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Is Ghost Hunting REAL?!?!?!

a STRANGE title for this article? a strange question altogether?

Well apparently not, this is actually a question commonly searched, and i wanted to reflect on this question for the people searching this question!

Ghost hunting is a term used by people who go out looking for evidence of the afterlife, do ghosts exist? is there life after death? is there ghost things as spirits, angels, demons etc… so is ghost hunting real? of course it is.

Some people prefer a different terminology for ghost hunting, such as paranormal investigating, some people feel the word ghost hunting isn’t professional and limits them to what they are “researching” paranormal investigating is much more of a wider spectrum to investigate and sounds much more professional.

So yes ghost hunting is real… BUT are the ghosts real we looking for? 

In the community of the paranormal you have a few categories of people and agendas / paths, Some will be dedicated to research going to places and seeing what it has to offer. Some will be doing it as a business and sell tickets “ghost hunts”, Some will be doing it for fun and entertainment..

So really thinking about it, its not a stupid question after all, i rather do see why people have searched the question. with a complete mix of agendas in the field i guess it can misdirect people as to what we are really doing here, as we see all different people leading all different paths and doing different things in different ways.

Also with the negativity of some TV shows, “caught faking evidence of the paranormal” that will also lead people to type that very question, so yet again im going to say Ghost Hunting IS REAL. people really do, do it, and take it seriously… but dont trust everything you see, watch or read 😉

The “ghost” we are hunting “researching” “investigating has not yet scientifically  been proven to exist. 

What do you think. Please feel free to comment and share your views.


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Watch “Great British Ghosts” TV Show Season 01 Episode 02

Its time again for another showcase of Great British Ghosts TV SHOW on paranormal magazine, SO1 E02. The New Inn Hotel, Gloucestershire. spooks and scares in Gloucestershire, learning what paranormal activity and sightings occur at The New Inn Hotel plus the strange experiences  at Chavenage House.

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Watch “Strange But True – Stocksbridge Bypass” – Tv Show.

Remember “Strange But True” TV Show back in 1994? NO? then you wouldn’t remember when stockbridge bypass, situated in sheffield was on the TV about its paranormal goings on, reported by 2 police men. Still to this date 2017 this is alleged to be one of Britain most haunted roads.. some would say it is the MOST HAUNTED.. Enjoy strange but true, a good old gem of a show.

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👻 Top 5 – Creepy Pictures Drawn By Children 👻

These top 5 creepy pictures is what I personally consider to be very creepy and un-settling! Whether children really have seen what they draw or whether it is just imagination, it STILL gives you shivers up your spine! – ParaGirlStories


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Welcome to Dead Creepy Podcast!

Hello to all Paranormal Magazine followers! We are Claire and Linzi, hosts of Dead Creepy Podcast, we like to describe our podcast as a mishmash of light-hearted paranormal based humor with some informative and interesting guests occasionally making an appearance too!

We have been described as ” The Paranormal  Loose Women” …  Basically… we don’t take ourselves too seriously and want to bring a fun element to Paranormal podcasts.  Each podcast is very different, we have bedtime stories to chill your soul and also some spoof stuff – check out Para-Paddy, (who has kicked off in the paranormal world?)  Para News and also Skeptic’s View with our resident skeptic Daryl Whitebottom.


We have just been lucky enough to be the official broadcasters for Sage Paracon 2017 and will be soon bringing some interviews from John Zaffis, Jeff Belanger, and Brian J Cano amongst others, so make sure you don’t miss those! Please head over to our Facebook page and give us a like here

Please head over to our Facebook page and give us a like!

and Follow us on Twitter @dead_creepy

Host Claire Barrand is also a writer and researcher who has written for Paranormal Magazine previously as well as Haunted Magazine and Spooky so check out more about Claire here

Below is our playlist from episode one on Youtube, so you can check out our past episodes, but we are also available to download on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher so please follow us and we always appreciate feedback and reviews of course!





jeff belanger

Claire, Linzi, Jeff Belanger of “Ghost Adventures” and the best photobomb ever by MJ Dickson! 😀 #SageParacon2017



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Ouija boards . A harmless board game or a direct line to the spirits?

When we think of Ouija boards we think of Hollywood movies and ghosts surrounding a circular table in a dark room filled with white candles. The Ouija board was originally marketed as a mystical oracle and as a family entertainment game were it first came about in 1886. The press spread word of this then soon after the talking board started being marketed . The creators of the board found the name Ouija through the board itself when they asked the talking board what they should call the game it then spelt out Ouija , they then asked what this meant the planchette then slid down to good luck. Ouija is supposedly an ancient Egyptian word meaning ” good luck”.


Many people believe the board can help contact spirits from loved ones and the deceased ,but just as many people who believe their is also non believers who think its nothing more than a board game . Who is right ? Do Ouija boards really open portals for any type of spirit to come through whether good or bad ,or is it simply a game where people use it to scare others. Many famous hauntings have allegedly happened because of Ouija boards including the ” Enfield haunting ” where 2 young girls played with the talking board then started experiencing paranormal activity. Did the board really cause this or where they just young kids making up a story to add to the fuel of the media frenzy? When i ask people about the board game most people have played with it before and all have suggested things have happened due to playing with it such as broken mirrors, glasses flying across the room and footsteps when no one else is in the room. A lot of people also say that they’ve played with the board and absolutely nothing has happened at all .

aftermath-janet-attackThe Einfield haunting 1977 

There are so many rules to be used if you want to play the game properly such as always saying goodbye , never taking your fingers off the planchette and having an open mind. It’s been suggested people can actually move the planchette without realising and you never really know if someone could be pushing it or not. If you search on YouTube their are many videos of people using the board but again their is nothing to say if it isn’t a trick or not . Either way i guess some could call it entertainment , we’re always intrigued by the unknown. Maybe some people wish so much for it to work that it actually does or just maybe it really does contact the spirits. I’ve never used one myself because i wouldn’t want to chance it ,you wouldn’t leave your door open in a city so why leave a door open for spirits ? If you are going to play the board always do it with someone who knows what their doing and never do it in your own home. It may not be real but theirs nothing wrong with staying on the safe side ,right ? Even people who don’t necessarily believe in spirits will refuse to do it as you don’t know what you’re allowing into your space. Some people believe only certain specific made Ouija boards can work and that “mass produced ” ones don’t work because of the materials their made from. A planchette moving on a Ouija board can sometimes be explained by simple science such as the ideomotor effect which is a way for your body to ” talk itself “. This is an unconscious movement were your brain can move things with the muscles in your arms and hands. Your mind can create stories making you believe this is actually happening. If you want the board to work in your mind then it will usually work. Let me know your Ouija board experiences , have you ever played yourself ? Would you ever play one and if not ,why ? Whatever you decide to do just make sure you play by the rules !




