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Doncaster Aircraft Museum Ghost Hunt 2014. 30th August.

Aircraft Museum

South Yorkshire – Aircraft Museum

Date:  30th August 2014

Time:  8.30pm till 1.30am


Dakota Way,

Airbourne Rd,


South Yorkshire



Day: Saturday

Uk Ghost Hunts Price: £30

Deposit: £15 – £15 To be paid on the night of event.

South Yorkshire air museum is the largest air museum in Britain and is also home to the The Allied Air Forces Memorial.

Situated in a 20 acre parkland site on the former World War II RAF Bomber Command Station at Elvington near the City of York, the Museum/Memorial is located on the largest and most original WWII station open to the public. It was also the only base used by the French heavy bomber squadrons during the war and today includes award winning gardens, 15 top class exhibitions and over 60 historic aircraft and vehicles, many of which are in working order.

Join the uk ghost hunts team as we investigate the aircraft hangers and discover the paranormal activity that is said to occur.

It is said that staff as well as visitors have seen full bodied apparitions as well as a sense of deep sorrow, oppressive atmosphere, whispers, whistle and screams

Discover who the spirits are that remain in the hangers, find out why they remain there.


3 thoughts on “Doncaster Aircraft Museum Ghost Hunt 2014. 30th August.

  1. Hi I have a very clear photo of a few ghosts on it it is really spooky. Please could you help me with this. Thankyou.

    1. Hey if you can send it us view email that be great 🙂

      Where are these ghosts pictures taken? 🙂

  2. Hi, Just a quick note: This is saying it is at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum in Doncaster but the description is saying it is at Elvington which is the Yorkshire Air Museum. These are very different places.

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