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Paranormal Investigator Exposed To Fake Activity Of Ghosts..

Paranormal Investigator Exposed To Fake Activity Of Ghosts..

Today we take a look at a guy who people call a legend, within the paranormal community known as Tom Buckmaster..

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Known for his YouTube videos and web series Haunted Finders.. 17.00 Youtube subscribers, and estimating WAY over 1 million viewers in total.

It is such a shame that a day comes where friends of the paranormal field come to me with shocking evidence that tom is indeed a fraud 🙁

In a particular video, tom is asking for a ball to be moved on his stairs, and behold the ball moves and gets thrown down the stairs.. To good to be true? Right… it is…

The 3 pictures below show the ball on the stairs and it also shows clearly the string used to pull the ball off the stairs..

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Upon posting this news more came to me with more evidence supporting this guy to be a fake, with clear video evidence of a teddy been moved with fishing wire.. as well as other videos been faked on his channel 🙁 such a sad day…

For those who want to see the ball move, on the official video here it is. Start time is set… just click play and it will happen within a few seconds.

Some things to bare in mind when this clip happens..

  1. everything is already set in place when the camera is turned on.
  2. when hes about to do it, he pans the camera to the left, so the wire doesnt reflect from the IR light off the camera.
  3. it happens on command, 11 years doing this i have never had activity like that 😉
  4. the way the ball moves and direction and spins from going under.
  5. The Pictures showing the fishing wire
  6. More evidence on other videos with a teddy “clear as day you can see it” we will leave you to find that one.
  8. Do not expose anyone without proof…

Please share this Article, make people aware of the fakes

Make people open their minds and Investigate what they see!

Below is my LIVE video response to this news and me exposing Tom, and asking him to come forward with an answer..




16 thoughts on “Paranormal Investigator Exposed To Fake Activity Of Ghosts..

  1. Got noting beter to do someone fake i bk him.all the way 100% so stop coming out with your shit post on your website

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This guy is such a fraud. I don’t understand how his followers can believe all of the crap he claims is real.

  3. I saw the string too. Looked like a fishing line, it had a shine to it.
    If put under any object with some weight to it, then pulled, the object will move. Doesnot have to be attached.

  4. Im afraid it entertainment and so the urge to do more is why such people can con the public. There are signs to know when someone faking a connection to spirit or object being moved. With over ten years experience, and often you just ask spirit you can see straight away. I have seen mediums banging and people chucking 1 pennys but in all my years of a medium i possible seen less than ten actual moving objects…thats not to say they cant but reasons and the way spirit work just isnt about chucking things..

  5. Fair play for exposing the fraudsters

  6. Look, his video raises a number of concerns, not only if he is related to Johnny Vegas

    he asks a question and gets a straight answer for one thing, and his ghost sounds a lot like one of is mates of similar age.
    His mum sounds like she is nearby and nearly walked out onto set during filming.
    It looks like the ball is rigged with string..

    Unless it was all monkey, they do this while not advertising PG Tips I guess
    So bad to see Johnny Vegas drop so low he has to fake camp ghost encounters

  7. Next you need to Expose Steve Huff of HUFF PARANORMAL….100% major FRAUD, FAKE…

  8. next you need to expose KArissa Fleck she another scammer out there trying to take people money she all nice to you then she block you not good at all no wonder they are mad at her I dont blame then at all

  9. If you watch the video of tom and the object flying off the fire place you can see its allready Halfway…just a bit of time a grvity works and it falls off.

  10. I don’t see why people fake stuff, gives us people a bad name X I’ve been investigating over 6 years and haven’t had any conclusive “proof”…. YET! Besides my own visual experiences X

  11. He should get a job with the Most Haunted team he will fit right in. When I saw a few of his videos I wasn’t convinced it was real. Sadly this is all people can do now to try and get famous on You Tube. Then when people do catch something for real they rarely put in on You Tube because of the fakers. Oh and BTW I do believe in the paranormal and I have had many encounters of strange things in the past, and still do.

  12. He’s not fake nuff said

    1. lol really? haha

  13. It’s a shame because I really do believe Tom has contacted spirits via ouija board and whilst with my friend BUT these paranormal investigators tend to want to outdo other ones by having ‘the biggest and the best’ reaction which encourages them to fake events and then they spoil their credibility.

  14. Check out the livescifi debunked video’son youtube as he has been caught doing the same thing with a mask and fishing line by two people and livescifi filed copyright claims against them in attempt to get them removed.. lol question everything because there is alot of frauds out there these days that set real paranormal researchers back in the eyes of the skeptics and scientists

  15. Absolutely FAKE

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