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The Creepy Bridal Doll – Media Coverage – Is The Doltergeist REAL? This Morning.

The Sun dollThe Creepy Bridal Doll | Is making waves through the paranormal field, with all media attention it comes with good and bad publicity, so lets take a look at whats been going off within the media from the start to now.

Debbie Listed a doll for sale on EBAY, which was listed as creepy doll, she states she wanted to get rid asap and wanted it out of the house but doesnt say anything about the hauntings surrounding it on ebay “which could have increased the bids of the item”

The Sun News paper then decided to do a feature on the story of the doll been haunted.

from the Sun’s news paper report other papers also jumped onto the story.  The Mirror, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, just to name a few.

The Media attention did help sell the doll, of course and i dont think Debbie expected it to blow up as big as what she thought. At this stage on ebay you are not just bidding on and “alleged” haunted doll you are bidding for the fame associated with it, and is a reason it sold for so much,

Debbie could have postponed the auction and extended it until after this morning TV Show Aired The Interview.  There are Pros and Cons when it comes to selling anything within the media coverage.. the instant belief is “shes just making money” and this is to be expected.

When we are paranormal magazine / ghosts of Britain decided to bid for it. We was well aware of that and that this could be indeed a made up story just like every other alleged haunted item out there of course, and its a risk we happily decided to take as a team.

Which brings us to the show “this morning Live” on ITV.

Above video is the interview which debbie did on this morning tv program, at this point the auction ended 2 /  days ago for the alleged haunted doll. she briefly tells her story again but to much much larger audience and prime time TV.

Yet again this is a touchy subject when it comes to haunted items, on prime time tv, it is bound to get some stick no matter what the object, or “ghost sighting” people who watch ghost hunting programs tune into ghost hunting programs on tv late at night, they dont receive such bad publicity because the audience is well targeted and catered for. This is a day time tv show where the audience is wide and broad and most likely not even interested in the paranormal.

After the interview ended it didn’t take long for the papers to jump back onto the story but this time a different twist to their last report.

Haunted doll sun

Mean While another News paper reports this…


Two totally different reports saying totally different things.. also we would like to point out how media makes things look not as they seem… and make the hype up them selves just to push a story..

On this morning show, Debbie was asked does she think its demonic, which, she replies saying

” i wouldn’t say demonic but there is something about it”  later that day this morning re posts up about the doll on their fan page.


They Realise its creating alot of attention, And they Post up another segment of the already shown video on their facebook fan page.

Meanwhile after the show ended the doll was packed up and sent from this morning tv show it self to our address.

While all this media attention was circulating it was also news and hot topic within the paranormal community of course, with some people mocking and having a joke about the story. Posting up an alleged haunted packet of mints for sale for a joke and we would like to Thank you for adding to the interest for the doll.

pack of sweets

The Doll arrived the same day they sent it. at around 6.20pm, we was shocked to get the doll so fast..Charlene from paranormal magazine said we must do a live opening of the doll when it arrives it would be good I think so thats what we planned.


Stay Tuned for more updates of when the next LIVE appearance or documentary will be surrounding this item. 

Maybe you will see her LIVE today…..

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Most Haunted Items of All Time Top 15

By Charlene Kemp

Here I have researched 15 items that are alleged to be haunted by something, someone or which have an alleged curse attached to them. All these items are from across the world and some are more known then others. Have a read through, check out its history and let me no which items you think are the Most Haunted Items in the world.

One I wanted to include even though it isn’t an item as such is 

The Phone Number +359 888 888 888

The Number +359 888 888 888 has somewhat been given the name the cursed phone number. Everyone who has had this number since it was first issued  in the early 2000s has died. This includes the CEO of a Bulgarian mobile phone company, who died of cancer at the age of 48. Two crooks, one a mafia boss and the other a cocaine dealing estate agent, both gunned down. All three died within four years of one another. The number now has been suspended and the company who owns it has refused to comment as to why.

15. The Basano Vase

It is said that this silver vase made in the 15th century was given to a bride on the eve of her wedding. The bride to be was to wed near Napoli, Italy, but sadly she never made it to the alter as she was murdered that night with the vase in her hands.The vase was passed down the family line, but it was said that everyone who had it in their possession died soon after receiving it.

The vase was boxed up eventually and stored away until it resurfaced in 1988 with a note that read ‘Beware…This vase brings death’. The vase was auctioned off for $2,250 and was sold without the note and the warning in the description.

A pharmacist who brought the vase died within 3 months and three more deaths followed of its new owners. Finally the family demanded that the police take it away, which seemed to tame the curse. The vase has not been seen since.

14. The Old Man Puppet

The Old Man Puppet is Now in Jayne Harris possession. Jayne is a paranormal investigator and haunted item collector and has been studying alleged haunted items for many years

The puppet came from a man, who wished to be name John, he said that he inherited the puppet after his father passed away.He believed that spirits had attached themselves to the doll and stated that one night he awoke to the sensation of being choked but previously to this had nightmares of an old man.

He stated that

I cleared out all of my dad’s belongings apart from the puppet, which I left on the drawer by my bed for some reason and that night it felt like I was being choked. I was wide awake in bed and thought I saw a shadow move from one side of the window to the other and worried something was trying to scare us. Then without warning my throat suddenly went really tight, I’ve never had anyone’s hands around my throat before so it was really scary.’ 

John stated that after this incident, he contacted Jayne Harris and since passing the puppet over to Jayne, him and his wife feel much safer.

The puppet is placed in a glass case and is blessed with holy water. Jayne studied and worked with the puppet for 3 months, where nothing really occurred but one night to Jaynes excitement on reviewing footage Jayne spots the puppet move.

Video below

Jayne stated

“I’ve never had anything as exciting as this, i’ve caught pictures of mists, orbs and shadows but nothing as physical as this video evidence.” She claims that the footage was not faked, and she believes that a spirit is responsible for making the puppet’s control bar fall into the cabinet’s glass window.”

13. Valentinos Ring

Rudolph Valentino, one of the greatest silent actors of all time, brought this ring in the 1920s. Rudolph showed his ring to a friend, who instantly pictured an image of a corpse.

Rudolph dismissed the premonition but from that day came a string of bad luck.

His career flopped and soon after wearing the ring Rudolph died. His lover, wore the ring and became mysteriously ill. A writer wrote a biography of Rudolph’s life and decided to wear the ring and died shortly after.

Years passed and a man named Jo Casino purchased the ring. Several years pass and it was thought the curse may have been lifted. Jason decided he wanted to wear the ring and died a week later!

