors I can bring it to the public for much cheaper. It’s not as easy as just popping the kit in a plastic box and adding a battery. If you don’t take account in the amount of time it took me to test the system and get results and adjustments, or design time, there’s still 6 hours to print the unit, then hardware all the electronics instead of just plugging the kit in, your looking at about a 7 hour build time. For those that can’t build there own equipment, in my opinion, the price for the designs and functionality are fair. While we are located in the US, we do have a lot of friends outside the US and are proud to ship to them. While I understand the point of the article, I just want to make sure your readers understand what goes on behind the scenes.
Thanks again
-Jeromy Jones

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Project Paranormal SKY TV SHOW Episode 2 Review and analysis

What an AMAZING place we investigated for our SKY TV Show, Episode 2 Brougham Hall in carlise, Below is our sky tv show, which aired TODAY (26th November 2016 10pm)

So Lets Recap the activity
 and talk about the second alternatives, First of all we had 24 mins to piece together out of a total of 5+ hours of footage this is a huge challenge and task for any tv show, as promised we did bring to you a new experiment within the second episode.

15216260_698129350352614_549812779_oThe Show Started with the introduction, where the static meter went off.. the simple explanation was that it was my own static which triggered the meter.. defiantly nothing spiritual in my point of view which i said in the video, that it could be my own static.

We then went onto the live stream footage, on facebook, filmed on neil cooks camera, this was where we introduced Elizabeth the ALLEGED haunted doll, never claiming all the things happening is by her, but just stating a facts of what has been reported around her thats all. The communication we was getting from the app “Afterlight Box” at the end of the day this is just an app, i like to see this app as an extended version of the “Ovilus” a random generator so to speak, set on the dial of 500ms to scan the banks, the words coming out of this machine is many and i believe we simply just try and make the words fit the situation, so this is based on a % and chance. so this cant be used as 100% proof of spirit communication

Next was the RT EVP, Franks Box this is one of the fastest franks boxes out there which scans and radio bands, yet again used for spirit communication but does it really do that? i personally dont think so i think the chances are that we are simply landing on a real radio station, and voice paradolia plays a part in us wanting to hear something which fits to the situation.

Next we have the tri-field meter go off a few times, this is an electromagnetic field meter, so sensitive that it can detect the earths own magnetic field, with millions and millions of signals passing through the air on our planet, it is nearly impossible to clarify a emf spike as a ghost or spirit, its also extremely hard to block signals, to 100% block emf signals it would cost alot of money with a Faraday cage, so because of this i cant say this was caused by a ghost since.

That is just my sceptical view of the nights activity, i hope you enjoyed the show,

watch out for Episode 3! Produced by Ian Ainsley 

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Secrets Revealed!! Make Your Own ROKU TV Channel + EXPOSED Person + Outrageous claims

Secret Revealed!!! Make your own PARANORMAL ROKU TV channel.

Footer logo

Its come to light that a few teams are saying they have a TV show / channel, they have producers and have signed contracts to appear on ROKU.

This is indeed false, and sadly just a sheet to pull over peoples eyes on success, Today im going to show you how to MAKE YOUR OWN ROKU Channel – FREE

No Outside Producers – No Contracts – Your Own Creative Mind – Your Own Media Channel.

So what is Roku?

Roku is a “streaming video web player” directly from the website  Its more like a video on demand library,  Not  a Cable or Sat  TV Channel or a TV Channel Provider. Its an Internet Streaming Video Player…

What that cleared up.. It is still a good option to go on roku, why not… it will appeal you to roku channel clouda wider audience of course mainly USA customers have the roku media player, abit of promotion about your channel and you could get a steady bunch of viewers who will visit your channel. i figure it was time to let this rabbit out of the hat and real that anyone can indeed make a channel on this media player. and this is how to do it 🙂

All you need is 2 links

A free roku developer account  –

A free Instant TV channel Account –

Make a developer account and a  free instant TV channel account and follow the steps listed on the link above, to have your own ROKU Media Channel “not a TV channel”

TV is 24 hour circle loop.. ..

So go on paranormal PEEPS… get making your own channel now 🙂 take advantage while you can! #SECRET REVEALED

Now on another note!!!! EXPOSED and Outrageous Claims 

There is a bunch of claims going about saying people have captured the best evidence of intelligent ghost communication yet to be released, this is a number of teams and people..

