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Secrets Revealed!! Make Your Own ROKU TV Channel + EXPOSED Person + Outrageous claims

Secret Revealed!!! Make your own PARANORMAL ROKU TV channel.

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Its come to light that a few teams are saying they have a TV show / channel, they have producers and have signed contracts to appear on ROKU.

This is indeed false, and sadly just a sheet to pull over peoples eyes on success, Today im going to show you how to MAKE YOUR OWN ROKU Channel – FREE

No Outside Producers – No Contracts – Your Own Creative Mind – Your Own Media Channel.

So what is Roku?

Roku is a “streaming video web player” directly from the website  Its more like a video on demand library,  Not  a Cable or Sat  TV Channel or a TV Channel Provider. Its an Internet Streaming Video Player…

What that cleared up.. It is still a good option to go on roku, why not… it will appeal you to roku channel clouda wider audience of course mainly USA customers have the roku media player, abit of promotion about your channel and you could get a steady bunch of viewers who will visit your channel. i figure it was time to let this rabbit out of the hat and real that anyone can indeed make a channel on this media player. and this is how to do it ๐Ÿ™‚

All you need is 2 links

A free roku developer account  –

A free Instant TV channel Account –

Make a developer account and a  free instant TV channel account and follow the steps listed on the link above, to have your own ROKU Media Channel “not a TV channel”

TV is 24 hour circle loop.. ..

So go on paranormal PEEPS… get making your own channel now ๐Ÿ™‚ take advantage while you can! #SECRET REVEALED

Now on another note!!!! EXPOSED and Outrageous Claims 

There is a bunch of claims going about saying people have captured the best evidence of intelligent ghost communication yet to be released, this is a number of teams and people..

My advice would be to not make such bold claims the skeptics of the field have gone all soft on evidence and on peoples reports, i dont see many people pushing for questions and answers, (skeptics and believers) i dont see people looking in depth of “How this can happen” that seems to be forgotten in the field, Ghosts have not yet been scientifically proven to exist within the lifetime of the human race, ghosts spirits what ever you want to call them no one really knows what one is or what one can do until we capture it and study its abilities. Alot of today’s most known ghost videos are proven to be faked.. and alot of videos are miss leaded “real ghost caught on tape” “real undeniable proof of a ghost impossible to debunk” Real ghost attacks a person” Etc.. these are just search terms to earn money for content creators. IT WINDS ME UP when i see them, then watching the footage frustrates me even more, 9 out of 10 times is a sketch video made by a horror movie fan and the other 1 out of 10 times is normally a paranormal group using the tags to mislead people also to gain the popularity vote and con the viewers into what ever they are showing..

How should these tags be? 

Is this a ghost caught on tape? Real Evidence of a ghost? Is this a true paranormal attack?

People should be posing questions not making BOLD claims, you are asking to be shot down if you are this thing kind of thing! and i will be watching..

The skeptics need to come out of the woodwork more now as we are getting wrong contents and wrong wordings thrown into the public eye trying to con them! I for one will not hesitate no more to speak what i truly feel… we are all entitled to an opinion and if my opinion is i think its fake i will say what i feel. “not 100% claim it to be fake” and i will say why! 

Group admin Bully’s!!!14954543_10211832016303009_1927961055_o

now a friend in the field messaged me with some outrageous behaviour by an ADMIN in a well known Ghost hunting community group on Facebook called “paranormal ghosts spirits orbs and astrology. 37k members..

Screen shots below show the group admin giving out some abuse to Kristy, in essence jason called Kristy’s group a “shit one” and was bang out of order, Krsty replied rather in a manner which could have been better but i couldn’t fault her. Jason then PM kirsty and said the below.

Are these group admins good for the community?? NO..

Shame shame shame.. #EXPOSED.

This is not an expose on the group page but an expose on the guy with the attitude!
Also it has been brought to my attention that certain folk (admins) like to discrimate against peoples ability and diabilities, yet if theirs was highlighten would be quick to screen shot it and share it around!! 

My skepticism is also queationed i am open minded and have never lied that i used to be a believer and i need a certain amount of  proof for myself, which up to yet i havent had.

Being a open minded skeptic means i will try different devices to experiment with…as of yet myself on my own has never used the echovox…show me a video where i have!! but i am open to experiment with different ideas!! would it make me a believer…..NO i need a certain amount of evidence for my own personal experience.

Also can i just say people question what does it concern me? well people come to me expecting support (like being sent edited  screen shots passed on between individuals…yes sent to ME) then these being shared between groups..  so in adidition i offer to help….do i think im special in the field…no…but i do think i might be making a difference.


Until next time! Sleep Tight! #theparanormalskeptic



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Paranormal Investigator Exposed Part 2 – The Aftermath!!!