12. Conjure Chest

Jacob Cooley a slave owner, ordered one of his servants to make a chest for his son.  The slave Hosea made a beautiful chest and presented it to Jacob. Jacob was not impressed by it and beat Hosea to death.
Jacobs other slaves, friends of Hosea, planned revenge on Jacob and planned a ritual and got a ‘conjure man’ to place a curse upon the chest.

Jacobs first born son died and it is believed the curse may be responsible for 17 other deaths.

Its believed that the curse as since been lifted from the chest and the chest can be viewed on display at the Kentucky History Museum in Frankfort.

11. The Tallman Bunkbeds

In February 1987, Alan and Debby Tallman purchased bunk beds for their children. The bunk beds was stored in their basement for some time until they could be moved upstairs.

For the 9 months the bunk beds was in the house a series of strange occurrences happened that the family just could not explain. The radio would change stations, the children became ill and stated they had seen witches.

The family brought a pastor into their home to cleanse the house and even though the activity did seem to tame down for a short while, it didn’t take long before it started once again.

Alan claimed he came home one day to hear a voice beckoning him into the garage saying ‘come here’. When he approached he seen that the area was on fire. He ran out and got a fire extinguisher to return to find that the fire had disappeared.

Alan decided to burn the bunk beds and stated that once gone the activity stopped.

1o. The Hands Resist Him

In 1972 Bill Stoneham, an artist from Oakland, California used an old photo of himself from the age of five, to be the model for the boy in the painting. The boy is either looking to the future, or the viewer is looking back into their past.

The hands seen in the windows are other potential routes and possibilities his life path may have taken, or other potential lives that may have been, but he does not see them, his back is turned. The little girl doll is his guide through life, though she is holding a piece of herself, a battery and some wires.

Finally, the glass door is a veil between waking and dreaming, and perhaps between life and death.

The painting was first displayed at Feingarten Gallery in Beverly Hills, California in the 1970s. The painting was purchased by actor John Marley ( Jack Woltz in The God Father). Sometime after Marley’s death the painting was found on the site of an old brewery. An elderly couple found the painting and put it on Ebay in February 2000, according to them they believed the painting had some sort of curse.

They claimed that the characters in the painting moved during the night, and that they would sometimes leave the painting and enter the room in which it was being displayed. Also included with the listing were a series of photographs that were said to be evidence of an incident in which the female doll character threatened the male character with a gun that she was holding, causing him to attempt to leave the painting. A disclaimer was included with the listing absolving the seller from all liability if the painting was purchased.

Some people claimed that simply viewing the photos of the painting made them feel ill or have unpleasant experiences. Eventually, the auction page was viewed over 30,000 times.

After an initial bid of $199, the painting eventually received 30 bids and sold for $1,025.00. Eventually Bill Stoneham was contacted was told the story of it. He reported being quite surprised by all the stories and strange interpretations of the images in the painting. According to the artist, the object presumed by the eBay sellers to be a gun is actually nothing more than a dry cell battery and a tangle of wires.

Stoneham recalls that both the owner of the gallery in which the painting was first displayed, and the art critic who reviewed it, died within one year of coming into contact with the painting.


Claimed as ‘one of America’s Most Haunted Home’ the Myrtles Plantation in St Francisville, LA, is also the home of the alleged haunted mirror. Dozens of legends surround the historic property and the tales of the haunted mirror is properly one of the most famous.

It is thought that a slave named Chloe baked an oleander laced cake for the Woodruff family. Its believed that Chloe poisoned 3 members of the family, Sara, the lady of the plantation, and her two daughters. Many believe that Chloe didn’t mean to kill and only insisted on making them ill. Its believed that Sara and her two daughters are trapped inside the mirror.

The 217 year old plantation has had many reports from visitors, which include handprints on the glass, prints believed to belong to Slain Woodruffs. Strange drip like marks running the length of the mirror and not being able clean and remove residue. Figures have also been spotted inside the mirror in old fashioned clothing.

Even though it may seem something strange may be occurring with the mirror, plantation records show no record of a slave name Chloe and one of the Woodruff daughters survived well into adulthood. The other perished from yellow fever as well as Sara.

Pictured below is a ghostly figure caught in the mirror.


The Busby Stool also known to many as the ‘Chair of Death’ and the ‘Cursed Chair’ is allegedly a haunted oak chair and is said to be one of the most haunted items in the world.
It is said that the curse was put on the chair by the Murderer Thomas Busby before his execution by hanging in North Yorkshire.

Busby was arrested, tried and condemned to death after he murdered his father in law Daniel Auty in 1702. The execution’s site which was opposite and was renamed The Busby Stool Inn, It was said to be haunted by the Busby Ghost also but unfortunately the pub isn’t here to this day and a takeaway stands in its place.

Even though this isn’t thought to be the actual Busby Chair that Thomas Busby would have placed a curse on as it is believed this one would have been made around the 1800s , This chair has somehow been given the name and has been given the reputation of that the original would have had, as it has also been alleged to have caused deaths of those who haddared to sit within it at The Busby Inn.

It is unknown what may have happened to the original chair.

Two Young airmen sat in the inn one night daring each other to sit within the chair. Eventually one of them caved in and placed his bum within the chair for a second. On their way back to the field they both died in a traffic accident.

Post world war II a young builders apprentice died soon after having lunch at the Inn. His workmates had dared him to sit within the chair, which he did and later that day fell through a roof of a building and died.

A delivery man sat in the chair while it was stored away in the cellar after enquiring about the legend. He died in a car crash that evening when he lost control of his car and it crashed killing him sometime later.

Many airmen from the nearby airfield lost their lives after having sat in the chair. It was said all who did would not return home from the war.

A chimney sweep man who sat in the chair within the Inn after having a few drinks, left the Inn at some hour of the night/early hours of the morning and didn’t managed to get far. He was found hanging from a gate post next to the mock Busby Gibbet which is located next to the Inn. A report into his death decided that this gentlemen had taken his own life.

I went to the Museum, which this chair is displayed to view the documentary and findings please visit the below link


7. Anna Bakers Wedding Dress

In 1836, Elias Baker, a ironmaster, purchased a mansion near Alleghany Furnace in Altoona, PA.

Elias and his wife and two sons moved in and later on Hetty, Elias wife, had their third child Anna.

Stories tell that when Anna reached marrying age, she fell in love with a local man who was a steelworker.They got engaged in secret and Anna got herself a beautiful gown ready to wear for her wedding day.

Her father, Alas, discovered Anna’s plan and forbid Anna to marry the man she so deeply loved. Alas thought the man was too low class for Anna and demanded it to be called off.

