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Reportedly Haunted Bear “MR TED” Leaves Lee Steer & Sends ITV Producer From This Morning To Hospital ???

Paranormal magazine sends another MEDIA Outburst about an allegedly haunted bear called “MR Ted”  which tabloids state

Related imageHaunted teddy bear sends This Morning producer to hospital and speaks to three terrified viewers

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Terrified Holly Willoughby demands Phillip Schofield keeps ‘haunted teddy’ away from

her after This Morning producer is rushed to hospital with mystery ailment

The Story Starts with Deborah davies Psychic medium who pick up the teddy & charlotte rose which didn’t feature on this morning programme, it was just the teddy bear which the show worked with and showed.

Deborah reported growls, Head aches, nauseous feeling, even captured an EVP on her live stream, she went on to say live viewers would see shadows and also feel sick,  it didn’t take Deborah long before she decided to bury the doll and teddy quite some distance away from her house.

Along came the creepy bridal doll, and we asked deborah if she would like to read the doll, to let us know what she feels may be haunting it “if anything”.. shortly after we collected the bridal doll, around 1 week later, deborah asked lee steer if he would have the items to see if anything happens.

Upon arrival of team “project-reveal ghosts of Britain” at deborahs house, they right away heard a growl / Hissing sound, lee’s reaction was that is an air freshener.. however there wasn’t any in the house.

while we was there we decided to do a small scale investigation, we did capture some unusual static movement which was very interesting as we couldn’t explain it. doesn’t mean it was a ghost tho just means we had an environmental change which was interesting because it was Electrostatic and not Electromagnetic fields.

On the way home with mr ted and charlotte rose 3 out of the 4 people in the car suffered sickness and headaches.. when the teddy left the car with lee, the crew started to feel better, and lee’s sickness and headaches lasted over 1 week…

Within a live stream of lees experiments there was some rapid temperature changes which went from hot to cold to hot, which shows a 10 degree change in temperature within a second, a live viewer also captured a strange red mist on the wall.

Then came rotherham advertiser, who wrote up the story of what was going off here with these objects, and then came “this morning ITV” who found the story interesting and wanted myself and deborah davies on the show to talk about it.

The show collected MR Ted & charlotte rose from lee’s house and took them directly to the studio ready for 3 “this morning viewers” to spend the night with “MR TED” at bolsover castle with Jolene Lockwood leading the investigation that night with the guests.

Monday night Lee & Deborah was dropped from the show, because they wanted something else to take its spot “pigging” with not much really communicated with myself and deborah.. it was all strange and felt abit odd the sudden change of plans…

Then came tuesday morning, the day we was meant to be on the show, we find out they are going to show the bear on TV from the investigation they did sunday nite without myself and deborah.

The shows investigation activity’s highlighted

balls of light “orbs” which was said is the first signs of a spirit manifestation

Rem Pod Disturbance – a brake within an electromagnetic field bubble.

A voice which they think may have said LEAVE, through a franks box which scans radio waves.

and just as the show is about to end, they wish the producer to get well soon… and said the show was nearly not going to go ahead. Because the producer was taken ill after one night with the teddy.

Now the teddy is still with “this morning” and no word has been spoken to lee or Deborah of its whereabouts……… what is happening, what is next??? we have no idea it is total chaos. What we do know is where ever the teddy and doll is now they eventually will return to Deborah.

The Alternative Answers “debunks” 

Sickness – the bear had a very horrible smell, which could have effected the mind and psychically effected the body.

Temperature changes – No possible explanations for this of what we know, but at end of the day its just a temperature change.

Orbs “this morning”– Dust, flys, cobwebs reflecting off the IR light on the camcorder.

Rem Pod “this morning” – Police scanners, Police Radios, Normal Radios, text messages have also been known to send off rem pods on certain networks.

The Leave Voice “This Morning” – because this is scanning radio channels fastly we are getting real words through this device at certain parts, its possbile it was a real radio station saying something which sounded like leave, or LEE.

The Producer sent to hospital – the information is very vague and wasn’t revealed to myself or deborah we found out from the show, and the shows facebook status around 12 – 14 hours after we was dropped.. now the question is if the bear wasn’t there would he still have gone to hospital on that day and time with this illness???

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  1. should ave been lee steer sent to hospital –what a wanker he is

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