What a insane couple of days its been here at paranormal magazine, we recently lit the news of a possible investigator that fakes activity, with enough proof to convince myself, and many others within the paranormal field. .. “we say possible because you may be yet to read this article and make up your mind on weather its fake or not”

Before exposing this person we did know it would be a HARD Ride for everyone… “i can see MR T, has passion and it would have been very hard for him also”

Truth be told i didn’t want to publish these next findings… but certain individuals have been saying “MR steer has been Quite” and like im hiding away.. WRONG.. i have been very vocal about everything put to me.. its just a shame not everyone would come to me to put any questions forward… So here goes the next mile stones.. and i am truly sorry..

So upon posting the news of this investigator, this is what happened..

Mr t Replied with thisย 

Do and say what you want I will never fake anything and all you’ve circled on my video is the pattern in the carpet. You have no proof what so ever. I’ve always been as true as I can be on my videos and by circling nothing you look like the idiot that you are mate. Also may I add that using my name and sharing my videos publicly without my consent is against the law and I will be taking it further legally against the person named Lee Steer. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
He then later replied with this..
Mr T:
Here’s the mark on my carpet that’s supposedly a wire lmao. All Lee has done is zoom and edit the image ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Tom Buckmaster's photo.
Our Images:ย 
Mr t:
This is my stairs this is exactly where the ball was. All I will say now is Lee looks a prat and has been proved wrong. He’s been destroyed publicly and will continue to get abuse from my followers until he apologies for outing me as something I’m not
Lee SteerBe carfull Tom that looks like a threat..
So MR t eventually replied with an answer for what the image “could be” but for me the image doesn’t match” it still leaves loads of questions about the original video. ย He fasty went onto name calling “idiot” and threatening with law suites, then also threatens me with non stop abuse until i apologise “does this seem like someone who is guilty or Innocent ?
Possible More Evidence: Now for a few people this isn’t enough evidence to call a fake. For me.. it is. from looking at the video.. and pictures in my opinion i would say it is fake.. Now to give some more pictures about a different video yet again in his home…

Submitted by a watcher: If you count the lines from the bottom stair in pic is the eight line from right were you will see line going up to leg closer, “this is on another video”

Neil Cook's photo.
This is even clearly seen at 4m 20 bears left leg Tom Buckmaster Watch This At 4:20 Teddys Left Leg, On Our Right. Large Screen Turn On HD Play Back.ย you see fur move on leg at 420 on large screen in hd

We then offered MR T a lie detector Test to prove this is infact real evidence and not faked.
This was declined.
Now considering all of the evidence i have seen on the pictures, videos, there is no doubt in my mind that we have seen faked paranormal acitivty.. sorry to say it but i will stand by what i say… that is my opinion and thats the last i will say on this matter.. hopefully this is more content to make “more” people make up their minds on weather this is fake or real!
now i think this debate may continue but i personally have seen enough to convince myself and i know many others have..
We Consider This Case Closed..
Feel free to debate the case, But we will stick with out original statements based on the evidence we have seen.
i really do feel there was enough evidence out there to make peoples mind up, all they have to do is read and research, so i apologise again for another article.
Thanks for reading.
And please DO NOT FAKE. because we will not hold back to expose Anyone…
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Paranormal Investigator Exposed To Fake Activity Of Ghosts..

Paranormal Investigator Exposed To Fake Activity Of Ghosts..

Today we take a look at a guy who people call a legend, within the paranormal community known asย Tom Buckmaster..

backgrounder (24)

Known for his YouTube videos and web series Haunted Finders.. 17.00 Youtube subscribers, and estimating WAY over 1 million viewers in total.

It is such a shame that a day comes where friends of the paranormal field come to me with shocking evidence that tom is indeed a fraud ๐Ÿ™

In a particular video, tom is asking for a ball to be moved on his stairs, and behold the ball moves and gets thrown down the stairs.. To good to be true? Right… it is…

The 3 pictures below show the ball on the stairs and it also shows clearly the string used to pull the ball off the stairs..

13493238_799190123555553_1714799704_o ย 13499825_799191193555446_769211275_o 13499932_799191670222065_1235951151_o


Upon posting this news more came to me with more evidence supporting this guy to be a fake, with clear video evidence of a teddy been moved with fishing wire.. as well as other videos been faked on his channel ๐Ÿ™ such a sad day…

For those who want to see the ball move, on the official video here it is. Start time is set… just click play and it will happen within a few seconds.

Some things to bare in mind when this clip happens..

  1. everything is already set in place when the camera is turned on.
  2. when hes about to do it, he pans the camera to the left, so the wire doesnt reflect from the IR light off the camera.
  3. it happens on command, 11 years doing this i have never had activity like that ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. the way the ball moves and direction and spins from going under.
  5. The Pictures showing the fishing wire
  6. More evidence on other videos with a teddy “clear as day you can see it” we will leave you to find that one.
  8. Do not expose anyone without proof…

Please share this Article, make people aware of the fakes

Make people open their minds and Investigate what they see!

Below is my LIVE video response to this news and me exposing Tom, and asking him to come forward with an answer..