The wedding dress never got worn and Anna died in 1914 marrying nobody.

The gown remains on display in the Bakers Mansion and historic house museum in glass casing. It is claimed that the dress would often appear to dance all by itself, its sleeves fluttering and the matching shoes tapping. The Bakers mansion itself it reputed to have many sightings that of Anna, Elias, Hetty (Anna’s mother) and David (Anna’s younger brother).

According  to researchers the dress was worn by Elizabeth Bell in 1830. Bell the daughter of an iron master, Edward Bell. So the claims that it had never been worn are debunked, but whether the story of Anna and her Lover are made up it still doesn’t dismiss the claims people have made with reporting the dress moving.

6. Peggy The Doll

Previously sent to Jayne Harris (Paranormal investigator and Haunted collector) by a lady who reported a series of terrifying nightmares.

She claimed that she would wake feeling hot and shaken and no matter where the doll was within the house the nightmares still continued.

The lady asked for help from her local priest but two visits on and there was still no change.

In September the lady became quite ill with a fever and began suffering hallucinations.When recovered, the lady decided she needed rid of the doll and convinced herself all the goings on was to do with the doll. The lady sent the doll to Jayne as she didn’t want any kind of experiments conducting in her home.

Jayne posted videos and photos of peggy and many people came forward after viewing and suggested that Peggy had affected them in some way. Many described having chest pains, nausea and headaches. Some even reported flashing visions of mental institutions and feelings of abuse and anxiety. One lady even claimed to have suffered a heart attack straight after viewing.

Jayne herself even stated she experiences migraines and feeling drained after working with peggy.

It is thought that the doll is possessed by two spirits a women named Peggy and a male. Four different psychic mediums have read ‘Peggy’ and the overall feel is that she is restless, frustrated and was persecuted in life. The male is thought to be nasty and evil and the root cause for the negative affects it has on people.

Others have stated that they feel she has possible links to the holocaust and may be jewish.

In April 2016 Peggy featured on ‘Deadly Possessions’ with Zak Bagans, during this there was some unexplainable occurrences.

While interviewing Jayne, Zak had flies landing on his face while discussing Peggy, which he stated had never happened before. While Zak was debating whether or not to view Peggy the camera suddenly stopped recording.

Now Peggy is residing in Zac Bagans Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. 

To view more info on Peggy please visit

5. Crying Boy

In England, 1985, a series of bizarre fires broke out, destroying many homes and businesses. The link between the fires was a collection of paintings, known as ‘Crying Boys’. Out of the devastation of each fire, only the paintings would survive, and soon, they would be labelled as ‘cursed’.

Bruno Amadio, an academically trained painter, was working as a painting restorer in Venice, when he created his series that became known as ‘Crying Boys’. These paintings, of which at least 65 were made, all featured young boys, who stared straight out of the picture, with tears welling in their eyes and rolling down their cheeks.

The pictures were created for tourists visiting post world war two Venice, the significance being that the paintings showed the sorrow of the children who had been recently orphaned due to the war.

Eventually, some of these paintings were brought to England, mass produced and sold in shops and department stores at a cheap price. More than 50,000 copies of the paintings made their way into people’s houses all across England.

In September 1985, British newspaper ‘The Sun’ ran a report on some strange happenings surrounding the Crying Boy paintings.

The article told the story of Ron and May Hall’s home of 27 years, in Rotherham, which was destroyed by a devastating fire. The fire was started when an unattended frying pan caught a light and the house went along with it.

The strange thing was that only one item seemed to have survived the blaze. Found amongst the ashes and ruin was a frame, the painting within was face down on the floor, and only slightly scorched. The Crying Boy had survived the fire somehow.

Ron Hall’s brother was a fire-fighter, and he told how several houses had burned to the ground, and that the sole remaining item was a copy of The Crying Boy, found intact, lying face down on the floor.

He also insinuated that fire-fighters believed the painting to be cursed, and that none would hang the picture in their homes. One fire station officer Alan Wilkinson had logged more than fifty ‘Crying Boy’ fires.

With The Sun’s large reader base, and the fact that more than 50,000 copies of The Crying Boy were hanging in British homes, a fear in the curse quickly spread.

Many readers told their stories through the paper, and various other papers around the country. The story was always the same, soon after the picture found its way into a home, a fire broke out, destroying everything except the picture itself.

Several readers also wrote in, explaining that after they had read about the curse, they attempted to destroy their copies of the paintings. They attempted to burn them in their garden incinerators, but the painting failed to burn.

Soon after a ‘Crying Boy’ fire had gutted an Italian Restaurant, The Sun ran a story encouraging readers to send them their copy of the paintings, if they felt fear from the curse. The sun organised mass bonfires for the burning of the paintings, and soon over two thousand had finally gone up in flames. Although they were not easy to burn, they did eventually succumb to the fire and flames.

Soon other methods for lifting the curse of the painting came to light, such as handing the painting to another (thereby giving them the curse), or hanging the picture alongside a painting containing a crying girl.

The stories of the fires began to smoulder, and the series of events relegated to the status of legend. However, the question still is If the paintings were indeed somehow causing or enabling fires to take place, what force could be behind it?

There are several stories behind the legend of the painting itself. One states that the models for the various crying boys were orphans who, soon after the paintings were completed, died in an orphanage fire.

Another version is that Bruno Amadio, also known as Bragolin, had fled to Spain soon after the end of World War Two. Here Amadio met a young boy named Don Bonillo, a mute orphan who had seen his parents perish in a house fire during the war.

Amadio soon adopted the boy, although he was warned off of doing so by a local priest, the boy being the centre of many mysterious fires that broke out wherever he went. The boy was known locally as the devil child.

Amadio refused to believe such stories, and the new family did well, Amadios paintings were selling well, and the two were living easy.

Unfortunately, one day Amadio found that his house and studio had burned to the ground. Remembering the priest’s warnings, he immediately blamed Don and kicked him out of the family. Don Bonillo was not heard from again until 1976, and surrounding another bizarre event.

Just outside of Barcelona a car smashed into a wall and burst into flames. The driver was killed and was so horrifically burned; he was not able to be identified. However, upon investigation back at the police yard, the glove compartment was pried open. There, among burned items, was an untouched driver’s license. The name on the license was Don Bonillo.

It is said all of Amadio’s paintings of crying boys were cursed by the memory of Don Bonillo.

Unfortunately, all of the facts of this story cannot be 100% confirmed. Bruno Amadio, the painter, died in 1981, the truth of this story has also gone with him.

