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Thackray Medical Museum Asylum – Ghost Hunt – 22nd August 2015

Paranormal Magazine Will be Attending The

Thackray Medical Museum
Ghost Hunt             (Asylum)
22nd August 2015 8pm – 2am

£49.95 Buy Ticket

Thackray Afterdark

The Event: Join the Afterdark Paranormal Team in this fantastic location. Will you last the night? Will the spirits that still walk in the location communicate with us? Buy your tickets now and find out. Please see the side panel for what to expect on all our events. This event finished at 2am and has no sleeping policy!
Ghost Stories: A ghost of a woman in 18th century clothing has been witnessed waving to staff Mysterious footsteps, often followed by a smell of urine. Feelings of dread and depression in certain parts of the building. In the recreation of the Victorian street a ghost of a man in a white coat has been witnessed many times. Intelligent poltergeist activity such as knocks and bangs reply to calling out
History: In the late 1840s after an influx of Irish vagrants in the wake of the Great Famine, the old Lady Lane workhouse was unable to cope so the “Poor Law Guardians” of Leeds resolved to build a new workhouse with the latest facilities. The new workhouse comprised a main block, infirmary, chapel, and “idiotic” wards with a large new infirmary added to the site in 1872-4. The original infirmary, to the north of the chapel, had up to 140 beds, including some for the mentally ill. In 1904, the building underwent a “reconstruction” and several new buildings were erected at the site, the updated Workhouse now accommodated 784 paupers who existed under a spartan regime of work in return for food and accommodation, with discipline rigorously applied by the Master, who was responsible to the Guardians. Since 1997 the building has been used to house the impressive Thackray Medical Museum with its highlight being a real life Victorian Street and operating theatre. Its conversion from hospital to museum seems to have stirred a great deal of energy and the building is well known for paranormal activity. 
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Doncaster Aircraft Museum Ghost Hunt 2014. 30th August.

Aircraft Museum

South Yorkshire – Aircraft Museum

Date:  30th August 2014

Time:  8.30pm till 1.30am


Dakota Way,

Airbourne Rd,


South Yorkshire



Day: Saturday

Uk Ghost Hunts Price: £30

Deposit: £15 – £15 To be paid on the night of event.

South Yorkshire air museum is the largest air museum in Britain and is also home to the The Allied Air Forces Memorial.

Situated in a 20 acre parkland site on the former World War II RAF Bomber Command Station at Elvington near the City of York, the Museum/Memorial is located on the largest and most original WWII station open to the public. It was also the only base used by the French heavy bomber squadrons during the war and today includes award winning gardens, 15 top class exhibitions and over 60 historic aircraft and vehicles, many of which are in working order.

Join the uk ghost hunts team as we investigate the aircraft hangers and discover the paranormal activity that is said to occur.

It is said that staff as well as visitors have seen full bodied apparitions as well as a sense of deep sorrow, oppressive atmosphere, whispers, whistle and screams

Discover who the spirits are that remain in the hangers, find out why they remain there.


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Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt 2014

Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt Investigation 2014

Join us on Friday 18th July 2014 from 9pm-3am for a paranormal investigation as this beautifully creepy Gothic mansion.
Hidden in a secluded Cotswold valley, the mansion has never been completed due to the builders mysteriously abandoning it mid construction in 1873.
Woodchester was destined to become a mental institution after it’s failed completion, but the Second World War came and the Mansion became a base for American and Canadian troops. It was during training that several lives were lost when a bridge collapsed, plunging some of the troops into the lake and to a watery grave. Their bodies were stored inside the building and some believe that they haunt Woodchester mansion to this very day.

Woodchester mansion ghost hunt


Visited by Most Haunted in 2002 and 2005, is has become a favourite location for ghost hunters, especially us!


Full payment £49.00 Deposit payment £10.00 Remaining balance payment £39.00 Instalment offer 1 £19.50 Instalment offer 2 £19.50
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Date:Friday 18th July 2014

                                                                                            Only 25 tickets available!

Ghostly Goings On Candle Logo



The last time we visited Woodchester we witnessed some of the best activity ever seen on our events. Once occurrence included a padlock violently shaking seemingly on it’s own accord.This was seen by three team members and several guests who were all outside by the back door during a break.
Other paranormal activity that has been reported here includes:



gimp_image_ggo_converted*Loud bangs
*Poltergeist activity
*Stones being thrown
*Shadows and apparitions

Your night will include :-

*The opportunity to investigate all areas of the building
*Joined by two mediums throughout the investigation
* Full use of our paranormal equipment
*Free Hot Refreshments such as Tea/Coffee/ and cakes and biscuits.

Tickets cost £49 per person and can be booked with just a £10 deposit with the remaining balance due 2 weeks before the event.
Alternatively you can choose to spread the payment over a period of 2 months.

Please visit or call us on 01594 368085. These tickets will not last long!

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Cannock Ghost Hunts, at FOUR CROSSES with FREE sandwiches and a drink

Join the well haunted team for this Easter Weekend Special and get FREE sandwiches and a drink* from the bar before the event starts. Limited places available so don’t miss out.

Date: Saturday 19th April 2014
Time: 9pm – 2am
Cost: £25 per person

Four Crosses Ghost

Buy from

The Four Crosses is an 17th Century inn located on the A5 in Cannock, a well known place of mystic and haunted happenings. Visited by The Most Haunted team headed by Yvette Fielding, the team unearthed some interesting facts. Also visited by Mystic Ed a well known local medium in the area tails of Smashing Glasses and distressing calls from the ladies toilets are just some of the unexplained happenings. The strangest thing to happen is the fire that lights itself will you get to see this for yourself?

We hope so!
Reported spirits include the drunkard man Charlie, who is always happy to invite you in so you can enjoy his favourite tipple with him. Emily the lost soul who haunts the ladies toilet. Scotty the young boy who roams the hall ways, and the Unknown Soldier who makes his present felt, or even the middle aged woman, seen looking out of an upstairs window.

Join us and see if you can find the sprits that date back to 1636.

*Free drink limited to a pint of beer, a single spirit or soft drink. One free drink per person attending. Please drink responsibly anyone having excess alcohol will be asked to leave. Only tea and coffee provided by Well Haunted Paranormal Events allowed on site, all other drinks must be purchased from the bar. Under no circumstance are food or drinks allowed out of the bar area.