My advice would be to not make such bold claims the skeptics of the field have gone all soft on evidence and on peoples reports, i dont see many people pushing for questions and answers, (skeptics and believers) i dont see people looking in depth of “How this can happen” that seems to be forgotten in the field, Ghosts have not yet been scientifically proven to exist within the lifetime of the human race, ghosts spirits what ever you want to call them no one really knows what one is or what one can do until we capture it and study its abilities. Alot of today’s most known ghost videos are proven to be faked.. and alot of videos are miss leaded “real ghost caught on tape” “real undeniable proof of a ghost impossible to debunk” Real ghost attacks a person” Etc.. these are just search terms to earn money for content creators. IT WINDS ME UP when i see them, then watching the footage frustrates me even more, 9 out of 10 times is a sketch video made by a horror movie fan and the other 1 out of 10 times is normally a paranormal group using the tags to mislead people also to gain the popularity vote and con the viewers into what ever they are showing..

How should these tags be? 

Is this a ghost caught on tape? Real Evidence of a ghost? Is this a true paranormal attack?

People should be posing questions not making BOLD claims, you are asking to be shot down if you are this thing kind of thing! and i will be watching..

The skeptics need to come out of the woodwork more now as we are getting wrong contents and wrong wordings thrown into the public eye trying to con them! I for one will not hesitate no more to speak what i truly feel… we are all entitled to an opinion and if my opinion is i think its fake i will say what i feel. “not 100% claim it to be fake” and i will say why! 

Group admin Bully’s!!!14954543_10211832016303009_1927961055_o

now a friend in the field messaged me with some outrageous behaviour by an ADMIN in a well known Ghost hunting community group on Facebook called “paranormal ghosts spirits orbs and astrology. 37k members..

Screen shots below show the group admin giving out some abuse to Kristy, in essence jason called Kristy’s group a “shit one” and was bang out of order, Krsty replied rather in a manner which could have been better but i couldn’t fault her. Jason then PM kirsty and said the below.

Are these group admins good for the community?? NO..

Shame shame shame.. #EXPOSED.

This is not an expose on the group page but an expose on the guy with the attitude!
Also it has been brought to my attention that certain folk (admins) like to discrimate against peoples ability and diabilities, yet if theirs was highlighten would be quick to screen shot it and share it around!! 

My skepticism is also queationed i am open minded and have never lied that i used to be a believer and i need a certain amount of  proof for myself, which up to yet i havent had.

Being a open minded skeptic means i will try different devices to experiment with…as of yet myself on my own has never used the echovox…show me a video where i have!! but i am open to experiment with different ideas!! would it make me a believer…..NO i need a certain amount of evidence for my own personal experience.

Also can i just say people question what does it concern me? well people come to me expecting support (like being sent edited  screen shots passed on between individuals…yes sent to ME) then these being shared between groups..  so in adidition i offer to help….do i think im special in the field…no…but i do think i might be making a difference.


Until next time! Sleep Tight! #theparanormalskeptic



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Our Visit To The Most Haunted Object In The World – the Anguished Man


This year the project reveal team visited the alleged most haunted object in the world that goes by the name of “the Anguished man”  to do a documentary.

This documentary was to get the story of the painting and the story of sean’s experiences with the painting, we had no intention of meeting the painting, and was very grateful of sean bringing the painting along to the interview and allowing us to spend some time with this truly ONE of a kind painting.

  • Painting is alleged to be painted in the blood of the person who painted it.
  • The person committed suicide shortly after
  • was believed to be a self portrait of the pain this person was going though at the time
  • While Sean and his family had experienced strange paranormal activity’s when the painting was in their home
  • Tests came back from the painting saying “inconclusive to blood in the painting” they couldn’t say yes or no.. “which is interesting…”
  • Painting is world famous with millions of views on youtube
  • More credit goes to this painting then  the Annabelle doll “with terms of reported captures and documentations”
  • With the short time project reveal team had with the painting, the minutes proved to be interesting with some unexpected things happening.. Was the painting tying to communicate with the skeptic?? take a look “

Video Points of interest

  1. Lee asks for the spirit to tap on the painting he gets 2 deep base bags “which he didnt hear at the time” at 25:25
  2. 25:25 a strange sound of like someone trying to breath or clear their throat
  3. Lee asks was you a prisoner of war “a faint EVP which could be saying I WAS can be heard”
  4. Followed lastly by a strange hissing sound – Please use headphones to listen to the video captures thank you. 

we have set the start time of the video below for you to see the strange captures..