4. Robert The Doll

Robert the doll who’s face is vaguely human, His nose looks like a pair of pinholes. Covered in brown nicks, which appear like scars. His eyes black and beady and he wears a malevolent smirk. Robert is known to be one of the most haunted dolls in the world and even inspired the film Chucky.

Where Robert the doll actually comes from is much disputed, stories of its origins gets passed around but the story goes that Robert was given to Thomas Otto son Robert who lived on a plantation. The Ottos was known to have servants, which they often mistreated. HaitianDue to such treatment of one such Haitian Servant is where this story begins.

This lady was supposed to look after Robert, one day Roberts mother caught the servant practicing black magic in their backyard and fired her.

Before leaving its believed the servant gave Robert a life size doll, which was 3 feet in height, had buttons for eyes and human hair (believed to be Roberts) and was filled with straw.

Dolls often resembled children during this era, so this was not unheard of. Robert named the doll after himself and often dressed him in his own clothes. Robert the doll came somewhat of a trusted friend to Robert and took the doll everywhere. The relationship between the Doll and Robert took a strange turn soon after.

Robert decided he wanted to  be referred to by Gene (His middle name). After being scolded by his mother, Robert told his mother that the name Robert was the dolls name and not his.

Gene was heard in his toy room often having conversations with Robert. Gene would say something in his childish voice and responses would be heard in a much lower tone of voice.

Gene became very agitated which worried the servants and his mother. Robert would also sometimes be found cowering in the corner while Robert was sat perched on a chair glaring over.

Household objects would be found thrown across the room, Genes toys damaged and sounds of giggling. Gene would blame the doll claiming “Robert did it”. Gene would take the punishment but always insisted that it was ‘Robert’.

Activity grew and the Otto’s relatives felt it was time to do something and decided to remove the doll. Robert was placed in a box and stored in the attic, where he remained for many years.

Genes father died and Gene decided to move back home with his new wife. Gene now an artist, felt the house was just what he needed.

One day he went in the attic and dusted off his childhood toy. Gene somewhat seemed attached to the doll again despite his wife’s displeasure. Gene once again took the doll everywhere he went. Gene also made sure the doll was nearby on his favourite chair as him a d his wife slept.

Slowly their marriage went into disappear and Gene’s wife moved Robert into the attic naming it the Turret Room. Gene’s wife supposedly went insane and died of u known causes as well as Gene shortly after.

It was claimed that Robert attacked people, locked people in the attic and that laugher of an evil manner could be heard. Robert remained in the house on his own for sometime, until a new family purchased the mansion and decided to have it restored. Robert was once again moved into the attic.

Sometimes Robert was found in other parts of the house, and the icing on the cake was when the family claimed Robert was at the foot of the owners bed giggling with a kitchen knife placed within its hand. The family fled.

Robert was then moved to the East Martello Museum in Key west, where he is now. Robert is sat perched in a glass box in his sailor suit clutching his stuffed lion, but despite moving homes it seems that Robert still plays up to his old tricks.

Visitors and employees claim to have seen the doll move, his smile turn into a scowl.

One of the museums employees accounts that one night, he cleaned Robert, turned the lights off and left for the night. When he returned the next day, he found that all the lights was on and that Robert was sat in a different position to how he left him and a fresh layer of dust was upon his shoes.

Some believe Robert can curse you and if you want to take a picture you must ask politely. If he appears to tilt his head this is his given permission to do so, if not and you take one anyway then a curse will befall upon you or anyone you may be with. The same applies if you mock or make fun of him. Around Robert’s casing is letters of apology, of those who have visited and have mocked Robert, the museum receives 100s of letters, emails and messages from visitors offering an apology to him after suffering misfortunes after visiting him.

After doing some research to where the doll may actually come from, Robert’s origins trace back to the Steiff Company. The same toy maker that first manufactured a Teddy Bear in honour of Theodore Roosevelt. It may be that Robert was never intended to be actually sold as a toy and would have properly part of a set fabricated for a window display of clowns and Jesters.

3. Annabelle 

The Annabelle doll has inspired many films over the years such as The Conjuring (2013), Conjuring 2 (2016) Annabelle (2014) and Annabelle 2 (2017).
Annabelle was given to Donna, a student nurse as a gift for her birthday by her mother. Donna’s mother had purchased the doll from a second hand hobby store.

Donna was currently living with her friend Angie at the time. At first the doll would only make small movements, which at the time Donna and Angie put it down to accidental, for example placing the doll on the table and finding it on the floor, simple logics suggested that it may have just fell off?.Movements begin to increase though and the doll would move to one place to another.

Close friend Lou was nervous of the ragged doll and believed that she was evil, possessed and something needed to be done. Donna and Angie though still remained very logical and believed they somehow was to blame for the movements of the doll.

It wasn’t long after that the two women started to find notes. The notes were written on parchment paper, paper which neither of them had or used. The notes said a various things but the most common wrote was ‘Help Lou’ and ‘ Help us’

Donna came home one day and found the doll in its usual place upon her bed, on looking Donna spotted that the doll had literal blood on its hands.It seemed to look like blood but whatever it was seemed to be coming from the doll. At this point the women decided to call a medium for some help, to see if they could get answers before things became worse.

The first medium to visit told Donna and Angie that the land which their apartment was on used to be a field. She said that a young girl had been found many years before on the land who was about 7 years old.

The medium stated that the young girl named Annabelle Higgins and that she still roamed the land and when the doll came into the house Annabelle’s spirit was fond of the doll and attached herself to it. This was the point where the name Annabelle was associated with the doll.

Donna and Angie understood and felt sorry for the young girl, they decided to keep the doll and allow they spirit if Annabelle to stay so that she wouldn’t be alone.

One day Angie and Lou was spending some time together when they heard movement in Donna’s room. Donna wasn’t in and the pair froze in fear. At first they thought they had an intruder on their hands and went to investigate to find that actually it was the Doll.

Lou went to look in Donna’s room and realised that nobody was there, the doll at this point was sat on the chair rather then on Donna’s bed. As Lou moved towards the doll Lou got the feeling that something terrible was about to happen and all of a sudden got a pain in his chest. As he looked a series of claw marks appeared as if someone had leapt at him and scratched him. Nobody else was in the room so the only explanation was that it was Annabelle. The strangest part was that as soon as the scratches appeared they seem to heal straight away and after two days there was no trace of them at all.

At this point the Warrens was called in. Edward Warren and Lorraine Warren was the first paranormal investigators and demonologists to look into the case.

