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Strelley Hall Ghost Hunt with Ciaran okeeffe – August 2014.

Strelley Hall

Nottingham – Strelley Hall

Date:  15th August 2014

Time:  9pm – 2am


Strelley Hall

Day: Friday

Price: £30

Deposit: £15 – £15 To be paid to the group on the night of event.

Cairan o’Keeffe From The Popular Program “Most Haunted” Will Be Joining Ukgh On This Evening At Strelley Hall In Nottingham

Strelley Hall in Nottingham is a period building in Strelley, Nottingham.  The Hall was originally built as a castle around 1200 AD and was modified in the early late 18th century and again in the 19th century.

Strelley Hall’s history dates back to the Saxon times, and has even been the subject of an archaeological dig, uncovering historical artefacts and dating most of the masonary in the range of 1250 to 1350.

There are many original features of the building including The Castle Room, thought to be part of the ancient tower, and the Panelled Room, dating back to Georgian times.  There are also dungeons to explore as well as a vast cellar, with dark corners and foreboding feelings

Nicholas Strelley was the last member of the family to own the Hall, because in 1678 he gambled it away and eventually the Hall and estates passed to Ralph Edge, a lawyer.  There is a family tree kept near to The Castle Room which shows the generations of Strelleys from the time when they took the estate around 1200 through to the period when they lost the estate in 1678, to the present day.


It isn’t just the hall that has such history attached to it; the surrounding area is also steeped in history.  Strelley Village was a thriving industrial town in the 16th and 17th centuries.  It was one of the first areas to be exploited for coal, and there are remnants of many bell pits around the village.
The Gate Lodge has some medieval walls, particularly those abutting the road.  The formation of the walls is similar to the Church, indicating it may have been constructed at a similar time.  At the north end of the car park at the front of the main building is The Dungeon.  It was used to imprison people, mainly poachers but other criminals were definitely imprisoned there.
There is so much history to this building, but to fully appreciate the magnificence of it you have to explore its cellars, dungeon and rooms.  This building has never been investigated, but with a history dating back to the 1200s, who can tell what spirits or ghosts walk within these ancient walls?
What we can tell you is that Nicholas Strelley put a curse on gambling at Strelley and was believed to have visited Strelley at nights, uninvited after he lost the estates.  His appearances caused some serving wenches to lose their minds and it is they who are believed to haunt the Hall.  They appear to be quite benign, but it is not until much later that certain ghosts behaved in a frightening way to living humans.  There are many Strelley ghosts that explore these walls, but exactly who they are and why they still haunt the hall will be for you and the Uk Ghost Hunts Team to find out.


At Strelley Hall, experiments you will be able to take part in include: Ouija boards; table tipping; glass divination; EVPS sessions; séance’s; lone villages.  Book your tickets early for this truly magnificent building and ghostly investigation.


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Location: West Bromwich

Date: Saturday 16th August 2014

Time: 9pm – 4am

Cost: £59 Per Person BOOK HERE

Places: 36 Available


The Courts have stood on this site for centuries with many a people sentenced to death or imprisonment. The current courts were built in 1890 to replace the ageing, dilapidated 17th century courts that stood before.

This newer Victorian building is detached and covers 17,000 sq ft in total, these new courts incorporated new and redesigned gallows to accommodate society’s acceptance that undesirables should be sentenced, terminated and efficiently disposed of at a single Law establishment.

The large central court room surrounds the judge in decorative wood panelling and a bomb/ bullet proof cubicle was incorporated in later years to contain and protect the more dangerous prisoners.

There are several less elaborate court rooms to cater for a range of prisoners and crimes and a bank of prison cells in the basement in a secure area, where prisoners await their fate or their final breakfast before meeting their maker.

All records have been securely locked away from society for over 100 years and even though public hangings took place here little detail exists other than the atmosphere you feel when you enter the building. The court closed in April 2011.

Join the team at this magnificent location for chills and thrills Join Us If You Dare…

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