Paranormal TV Productions

We at paranormal magazine offer promotions and film a number of famous Paranormal TV show Productions.

Our FREE Productions:

Paranormal Group Production, A showcase of your paranormal investigation / events company. Which can appear in our Official Series Ghost Hunters In The UK

Haunted Venue Promotions, A documentary style video which showcases a venues history, and ghost sightings, Perfect for any venue owner who wants to appeal to many ghost hunters and paranormal event companys, The video gets shown on over 7+ paranormal sites and many social network sites getting over 50.000 Pageviews

Private House Investigations, If you think you are experiencing paranormal activity the team project-reveal (paranormal magazines host team) will come and investigate your property conducting an interview, and trying out some investigation methods. With the chance to appear in our Series Haunted Homes

Ghost Hunting TV Shows and Series:

Ghost Hunters In the UK

.ghosthuntersin the uk

A New Paranormal TV show, where we bring to you the best ghost hunting teams in the United Kingdom. Just How Different Are They?  **Currently Filming production**Contact us to be on the show**

Chill Seekers

American ghost hunting team, who investigate the claims of paranormal activity, A must see for any paranormal lover! **live**

Oddity Files

Oddity files was started by Kitsie Duncan, she within the last few years became intrigued by the paranormal and wanted to know more.  So she drug her husband Chris Jay along on her first investigation, and they were both blown away by some of the evidence that was captured.   **Live**

The Girly Ghost Hunter


I’m Katie The Girly Ghost Hunter! Why Should you watch my show??? Well why shouldn’t you? I’m sure you want to watch me been pushed to my limits in UK’s most haunted places… I presenter everything paranormal to you!
News – Equipment’s – Debates – Investigations – Solo Investigations – plus much more!
So please follow me on my paranormal Journey, into the unknown!! **Live – more in production**

Haunted Houses – Not yet Released.  **DVD Awaiting Production – Waiting on more content**

Ghost Videos – Ghost videos sent in by you,  our fans. Here is your terrifying ghost encounters posted to a YouTube Series, Plus  Extended DVD Version in Production **To be filmed & DVD Awaiting Production – Apart of the Girly Ghost Hunter Series**

The Most Haunted Terrifying Places In The United Kingdom England – The Most Haunted Terrifying Places In The Uk which hold the Scariest Ghost stories in the world. Feature length Paranormal documentaries on the most historic hauntings. **In Production soon**


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  1. Hi, my name is clare, my husband and i watched your program about the haunting at a house in barnsley,we saw a man with shoulder lenghth hair and a unhappy face in the left hand side of the screen whilst one of your crew was speaking,it was a large image of a man.

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