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6 thoughts on “Free Mag

  1. I would b really interested to read this mag, im really in to the paranormal ive seen a few ghosts & in my spiritual learning group ive helped to rescue a little boy we sent him into the light where his mum came to meet him it was a very moving experence.

    1. Hi there thanks for the email. Please ass your email to follow us and we will send out the mag within 48 hours. We also be interested in your story for issue 4.


  3. Please may I request the free magazine – thank you very much 😊😨😱

  4. Please may I request a free magazine? It looks just the sort of thing I would be interested in. Many thanks.

  5. my husbend is a big fan of you guys and would love to be able to get the magazine subscription by mail.. if you could help out that would be great..

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