If you find this article interesting we invite you to watch our full documentary on this truly creepy scary piece of work called the anguished man.


The official Facebook fanpage of the painting is here.

Also the real youtube channel.

Please Re share this article, Comment and Embed on your sites.

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Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live -Day ONE – Angers The Field – Stitched Up.

Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live -Day ONE – Angers The Field – Stitched Up. 

Article is written based off viewer responses of the launch of the new tv show Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live.

So day one the launch where you will expect them to make a big impact on the show, to IMPRESS the viewers, it seems the producer or CELEBRITY had something else in mind, people explode to facebook to show their frustration based on justins actions

So what did justin do?

And again

SHAME HITS THE FIELD… So clear evidence of this celebrity throwing objects, which does spoil it for The Viewers, For the Field, for the real researches and also for the crew who was picked to be apart of the show “the experts” How can anyone take this show serious, Maybe we was not meant to in the first place.. Day one will have a dramatic impact on day Two, maybe the produces should have put someone more serious and more up for the challenge of the paranormal

The Facts..

  • The Experts in this show are not to blame, so lets not go hating on them..
  • Goes to show you that going onto a TV deal or contact could be a pretty dangerous move if you already have a respected reputation
  • Your Reputation Lays in the hands of the Producers
  • Any evidence of a fake or fraud show, will spoil the entire shows image.
  • more then 3 times some kind of silly fake action was seen on camera
  • Its better to produce your own show, so you have full control.


It will be interesting to see how the investigators handle the cold harsh news before day 2 –  alot of emotions will be running wild.

but i think we all need to realise these people are not to blame, if i was in that lineup of people i wouldn’t be returning the next day..

on the channels discussion page on facebook i failed to see one good feedback comment, i counted 25 negative in a row and then i decided to stop counting see for yourself

What will day TWO bring? We will Be watching the social response to the show. 



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Our Recently Added Paranormal Shows & Documentary’s + Upcoming Shows


Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details




The Above are all Shows / Series which we have published to DVD, and ON DEMAND and is available on Amazon video and other sites and shops. Click the image link to see the product.

Upcoming Shows:

Ghost Hunters in the UK (Sky series)

Paranormal Documentary’s (series)

Knights Templar Paranormal (mini series)

Paranormal DVD (Series)

Project Paranormal (Sky Series)




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The History of REIKI healing

The History of REIKI healing: by Clare burrows 

We have to remember that energy based healing techniques and medicines, have been used in Eastern cultures for thousands of years.

However REIKI was foundered by a man named Dr Mikao Usui. He was born in Japan on  August 15th 1865.

As a child, Dr Mikao Usui attended the Tendai Buddhist Monastery School,  and went on to become a Tendai Buddhist Monk/Priest.

He was also a student of various martial arts and had a vast knowledge in medicine, psychology and the theology of religions throughout the world.

Usui Sensei (sensei meaning teacher) travelled to western countries and China several times, and this was encouraged during the MEJJI era, and to study the western ways.

He often took a form of meditating, lasting 21 days at a time,  it is said that he did this on MOUNT KURAMA (Horse Saddle Mountain) and this meditation, is the one that had given his inspiration for the system of REIKI in 1922.


So what is REIKI?

Rei – meaning ‘Higher power’

Ki – meaning ‘Life force energy’


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used for all kinds of ailments both mental and physical.

Reiki is administered by a Reiki attuned therapist, by 90% non contact, allowing energy to flow from their hands into the patient.

Most often the therapist will start at the head, placing their hands on the patients head, and then hover their hands over the different Chakra’s (energy centres) around the body.

A session usually lasts between 45-90 minutes depending on how much balancing and healing is needed.

The therapist would normally summarise with the patient after the treatment, of their findings, as usually they wouldn’t be told the issues to begin with.

Often crystals are used to promote healing, and often a pendulum  used to balance the energy. 

Symbols of Reiki are also used, but that can only be shared amongst qualified Reiki therapists.

Distant Reiki can also be performed if someone is in need whom cannot get to an appointment. (live away etc)


What does Reiki feel like? , How much am I expected to pay? How do I find a qualified therapist?


Reiki differs from person to person, it is an individual experience, however, generally the patient will feel very relaxed, and may have tingling sensations and waves of heat pass through them.

Some have claimed that they can feel energies around their feet when the therapist is around the head or upper body.

Some patients can drift off to sleep in deep relaxation during a treatment.

