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St Johns Museum Ghost Hunts – Warwick. 2014.

St Johns Museum

Warwick – St Johns Museum


Date: 12th July 2014

Time: 9.00 pm – 2:00am


St Johns Museum


CV34 4NF


Day: Saturday

Price: £39.00 Click to buy from UKGH.

Deposit: £15 – £24 To be paid on the night of event

St John’s House Museum is a historic house located in Warwick, just east of the town centre, in Warwickshire, England.

It is now a museum, run by Warwickshire County Council, and has had a varied history spanning almost 400 years. To the side of the house is a small garden belonging to St John’s and to the rear is the large St. Nicholas’ Park.

The existing building is not the first on the site. The first recorded one was a hospital dedicated to St John the Baptist which was founded at some time during the 12th century the reign of Henry II. John was a popular choice of dedication during this period and served the double purpose of giving casual overnight boarding and foods to poor travellers, and for ongoing help for the local poor and ill.

After changing hands during the monastic dissolution the building was altered almost beyond recognition in 1626 and transformed into the current building. In 1788, George Greville, 2nd Earl of Warwick purchased the property and it stayed in the family until1960. During this period, in 1815 it was turned from a family residence into a private school

In the 1960s, the property was passed from the Earls of Warwick to Warwickshire County Council who turned it into a museum which it still remains. The ground floor is composed of social history exhibits and a re-creation of the school that occupied the building. On the first floor is a museum dedicated to the history of the Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers.

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Project Reveal Paranormal & Paranormal Magazine welcome Kimberley & Martin from Sacred Spirit Events


Hi This is Kimberley from Sacred Spirit Events and we are delighted to be joining Lee Steer and his amazing team.
I am a natural born medium and find working with all things paranormal fascinating and as a teenager i was regularly found in the school libary looking up paranormal research such as ghosts, UFOs, spontaneous human combustion, animology and much much more. Martin and I have run SSE since 2009 and would love to help as many people as possible with our gift and unique in site. Please see us at where we also have a regular youtube page for project reveal x

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Saltmarshe Hall Ghost Hunt – 13th September 2014

Ghostly Goings On Candle Logo

Saltmarshe hall £35.00Saltmarshe hall

Date: Saturday 13th September 2014
Time: 9.30pm-4.30am

Saltmarshe hall is said to be one of East Yorkshires best kept secrets, and it’s no surprise when you learn it’s set in 17 acres of ground and boasts a mysterious and haunted atmosphere.

Underneath the hall lies a network of corridors and cellar rooms and the abandoned servants Wing which has sat empty for over 70 years.

A white lady is often seen walking through the gardens only to disappear near the pond.
Staff at the hall have also claimed to of heard voices from the cellars and distinct shadowy figures.

This is your opportunity to spend a full night inside a wonderfully,creepy haunted home-with sleeping bags optional!

So join the GGO team on saturday 13th september, as we investigate and go in search for those lost souls left behind.

Tickets have been limited to 20 for this event and a £10 deposit will secure your place, with the remaining balance due 2 weeksbefore the event,

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Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt 2014

Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt Investigation 2014

Join us on Friday 18th July 2014 from 9pm-3am for a paranormal investigation as this beautifully creepy Gothic mansion.
Hidden in a secluded Cotswold valley, the mansion has never been completed due to the builders mysteriously abandoning it mid construction in 1873.
Woodchester was destined to become a mental institution after it’s failed completion, but the Second World War came and the Mansion became a base for American and Canadian troops. It was during training that several lives were lost when a bridge collapsed, plunging some of the troops into the lake and to a watery grave. Their bodies were stored inside the building and some believe that they haunt Woodchester mansion to this very day.

Woodchester mansion ghost hunt


Visited by Most Haunted in 2002 and 2005, is has become a favourite location for ghost hunters, especially us!


Full payment £49.00 Deposit payment £10.00 Remaining balance payment £39.00 Instalment offer 1 £19.50 Instalment offer 2 £19.50
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Date:Friday 18th July 2014

                                                                                            Only 25 tickets available!

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The last time we visited Woodchester we witnessed some of the best activity ever seen on our events. Once occurrence included a padlock violently shaking seemingly on it’s own accord.This was seen by three team members and several guests who were all outside by the back door during a break.
Other paranormal activity that has been reported here includes:



gimp_image_ggo_converted*Loud bangs
*Poltergeist activity
*Stones being thrown
*Shadows and apparitions

Your night will include :-

*The opportunity to investigate all areas of the building
*Joined by two mediums throughout the investigation
* Full use of our paranormal equipment
*Free Hot Refreshments such as Tea/Coffee/ and cakes and biscuits.

Tickets cost £49 per person and can be booked with just a £10 deposit with the remaining balance due 2 weeks before the event.
Alternatively you can choose to spread the payment over a period of 2 months.

Please visit or call us on 01594 368085. These tickets will not last long!

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Smethwick Swimming Centre, previously known as Thimblemill Baths, has gone through many interesting changes, had famous faces pass through its doors and also survived the Second World War. Opened on the 30th March 1933 and designed by Chester Button and Roland Fletcher, the art deco features of the building were inspired by the high arched roof of aircraft hangers in France. In turn these features were derived from the Scandinavian timber construction of the Breslau exhibition pavilion in the early 1920s. Other similar designs can also be found at the Royal Horticultural Hall in London. Person0 Available

Location: Smethwick, Birmingham
Date: Saturday 26h July 2014
Time: 9pm – 3am
Cost: £49 Per Person
Click here to buy

During WWII, the vast network of underground tunnels and cellars which lie beneath the complex were used as an air raid shelter; posters and drawings from that time can still be seen to this day. There was also a U.S. Air Force base just around the corner from the baths and it is thought that they would have made use of this underground space too.