A priest was called into the case by the Warrens and it was discovered that Annabelle was a demon that had attached itself to the doll and its main goal was to take possession of Donna’s soul. The Warrens at this point said that demons don’t possess items or things but did possess people. The priest eventually exorcised the apartment and the Warrens took Annabelle back with them. It was agreed that they would drive home on the back roads to avoid any accidents that Annabelle could cause. On the way home sure enough, the Warrens was struck by many car problems such as their power steering failing, brake failures and the car stalling. Edward sprinkled holy water over the doll which he stated calmed the activity down.

When home Edward placed the doll on his desk, thinking it would be safe for a short while. At this point Annabelle was seen rising above the desk, levitating on a number of occasions. Activity slowed down and the Warrens thought that the demon was under some sort of control. At a later date Annabelle was reported to be moving from one room to another around the house. 

The Warrens decided at this point to call in a priest again, but on visiting didn’t seem to take the case seriously, reporting that Annabelle was just a doll and couldn’t hurt anyone. One leaving the priest was involved in a car accident, where the brakes failed and the car crashed with it resulting in the car turning over. Even though the car was a complete right off the Priest even though badly hurt, did survive.

Annabelle is now stored at The Warren’s Occult Museum and this year 2017 was moved from an old casing which stated on it  DANGER DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING and WARNING  POSITIVELY DO NOT into a new casing.

2.Dybbuk Box 

The Dybbuk box / Dibbuk Box (in the Hebrew language known as קופסת דיבוק) is a jewish wine cabinet that is said to be haunted by a dybbuk. A dybbuk is alleged to be a restless and malicious spirit, believed to be able to haunt and possess the living. The Dybbuk box gave inspiration for the 2012 film The Possession
Kevin Mannis was the first person who created the term the ‘ Dibbuk Box’. He used this term on a eBay auction to describe what he was selling along with a list of paranormal events he related to be connected to the box.

Kevin Mannis, a writer and creative by trade, owned a small antiques and furniture business in Portland, Oregon. Kevin story of the box is that he brought it was an estate sale in 2003. It had belong to a holocaust survivor, Havela, in German-occupied Poland. Havela had escaped to Spain and purchased the box before her immigration to the US. Havela’s granddaughter explained to Kevin that the box had been purchased by Havela in Spain after the holocaust.

Kevin offered the box back to the granddaughter after hearing this information but the granddaughter insisted that she didn’t want it. She told him ‘We don’t want it’ and that it was kept in her grandmothers sewing room, never to be opened as it was said a dybbuk lived inside it.

Kevin decided to open the box and he found two 1920s pennies, a lock of blood hair bound with a cord, a lock of brown/black hair bound with a cord, a small statue engraved with the hebrew word ‘Shalom’ , a small golden wine goblet, one dried rose bud and a single candle holder with four octopus shaped legs.

There has been numerous owners of the box who have reported that activity surrounds the box. Kevin wrote that he experienced a series of horrific nightmares shared with other people while they had the box or when they stayed at his home while he had it. His mother suffered a stroke on the same day he gave her the box as a birthday present on 28th October. Every owner of the box has reported that smells of cat urine, jasmine flowers and nightmares involving an old hag with the box.

Iosif Neitzke, a Missouri student at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri and the last person to auction the box on eBay, claimed that the box caused lights to burn out in his house and his hair to fall out.

Jason Haxton, Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri, had been following Neitzke’s blogs regarding the box and when he was ready to be rid of the box Neitzke sold it to Jason.

Haxton wrote since having The Dibbuk Box, he had developed strange health problems, including hives, coughing up blood, and “head-to-toe welts”.Haxton consulted with Rabbis (Jewish religious leaders) to try to figure out a way to seal the dybbuk in the box again. Eventually Jason took the freshly resealed box and hid it at a secret location, which he has never revealed.

Since then Zac Bagans of Ghost Adventures has spoke to Jason about buying the box off him to have at his haunted Museum in Las vegas, Jason has agreed and Zac has stated that he will not be opening the box and to view it you will need to be over 18 and will need to sign a waiver.

1. The Anguished Man Painting

Sean Robinson is the owner of this eerie painting. Sean reports that he had inherited the painting by his grandmother, she said the painting was evil and kept it in her attic.

Sean’s grandmother told Sean that the painting was painted using the artist’s own blood and that after painting it had killed himself. She stated she had heard voices and crying coming from the painting when displayed and that a shadow figure had been spotted.

Sean took the painting home, he and his family started witnessing activity, his son fell down the stairs, his wife felt something stroking her hair, crying was heard and a shadow man was seen.

Sean set a camera up overnight to try and capture the strange goings on. Sean’s videos are available to view on youtube and these videos show doors slamming, smoke, the painting falling over, a figure cross the camera and strange sounds.

Sean took the painting out the house and it is now kept in storage. Sean will not sell the painting and its to my understanding that a film is being produced to document the story of it.

Below is a documentary our team did with Sean Robinson and the Painting, During our interview we witnessed some interesting activity, give it a watch

Its worth noting that after visiting the painting two weeks to the day two of our team members became ill, one actually being hospitalised for some time.

Would this have happened still even if the team hadn’t been to see the painting who knows but Sean did state during the documentary that people had reported becoming ill up to two weeks of viewing the painting.

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Project Paranormal SKY TV SHOW Episode 2 Review and analysis

What an AMAZING place we investigated for our SKY TV Show, Episode 2 Brougham Hall in carlise, Below is our sky tv show, which aired TODAY (26th November 2016 10pm)

So Lets Recap the activity
 and talk about the second alternatives, First of all we had 24 mins to piece together out of a total of 5+ hours of footage this is a huge challenge and task for any tv show, as promised we did bring to you a new experiment within the second episode.

15216260_698129350352614_549812779_oThe Show Started with the introduction, where the static meter went off.. the simple explanation was that it was my own static which triggered the meter.. defiantly nothing spiritual in my point of view which i said in the video, that it could be my own static.

We then went onto the live stream footage, on facebook, filmed on neil cooks camera, this was where we introduced Elizabeth the ALLEGED haunted doll, never claiming all the things happening is by her, but just stating a facts of what has been reported around her thats all. The communication we was getting from the app “Afterlight Box” at the end of the day this is just an app, i like to see this app as an extended version of the “Ovilus” a random generator so to speak, set on the dial of 500ms to scan the banks, the words coming out of this machine is many and i believe we simply just try and make the words fit the situation, so this is based on a % and chance. so this cant be used as 100% proof of spirit communication

Next was the RT EVP, Franks Box this is one of the fastest franks boxes out there which scans and radio bands, yet again used for spirit communication but does it really do that? i personally dont think so i think the chances are that we are simply landing on a real radio station, and voice paradolia plays a part in us wanting to hear something which fits to the situation.