At the end of a treatment, most people feel a sense of balance and positivity, and also a sense of being refreshed.

Others may feel emotional and allow it to flow out naturally, which gets ‘rid’ of any lingering negativity.



A Reiki session usually lasts between 45-90 minutes

depending on each patient, and would generally cost between £15-£25 per hour..

There are some Therapists that also work on a donation only basis.

Going to your nearest Spiritualist church is also an option as some hold healing sessions on certain evenings, where you can receive Reiki healing for free.


It is important that you go to a Reiki Therapist trained to at least a level 2, and there is also information over the internet, to search for a therapist on the UK REIKI FEDERATION Website.


How to learn REIKI therapy?


This technique is available for anyone to learn, and it is not

taught in the usual sense, but rather it is Transferred through an attunement, given by a level 3 Reiki Master.  This allows the student to tap in to an unlimited supply of ‘LIFE FORCE ENERGY’ to help enhance a patients quality of life and improve the persons health.

This information is also available on the UK REIKI FEDERATION Website to find a reputable REIKI MASTER/TEACHER to study with.

 So is REIKI successful?


Reiki is not a religion, it is however, a spiritual based belief system, that this universal life force energy, can heal and help many people in crisis.

There are success stories from all over the globe, and a rise of many other holistic and natural based therapies and medicines.

However, there will always be the controversial element within spiritual practises and holistic therapies.

Many Governments will simply not fund much needed money into scientifically proving Reiki works.

It has a stigma attached to it by many people, as to how hovering your hands above a person can heal their pain? It could be described as magic, an illusion, that the patient just believes they are getting better, and that the therapists are actually just conning them into believing that?

It will always have this stigma, and there will always be positive and negative opinions on the practice.

As humans in the modern world, we are simply ‘taught’ that holistic practises do not have a place in modern medicine and science.

There are however, some hospitals now that have Reiki therapists there,  and many Hospice’s, and usually the therapist is there as a volunteer.

THE TOUCHSTONE PROCESS foundered by Mr William Lee Rand in the United States has developed a system which is considered to be the most comprehensive compilation of hospitals offering Reiki treatment throughout the world.

In this process, there has never been so many worthy studies collected, analysed and evaluated, and from the most recent Data collected (during 2008-2009) showed very strong evidence, that, REIKI had a very positive Biological response in both humans and animals.

My conclusion….

As I myself have studied and researched for years, and are fully qualified in holistic therapies such as, Reiki, Seichem, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past life regression, Sports Massage, Counselling, Psychology and Advanced Transpersonal Studies, I am going to naturally have a more Biased opinion towards this.

However, I can only actually go on my own personal experiences of it.

I was severely ill, 3 years ago, and having spent 3 months in hospital and two years of  tests, medication changes and constant illness, I had, had enough.

After being entered in to the medicinal world, where every sense I had was dampened, my thought process was negative, my pain was persistent and no ability to control it, I decided to go down the holistic route.

It took a lot of personal effort, but I did get myself into regular Reiki sessions, and started to use natural medicines, as I had studied and performed in previous years for others.

The Reiki therapy gave me the foundations and belief system to start to lead a ‘normal life’ again with the minimal medicines, to control my pain and start to get better and a lot more positive.

It was also interesting that the therapist, knew nothing of my ailments at the start, and where she picked up the most affected part and issue, was later clarified by my consultant.


Some of the most spiritual experiences of my life have come from administering this therapy to others also, and I, as a therapist, work with the method of closing my eyes to heighten my senses elsewhere, and not having the information of their ailments to start with.

In my experience I have dealt with a lot of arthritic individuals, people who suffer from MS and people whom suffer gastro intestinal diseases.

I am not a doctor, nor offering a cure, simply a treatment that may have very positive results.


Reiki is a universal life force, everything is energy, anything can receive this, from animals to plants to humans.

I am a strong believer in energy, although I am not a Religious person at all.

I even use these methods with my ghost hunting group, to sense different energies at locations, whatever they may be, or not be? But that’s a different article…..


Now here is the question I ask, I cannot 100 % state that it is a divine energy, or, if it actually is the brains ability to ‘heal the body’ when triggered into that belief system and positive thought process, and this is something I will continue to study and research for my own personal goal.

On a whole I believe that Reiki can form a balance, can help to heal some ailments, and be beneficial in some forms of pain control.