Paranormal activity is rife at this venue and so plentiful that there just isn’t room to detail all of it here. However, without a doubt, the most haunted part of the building is underground, in the aforementioned network of tunnels and cellars which are both creepy and disorientating before any mention of the supernatural is even made.

Apparitions in this area include a man in a green boiler suit, two gentlemen apparently engaged in a frantic chase, a black American Airman and even a horse, to name but a few. The phantom equine may seem out of place until one learns that this particular part of the cellars was built on/underneath a moated farm.

The underground room once used as a morgue apparently plays host to a spirit of a man with long hair and beard, who has shown himself on several occasions. Meanwhile, in the air raid shelter, strange blue lights have been seen and often members of staff will enter this area to find pyramids of stones that have been neatly built on the floor. A small boy has been sensed in here and many paranormal investigations have picked up on a girl who goes by the name of Emily. In recent years an escape tunnel was discovered which now runs underneath a block of flats. One resident of these flats has regularly seen a little girl in her home and it is thought likely that this is the ghost of Emily too.

During some refurbishment work in one of the tunnels, a workman kept complaining about a group of children who were running about and making a lot of noise, and despite the management’s reassurance that there was no way any children could be down there, he would not be convinced. Another workman, upon appearing at the manager’s door breathless and white as a sheet, described how he had been working in the cellars when he looked up to see the ghostly face of a little boy staring back at him through a hole in the wall.

However, while the tunnels and cellars are certainly very active, they do not have an exclusive claim to the paranormal activity within the building. In the changing rooms upstairs, the lights are on a motion sensor, yet after-hours they often switch on in sequence, as if someone is walking around, despite the doors being locked. Footsteps are also heard emanating from this area in similar circumstances, and wet footprints have appeared hours after the last visitor has left, leaving staff members utterly baffled.

We really have only touched the surface here in terms of the paranormal activity experienced on a regular basis at Smethwick Baths. It is certainly one of the more unusual venues we have seen on our travels, which makes us confident that you will be as eager to investigate it as we are!

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Redoubt Fort Ghost Hunt £30, 24th May 2014

The Redoubt fort was built between 1804 and 1810 to support the associated Martello towers in defending against the threat of an invasion by Napoleon. It has defended the Eastbourne coast for nearly 200 years. Like its twin Dymchurch Redoubt it was built as a barracks and supply depot for the towers, and designed for 11 guns, although only 10 guns were installed. During the First World War the Redoubt was used by the military police as a headquarters and temporary jail. Following this, the Redoubt was purchased by Eastbourne Borough Council for £150 with the plan to turn it into a venue for leisure activities. During the Second World War the building was requisitioned by the army to be used for storage. Canadian troops also spent time there in the build up to the D-Day landings.

Join Well Haunted on this amazing cheap ghost hunt!

Essex ghost hunnts!

Location: Eastbourne
Date: Saturday 24th May 2014
Time: 9pm – 3am
Cost: £30 per person
Places: 20 Available

Book tickets here

The Redoubt has 24 rooms which are known as Casemates, and these housed up to 200 men, although in an emergency up to 350 could be accommodated. The companies of men who lived at the Redoubt were known as the garrison.

The walls of casemates 2 and 3 still have their black iron shelf frames. Under each shelf frame there would have been a bed, and when the beds were folded away during the day, soldiers hung their kit on these frames.

There may have been some women living at the Redoubt, as officially the Army allowed six officers in a company to live with their wives on site. They would share the same barracks or sleeping quarters as the rest of the men, with only a blanket hung across the room from privacy.

As the Redoubt was built onto the shingle beach it was never intended to hold water as it would just drain away. Even though it was a massive obstacle the dry moat still needed defending if an attacker managed to climb down into it to assault the walls. For protection, five caponiers were built in the moat. If the enemy descended into the moat, the soldiers could fire on them at close range from inside the caponiers.

Join Us If You Dare…


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Cannock Ghost Hunts, at FOUR CROSSES with FREE sandwiches and a drink

Join the well haunted team for this Easter Weekend Special and get FREE sandwiches and a drink* from the bar before the event starts. Limited places available so don’t miss out.

Date: Saturday 19th April 2014
Time: 9pm – 2am
Cost: £25 per person

Four Crosses Ghost

Buy from

The Four Crosses is an 17th Century inn located on the A5 in Cannock, a well known place of mystic and haunted happenings. Visited by The Most Haunted team headed by Yvette Fielding, the team unearthed some interesting facts. Also visited by Mystic Ed a well known local medium in the area tails of Smashing Glasses and distressing calls from the ladies toilets are just some of the unexplained happenings. The strangest thing to happen is the fire that lights itself will you get to see this for yourself?

We hope so!
Reported spirits include the drunkard man Charlie, who is always happy to invite you in so you can enjoy his favourite tipple with him. Emily the lost soul who haunts the ladies toilet. Scotty the young boy who roams the hall ways, and the Unknown Soldier who makes his present felt, or even the middle aged woman, seen looking out of an upstairs window.

Join us and see if you can find the sprits that date back to 1636.

*Free drink limited to a pint of beer, a single spirit or soft drink. One free drink per person attending. Please drink responsibly anyone having excess alcohol will be asked to leave. Only tea and coffee provided by Well Haunted Paranormal Events allowed on site, all other drinks must be purchased from the bar. Under no circumstance are food or drinks allowed out of the bar area.

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Cheap Ghost Hunts 2014


Hey paranormal fans,

Are you looking for cheap ghost hunts?

We have scouted the paranormal web, and we have found out the cheapest company offering paranormal events.

This event company is called Well Haunted, Check out there events here, well priced. and some amazing venue.

 Are you brave enough to be a paranormal investigator for the night?