Next we have the tri-field meter go off a few times, this is an electromagnetic field meter, so sensitive that it can detect the earths own magnetic field, with millions and millions of signals passing through the air on our planet, it is nearly impossible to clarify a emf spike as a ghost or spirit, its also extremely hard to block signals, to 100% block emf signals it would cost alot of money with a Faraday cage, so because of this i cant say this was caused by a ghost since.

That is just my sceptical view of the nights activity, i hope you enjoyed the show,

watch out for Episode 3! Produced by Ian Ainsley 

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Secrets Revealed!! Make Your Own ROKU TV Channel + EXPOSED Person + Outrageous claims

Secret Revealed!!! Make your own PARANORMAL ROKU TV channel.

Footer logo

Its come to light that a few teams are saying they have a TV show / channel, they have producers and have signed contracts to appear on ROKU.

This is indeed false, and sadly just a sheet to pull over peoples eyes on success, Today im going to show you how to MAKE YOUR OWN ROKU Channel – FREE

No Outside Producers – No Contracts – Your Own Creative Mind – Your Own Media Channel.

So what is Roku?

Roku is a “streaming video web player” directly from the website  Its more like a video on demand library,  Not  a Cable or Sat  TV Channel or a TV Channel Provider. Its an Internet Streaming Video Player…

What that cleared up.. It is still a good option to go on roku, why not… it will appeal you to roku channel clouda wider audience of course mainly USA customers have the roku media player, abit of promotion about your channel and you could get a steady bunch of viewers who will visit your channel. i figure it was time to let this rabbit out of the hat and real that anyone can indeed make a channel on this media player. and this is how to do it 🙂

All you need is 2 links

A free roku developer account  –

A free Instant TV channel Account –

Make a developer account and a  free instant TV channel account and follow the steps listed on the link above, to have your own ROKU Media Channel “not a TV channel”

TV is 24 hour circle loop.. ..

So go on paranormal PEEPS… get making your own channel now 🙂 take advantage while you can! #SECRET REVEALED

Now on another note!!!! EXPOSED and Outrageous Claims 

There is a bunch of claims going about saying people have captured the best evidence of intelligent ghost communication yet to be released, this is a number of teams and people..

My advice would be to not make such bold claims the skeptics of the field have gone all soft on evidence and on peoples reports, i dont see many people pushing for questions and answers, (skeptics and believers) i dont see people looking in depth of “How this can happen” that seems to be forgotten in the field, Ghosts have not yet been scientifically proven to exist within the lifetime of the human race, ghosts spirits what ever you want to call them no one really knows what one is or what one can do until we capture it and study its abilities. Alot of today’s most known ghost videos are proven to be faked.. and alot of videos are miss leaded “real ghost caught on tape” “real undeniable proof of a ghost impossible to debunk” Real ghost attacks a person” Etc.. these are just search terms to earn money for content creators. IT WINDS ME UP when i see them, then watching the footage frustrates me even more, 9 out of 10 times is a sketch video made by a horror movie fan and the other 1 out of 10 times is normally a paranormal group using the tags to mislead people also to gain the popularity vote and con the viewers into what ever they are showing..

How should these tags be? 

Is this a ghost caught on tape? Real Evidence of a ghost? Is this a true paranormal attack?

People should be posing questions not making BOLD claims, you are asking to be shot down if you are this thing kind of thing! and i will be watching..

The skeptics need to come out of the woodwork more now as we are getting wrong contents and wrong wordings thrown into the public eye trying to con them! I for one will not hesitate no more to speak what i truly feel… we are all entitled to an opinion and if my opinion is i think its fake i will say what i feel. “not 100% claim it to be fake” and i will say why! 

Group admin Bully’s!!!14954543_10211832016303009_1927961055_o

now a friend in the field messaged me with some outrageous behaviour by an ADMIN in a well known Ghost hunting community group on Facebook called “paranormal ghosts spirits orbs and astrology. 37k members..

Screen shots below show the group admin giving out some abuse to Kristy, in essence jason called Kristy’s group a “shit one” and was bang out of order, Krsty replied rather in a manner which could have been better but i couldn’t fault her. Jason then PM kirsty and said the below.

Are these group admins good for the community?? NO..

Shame shame shame.. #EXPOSED.

This is not an expose on the group page but an expose on the guy with the attitude!
Also it has been brought to my attention that certain folk (admins) like to discrimate against peoples ability and diabilities, yet if theirs was highlighten would be quick to screen shot it and share it around!! 

My skepticism is also queationed i am open minded and have never lied that i used to be a believer and i need a certain amount of  proof for myself, which up to yet i havent had.

Being a open minded skeptic means i will try different devices to experiment with…as of yet myself on my own has never used the echovox…show me a video where i have!! but i am open to experiment with different ideas!! would it make me a believer…..NO i need a certain amount of evidence for my own personal experience.

Also can i just say people question what does it concern me? well people come to me expecting support (like being sent edited  screen shots passed on between individuals…yes sent to ME) then these being shared between groups..  so in adidition i offer to help….do i think im special in the field…no…but i do think i might be making a difference.


Until next time! Sleep Tight! #theparanormalskeptic



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Our Visit To The Most Haunted Object In The World – the Anguished Man


This year the project reveal team visited the alleged most haunted object in the world that goes by the name of “the Anguished man”  to do a documentary.

This documentary was to get the story of the painting and the story of sean’s experiences with the painting, we had no intention of meeting the painting, and was very grateful of sean bringing the painting along to the interview and allowing us to spend some time with this truly ONE of a kind painting.

  • Painting is alleged to be painted in the blood of the person who painted it.
  • The person committed suicide shortly after
  • was believed to be a self portrait of the pain this person was going though at the time
  • While Sean and his family had experienced strange paranormal activity’s when the painting was in their home
  • Tests came back from the painting saying “inconclusive to blood in the painting” they couldn’t say yes or no.. “which is interesting…”
  • Painting is world famous with millions of views on youtube
  • More credit goes to this painting then  the Annabelle doll “with terms of reported captures and documentations”
  • With the short time project reveal team had with the painting, the minutes proved to be interesting with some unexpected things happening.. Was the painting tying to communicate with the skeptic?? take a look “

Video Points of interest

  1. Lee asks for the spirit to tap on the painting he gets 2 deep base bags “which he didnt hear at the time” at 25:25
  2. 25:25 a strange sound of like someone trying to breath or clear their throat
  3. Lee asks was you a prisoner of war “a faint EVP which could be saying I WAS can be heard”
  4. Followed lastly by a strange hissing sound – Please use headphones to listen to the video captures thank you. 

we have set the start time of the video below for you to see the strange captures..

If you find this article interesting we invite you to watch our full documentary on this truly creepy scary piece of work called the anguished man.