A cure for things???? who knows, but if this therapy has an ability to make peoples lives better, and for some poor souls, a way of dealing with their ailments, to deal with pain control and be used as a coping mechanism for some,

I can only see REIKI healing as a positive, and encourage any person, whatever their ailments, To try it. 

Article by: Clare burrows


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Paranormal Investigator Exposed Part 2 – The Aftermath!!!

What a insane couple of days its been here at paranormal magazine, we recently lit the news of a possible investigator that fakes activity, with enough proof to convince myself, and many others within the paranormal field. .. “we say possible because you may be yet to read this article and make up your mind on weather its fake or not”

Before exposing this person we did know it would be a HARD Ride for everyone… “i can see MR T, has passion and it would have been very hard for him also”

Truth be told i didn’t want to publish these next findings… but certain individuals have been saying “MR steer has been Quite” and like im hiding away.. WRONG.. i have been very vocal about everything put to me.. its just a shame not everyone would come to me to put any questions forward… So here goes the next mile stones.. and i am truly sorry..

So upon posting the news of this investigator, this is what happened..

Mr t Replied with this 

Do and say what you want I will never fake anything and all you’ve circled on my video is the pattern in the carpet. You have no proof what so ever. I’ve always been as true as I can be on my videos and by circling nothing you look like the idiot that you are mate. Also may I add that using my name and sharing my videos publicly without my consent is against the law and I will be taking it further legally against the person named Lee Steer. 👍🏻
He then later replied with this..
Mr T:
Here’s the mark on my carpet that’s supposedly a wire lmao. All Lee has done is zoom and edit the image 😂😂😂
Tom Buckmaster's photo.
Our Images: 
Mr t:
This is my stairs this is exactly where the ball was. All I will say now is Lee looks a prat and has been proved wrong. He’s been destroyed publicly and will continue to get abuse from my followers until he apologies for outing me as something I’m not
Lee SteerBe carfull Tom that looks like a threat..
So MR t eventually replied with an answer for what the image “could be” but for me the image doesn’t match” it still leaves loads of questions about the original video.  He fasty went onto name calling “idiot” and threatening with law suites, then also threatens me with non stop abuse until i apologise “does this seem like someone who is guilty or Innocent ?
Possible More Evidence: Now for a few people this isn’t enough evidence to call a fake. For me.. it is. from looking at the video.. and pictures in my opinion i would say it is fake.. Now to give some more pictures about a different video yet again in his home…

Submitted by a watcher: If you count the lines from the bottom stair in pic is the eight line from right were you will see line going up to leg closer, “this is on another video”

Neil Cook's photo.
This is even clearly seen at 4m 20 bears left leg Tom Buckmaster Watch This At 4:20 Teddys Left Leg, On Our Right. Large Screen Turn On HD Play Back. you see fur move on leg at 420 on large screen in hd

We then offered MR T a lie detector Test to prove this is infact real evidence and not faked.
This was declined.
Now considering all of the evidence i have seen on the pictures, videos, there is no doubt in my mind that we have seen faked paranormal acitivty.. sorry to say it but i will stand by what i say… that is my opinion and thats the last i will say on this matter.. hopefully this is more content to make “more” people make up their minds on weather this is fake or real!
now i think this debate may continue but i personally have seen enough to convince myself and i know many others have..
We Consider This Case Closed..
Feel free to debate the case, But we will stick with out original statements based on the evidence we have seen.
i really do feel there was enough evidence out there to make peoples mind up, all they have to do is read and research, so i apologise again for another article.
Thanks for reading.
And please DO NOT FAKE. because we will not hold back to expose Anyone…
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Paranormal Investigator Exposed To Fake Activity Of Ghosts..

Paranormal Investigator Exposed To Fake Activity Of Ghosts..

Today we take a look at a guy who people call a legend, within the paranormal community known as Tom Buckmaster..

backgrounder (24)

Known for his YouTube videos and web series Haunted Finders.. 17.00 Youtube subscribers, and estimating WAY over 1 million viewers in total.

It is such a shame that a day comes where friends of the paranormal field come to me with shocking evidence that tom is indeed a fraud 🙁

In a particular video, tom is asking for a ball to be moved on his stairs, and behold the ball moves and gets thrown down the stairs.. To good to be true? Right… it is…

The 3 pictures below show the ball on the stairs and it also shows clearly the string used to pull the ball off the stairs..

