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Cannock Ghost Hunts, at FOUR CROSSES with FREE sandwiches and a drink

Join the well haunted team for this Easter Weekend Special and get FREE sandwiches and a drink* from the bar before the event starts. Limited places available so don’t miss out.

Date: Saturday 19th April 2014
Time: 9pm – 2am
Cost: £25 per person

Four Crosses Ghost

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The Four Crosses is an 17th Century inn located on the A5 in Cannock, a well known place of mystic and haunted happenings. Visited by The Most Haunted team headed by Yvette Fielding, the team unearthed some interesting facts. Also visited by Mystic Ed a well known local medium in the area tails of Smashing Glasses and distressing calls from the ladies toilets are just some of the unexplained happenings. The strangest thing to happen is the fire that lights itself will you get to see this for yourself?

We hope so!
Reported spirits include the drunkard man Charlie, who is always happy to invite you in so you can enjoy his favourite tipple with him. Emily the lost soul who haunts the ladies toilet. Scotty the young boy who roams the hall ways, and the Unknown Soldier who makes his present felt, or even the middle aged woman, seen looking out of an upstairs window.

Join us and see if you can find the sprits that date back to 1636.

*Free drink limited to a pint of beer, a single spirit or soft drink. One free drink per person attending. Please drink responsibly anyone having excess alcohol will be asked to leave. Only tea and coffee provided by Well Haunted Paranormal Events allowed on site, all other drinks must be purchased from the bar. Under no circumstance are food or drinks allowed out of the bar area.

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