The official Facebook fanpage of the painting is here.

Also the real youtube channel.

Please Re share this article, Comment and Embed on your sites.

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Understanding Cults and Covens

By Red Ridge X – Cults & Covens.

On more than one occasion I have been asked if I’m in some sort of cult. More often than not it is no surprise as this usually occurs while I’m with a group of people sat around a stone circle or found in a wood. My answer to this question is “No” but was I giving that answer without understanding what the word cult really means and saying “No” to avoid anyone thinking I was in some brainwashed death cult ready for suicide on the next full moon or hell bent on opening a portal to another dimension with a plan to take control of the world.

So what does the word Cult mean.

The word cult is a controversial one due to the fact it is usually used as an attack against certain groups. The word cult was given the characteristic of a small religious group that carried beliefs or customs that operated outside the main religion of an area or countries society. It was then magnified as a negative word when cult was classed as a small deviant religious group. It did not take long for anti-cult movements to take hold. After looking at the original usage of the word that dates back to the 17th century I found the word was introduced from the French adaptation (Culte) of the Latin word Cultus. Cultus simply means worship. The Latin word Cultus is also linked to other words like cultivated and culture referring to social and religious groups with particular beliefs, forms and material identity.

My conclusion is that the word cult means a group of people that do their own thing in a way that may differ to the norm.

Examples of Cults.

Some of the most well known religions of today started out as a cult. Christianity started as a small cult with followers facing death for simply following. While mentioning Christianity there is and as been many cults setup as a branch of Christianity for instance the Unity Church is a Christian movement where some will choose to call them a cult, it does not mean that they have a negative effect on their followers or anyone at all but their called a cult and some may call them a sect or church.

Some cults do have a disastrous ending with a negative outcome. David Koresh was booted out from his Church of the Seventh Day Adventist for been radical. A self proclaimed messiah telling his followers the end is neigh under the cult name Branch Davidians, he brought about the death of around 75 of his followers after a 51 day siege in Waco.

In 1997 39 members of Heaven’s Gate killed themselves so they could reach a spaceship that was following a comet.

In whole the nature of most cults can have a varied effect with some emerging and becoming an established cult or religion while others will fade away never to be heard of again with all traces lost to the sands of time.

I remember as a child been fascinated with the Knights Templar a major order within the Christian religion which then became reduced to a cult like status that lead to a witch hunt resulting in many Templar deaths. Some groups today are still in operation with a long reaching history and sometimes confused with the Templar’s for instance there is the Knights of St John/Knights of Malta. I have done my own research into the history of the Knights of St John even taking a trip to Malta a place of immense history with regards to the Knights and discovering there are other smaller groups that gather in their name.

We at Red Ridge are also very interested in what particular groups are active in England and our local area and I can say with confidence as it surprised me that there are more groups of a varied scope active up and down the country. In my local area I have come across an amazing diversity and I can safely say I have enjoyed the company of them all and at the same time have learnt so much from them.


As I mentioned above I have come across various groups from Buddhism to Voodoo. One group I spent a lot of time with was a coven. A coven is a gathering of witches and the word itself was not used much in English until the 20th century. The best part of 20 years ago I started becoming very interested in alternative faiths and came across people practicing Wicca and Witchcraft after attending a pagan moot (a meeting of like minded people discussing various paths and more often than not in a pub) I soon found there was a few moots in the area held mostly once a month and included a wide variety of people from different professions and backgrounds. The variety of opinions ,theories and styles of rituals and practice was amazing and I naturally wanted this experience more than once a month so a group of us formed a closed circle for spiritual development which carried on for a year or so, in this time we were introduced to the use of tarot cards, pendulum, Ouija board and many other divination techniques. Besides the divination they also explained ideas of karma and the cycles of nature that they recognize and implement in their rituals. After sticking with this for a while myself, brother and a couple of others were invited into a practicing coven that we stayed with for a few years. While in this coven we witnessed how they embedded many rituals into their everyday life and how they viewed particular aspects of nature. While in the coven we completed our 3 degrees of Wicca initiation and developed our own coven name, but we are not making it public until we have found what we are looking for. For Wicca and Witchcraft an article can never be enough as there is many forms and paths of the craft and personalized by each coven. A lot of covens do write down their ways of thinking, rituals and other details in books that are sometimes called a Book of Shadows.

So looking back through what I wrote about myself in this article you could say after looking at the original usages of the word that cult you could say yes I have been in a few cults in my time and a coven. I hope this article also provides the idea that cults are not bad or evil and that like most things in life it’s merely down to people’s intentions.

Please visit Red Ridge X at their Facebook page.  Red Ridge X.

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Project Paranormal ABOUT US – Part 2. The Ghost Show You Can Trust

projectWe Are Project Paranormal. A team of 4 people all interested in the paranormal, all respected within the paranormal community, and we have merged together from 2 teams, Ghosts of Britain and Knight Templar Paranormal order. Together we are called Project Paranormal A team YOU CAN TRUST. No faking, no acting, no scare mongering, We aim our shows to show a true investigation in its real form, and we base our SKY TV show, on Education and not entertainment. We are going to brings New Methods, New Experiments, Fresh Content, Fresh Ideas Which you will all enjoy.  Lets take a look at each person within the team now.

So that is about about the members of Project Paranormal.

Here is Our Intro

Here is One of Our Documentary’s Recently Published


Please Keep Checking Our Fan page for the latest News, Here are some recent posts You are missing out on!!!


Angel Card Readings!



Feel free to copy this shadows 😀

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Project Paranormal Sky TV Show – Info & Trailer

backgrounder (31)

Project Paranormal – New Ghost Hunting TV Show Coming Soon To A Sky Channel, Free-sat, Free View.
A perfect blend of investigators with many years experience under their belts, we will be sure to not run away with the fairy’s, A TV Show not based on VIEWER Entertainment, But based on Viewer Education, giving you all the real points you need to consider.
Cant wait!!
Lineup Charlene Lowe Kemp The Sensitive – Lee Steer The Skeptic, Ian Ainsley The demonologist, David Barrett The Investigator

Below is a few posts from project Paranormal’s facebook fanpage, please be sure to like, and leave your comments 🙂

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Our Recently Added Paranormal Shows & Documentary’s + Upcoming Shows


Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details




The Above are all Shows / Series which we have published to DVD, and ON DEMAND and is available on Amazon video and other sites and shops. Click the image link to see the product.

Upcoming Shows:

Ghost Hunters in the UK (Sky series)

Paranormal Documentary’s (series)

Knights Templar Paranormal (mini series)

Paranormal DVD (Series)

Project Paranormal (Sky Series)