13493238_799190123555553_1714799704_o  13499825_799191193555446_769211275_o 13499932_799191670222065_1235951151_o


Upon posting this news more came to me with more evidence supporting this guy to be a fake, with clear video evidence of a teddy been moved with fishing wire.. as well as other videos been faked on his channel 🙁 such a sad day…

For those who want to see the ball move, on the official video here it is. Start time is set… just click play and it will happen within a few seconds.

Some things to bare in mind when this clip happens..

  1. everything is already set in place when the camera is turned on.
  2. when hes about to do it, he pans the camera to the left, so the wire doesnt reflect from the IR light off the camera.
  3. it happens on command, 11 years doing this i have never had activity like that 😉
  4. the way the ball moves and direction and spins from going under.
  5. The Pictures showing the fishing wire
  6. More evidence on other videos with a teddy “clear as day you can see it” we will leave you to find that one.
  8. Do not expose anyone without proof…

Please share this Article, make people aware of the fakes

Make people open their minds and Investigate what they see!

Below is my LIVE video response to this news and me exposing Tom, and asking him to come forward with an answer..




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My Top 5 Best Methods Of SPIRIT Communication.

My Top 5 Best Methods Of SPIRIT Communication.

As paranormal investigators we are all looking for the best and most effective way of communicating with the afterlife, Whether you are a skeptic or a believer initially we are all still trying to find different ways and different methods to achieve this.

Ive decided to list my top 5 ways of best ways to communicate, as always i am backgrounder (19)not saying that this is the best way I’m saying that in my opinion it is. I also think its extremely important that when you are collecting evidence it is done correctly and you are looking at all the sides of the coin, because lets remember guys we are trying to prove the existence of the afterlife and if this isn’t done correctly then how is it ever going to happen.

so at Number 1, EVPS
I think the best kind of evidence you can collect is through a recorder, but only if you have searched the area for any contamination that may influence your recordings and have taken all these into consideration, for example how far is the road from where you are?, can traffic be heard?, any water dripping from anywhere?, any holes in the walls where noise could leak through?

The best places to capture EVPS is in a room where there is hardly any, that way if you have caught something, its harder to explain. I would also advise that if you are conducting a EVP session to do it alone or with only 1 other person and to record on a camera your session. This way you can review back to the exact point in time if you have caught something and rule out that it was yourself or the other investigator, it also shows others that your evidence is more true and lets be honest if you caught it on the recorder and the camera, you would be leaving a lot of skeptics stumped to what it could be. I would also advise to do only short bursts, so ask a question give it a while, stop recording, and so on this way it will save a lot of time when reviewing.

If you are leaving a recorder in room to conduct a session, then put a camera on it and the surroundings, because this then can back up that no body was in the room etc. Also if you are leaving it in a locked off room, only conduct the session for a hour maximum, this is going to be a lot easier on yourself when reviewing.

Audacity smile emoticon, well what can i say about audacity, i think its brill for them EVPS that are whispers to enhance the sound on it (EVP B’s), so that you can hear it clearer, but i think it crosses a line when you pick something up, highlight it, put a ton of effects on it and make it fit. I think personally if you think you may have caught a EVP C, it shouldn’t be touched, you could go into it yourself and see what is trying to be said and when you are back at the location where it was picked up, try and press the conversation on this again, but in terms of providing it as evidence, I wouldn’t. Am pretty sure that if i put a recorder in my kitchen, next to my fridge (which makes sounds) left it recording for a minute and reviewed this file in audacity and added a ton of effects to it to sound what i wanted it to say, then it would in some way, especially then if i influence you by telling you what i think it says beforehand. I will try this experiment out at some point to see if what I’m saying is correct.

The best EVP’S are caught when you are video recording the session, if its a EVP A OR B and you have used little or no effects on it at all in my opinion.

at Number 2, Using your own senses
What we experience and feel on a investigation is one of the best forms of communication and evidence you could have for yourself, even though it can’t necessary be put across as evidence as it is only a personal experience, you know yourself how you are feeling, what you have seen, heard, smelt and felt and nobody can take that away from you. I think as long as you keep a level head, try to react calmly and think logical at times then you know what you have experienced is for real and like i say its evidence for yourself if it isn’t for anyone else.

At number 3, Mediumship
I think its important to have a medium on any kind of investigation, it builds that engery needed to communicate, Many may say well mediums can influence a investigation, yes they can to a degree if you let them but if they connect to a spirit and build that bond then the results can be amazing to watch and experience. I think if you have a medium on your team, and you are going out to investigate then don’t let on to where you are going, this way you know they haven’t researched the location prior to the investigation and yes there is the doubt that they may know a little about the location beforehand but you know how they work and you know how genuine they are.

I do believe that at least one member of the team must research the location before investigating though to know exactly of the sightings, activity linked there and its history because when calling out this can be a good way of connecting and to some extent building that engery, sometimes mentioning past events that have been known there or people linked to the location as sometimes sparked some very good activity.

Number 4 ITC
So your spirit boxes, Echovox, any kind of ghost app that states that it can communicate. This kind of equipment takes some slack but all i would suggest is don’t knock it until you have tried it. Are the creators to be trusted? who knows but this is moving forward and we are now able to know exactly what is being put into the banks, how its chopped up in some cases you can reverse it. It is quite known that when we have had our love ones die our phones have gone funny, the stereo starts playing up etc, lights flicker and bulbs are blown, I am a massive believer in that they can put their energy into using these things. We are a energy source so when we pass why wouldn’t we put our engery into another engery source? and I think has we are more technical minded these days, so when we pass just think of the evidence people may be producing, we would use these methods more because we know how to and would be less frightened too as we are familiar with it, Having used the Echovox myself it has produced some interesting results many times, which i can say has related to where i am or who i am with. The same with a SB7 spirit box, it has produced some interesting results, whether you believe it is just the radio or not, some of the words and sentences that come from these can fit to where you are, what you are doing and who you are with. I think its a great engery builder and at least worth a try to at least try and communicate in some way.

Number 5 Conducting a Circle
Now not everyone will agree with this but in my personal experience, i have always found that more paranormal activity has happened when i have done a circle first, when i say a circle i mean, all members of the team stood in a circle holding hands, placing a protection over the group and calling out, introducing yourselfs, reasurruring that you mean no harm, you are there to communicate and you are there with respect. My biggest pet hate is provoking, i hate to hear it i really do, i just think to myself if spirits do exist they used to be human, would you speak to a person walking down the street like that no you wouldn’t, i can understand why people do, to gain a reaction, but in all honestly everyone who I have seen do it hasn’t got a reaction and is left looking, sorry, but in my opinion a little foolish (even though after hearing it i have thought to myself, yes go on throw a brick at them it would serve them right if you knocked them out) but that would be giving them what they want and i think if the spirit world exists it doesn’t work how it does here. More activity has happened when I have been with respectful investigators. Even if you are skeptical and do provoke just remember that ok you don’t believe, but have a bit of respect for the building and the people who have died there and its current owners, as walking round swearing, throwing things and shouting doesn’t look much good to anyone passing.

I think doing a circle is a great engery builder and i think you can scatter your equipment round to see if anything will be set off and i think a lot is experienced on a more personal level.

Thank you for reading and i hope some of the information is helpful to yourselves, we are all learning from one another and i am not saying this is the best way, i am just saying it is the best ways i have found. We would love to hear what techniques you think are best so let us no. Charlene 

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Top 5 Most Haunted Locations In The UK

The Top 5 most haunted places / locations in the UK (united kingdom)
Presented by the much loved spirit seeker Charlene
What creepy scary places made it into her top 5 list???

What is your top 5 most haunted locations?
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How To Capture EVPs.. And Conduct Your Session..

Hey All Its Lee steer “the Paranormal skeptic” Today i would like to share some tips on conducting an evp session to help scrutinize the field of ghost hunting for best practices.

I had some inspiration to write this article due to the fact i am closequeensfriends with the EVP queens, and i have been working along side them on some of there recordings.. check out the bottom of this article for some of their work 🙂

EVP stands for electronic Voice Phenomena and it is believed that spirits can communicate on electronic devices such as Camcorders, Dictaphone s, anything which can record audio.. You will be doing a recording, and upon review you will think you hear a voice which wasn’t there at the time of the recording, This is normally called an EVP.

Hearing A Voice, with your own ears is called “Voice Phenomena” if you cannot locate the source of course..

TIP Number 1. – Do not Search EVP Recorder to buy a Dictaphone you will be charged an arm and a leg.. Simpy search Dictaphone.

Tip Number 2 -Through My research cheap dictation machines normally produce evps and the expensive high quality microphones seem not to produce them…. The cheaper Dictaphone’s have a low calibre mic pick-up, which is sometimes distorted, and grainy sound. some even record there own inner machines parts.    – Now the more expensive you get crystal quality sound and no Ghost sounds i wonder why????

Tip Number 3 – Duel Redundancy – try to use the same record in the same area, so you have 2 records rolling at once. Skeptics would expect the same sound on the other recording. so if the sound isnt there.. then it could be pretty odd..

Tip Number 4 – Short Bursts – keep it simple short and sweet, do quick fire questions leaving 10 seconds for an answer. Do not record for HOURS… its only your own time you are wasting lol 😉

Tip Number 5 – Know your surroundings, before you conduct your session make a note of possible interactions of what could contaminate with your evp session, and if you capture any evps come back to your notes to see if you can tie it in with any of them interactions.


Tip Number 7 – If you want to capture evidence for yourself, and not convince the public.. then this tip doesn’t matter… Make sure you have a Camera Watching the Session at all times this will help back up your evp to prove it wasnt fake..

Tip Number 8 – Camera Watching Camera if you really want to take your work to the next level and really try to make a difference i urge people to use the Camera Watching Camera Technique, with the time frames posted on each camera. to prove time stamps.

Tip Number 9 – Do not buy any Panasonic DR60 series.. you will capture the machine inner machine and people sell this on ebay for 500 – 1000£ claiming it contacts ghosts when the manufacture recalled the device back to base due to the device recording its own parts.

Tip Number 10 – If you capture an EVP. Play the recording to each person in the team and ask them to write down what they think it says.. then at the end compare your results

Tip Number 11  By Jayne Harris – KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT: DO a trial run if you’re planning to investigate and record in a location you’ve never been to before. Learn about what environmental factors may potentially interfere with your later recordings. For example, we visited a hotel in Shrewsbury in 2010 that we’d never been to before. While in a corridor we captured what sounded like a woman voice saying “wait there”. It was quite clear and at the time we couldn’t find a logical explanation. On a second visit recently I was walking along the same corridor and heard voices. It turned out that an air vent, no longer visible as it was behind a portrait, was causing sound to travel from one of the bedrooms! debunked. 

3 Girls In the Dark Tips: From Emily.

3GD Tip 1: don’t eat Taco Bell before an investigation! Your stomach noises will sound like a demon growling “GET OUT” when played back.

3GD Tip2: TAG EVERYTHING – every damn little thing you do. Tag a shuffle, tag a throat clear, tag a sniffle, tag your jeans rubbing together, literally tag everything. Some people are scared to do this. If you don’t, when playing back the recording days later you may not remember if someone cleared their throat and it could also sound like a demon growl! lol

3GD Tip3: DO NOT WHISPER during a session. I cannot stress this enough. Same as above, if you are reviewing a few days or even a few weeks after investigation you will NOT remember someone whispering. Some people count this as evidence. This is NOT evidence. TAG YOUR **** PEOPLE AND STOP WHISPERING AT INVESTIGATIONS!

Submit your tips to be added to the article with your website URL.

EVP Queens Work So far..

Click the poster to join their fanpage 🙂

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Ghost Hunters In the UK TV Show – Epsiode 1 FULL PREVIEW

New TV Show Coming to your screens.

Designed to you a better insight into the paranormal worlds community!

Paranormal Magazine AKA Ghosts of Britain go out on a mission meeting all different paranormal groups, with a set of questions, and with the intention to see how different we all work.. No producer asking for fake evidence.. what you see is what you get direct from the team in question!


Part 1: Norfolk Ghost Hunters

Part 2: Pitch Black Investigations


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The Church Refused To Return To This Haunted House??? Paranormal Documentary

Paranormal magazine AKA project-reveal was called for help from a family in south kirkby, in south Yorkshire England, who was experiencing poltergeist activity revolving their daughter.

upon arrival the team could instantly tell that the family have been experiencing some major things, just from the look of their face, you saw pure fear and panic, they then Brierly explained the story’s to the groups skeptics “lee steer and dave rising.

The Key Points of Interest was.. 

  • The vicar refused to return to the house.
  • The Social worker, experienced the child getting dragged, and will do all she can to get them out of the house.

Here is the video documentary / investigation of the nights events when paranormal magazine came to visit with project-reveals Mediums “sensitive’s”  to move along the spirits which reside there.



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The Paranormal Police!! To regulate the field.. The New Direction

The time is here, the paranormal police if set-up and ready to monitor your ethics, best practices, and fakery, they are here to regulate what you do within the field!!!!

Continue reading The Paranormal Police!! To regulate the field.. The New Direction