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Watch “The ParaPolice EXPOSED: The Great ORB Debate – Orbs Explained – Are They Ghosts??” on YouTube

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Paranormal Investigator Exposed To Fake Activity Of Ghosts..

Paranormal Investigator Exposed To Fake Activity Of Ghosts..

Today we take a look at a guy who people call a legend, within the paranormal community known as Tom Buckmaster..

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Known for his YouTube videos and web series Haunted Finders.. 17.00 Youtube subscribers, and estimating WAY over 1 million viewers in total.

It is such a shame that a day comes where friends of the paranormal field come to me with shocking evidence that tom is indeed a fraud 🙁

In a particular video, tom is asking for a ball to be moved on his stairs, and behold the ball moves and gets thrown down the stairs.. To good to be true? Right… it is…

The 3 pictures below show the ball on the stairs and it also shows clearly the string used to pull the ball off the stairs..

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Upon posting this news more came to me with more evidence supporting this guy to be a fake, with clear video evidence of a teddy been moved with fishing wire.. as well as other videos been faked on his channel 🙁 such a sad day…

For those who want to see the ball move, on the official video here it is. Start time is set… just click play and it will happen within a few seconds.

Some things to bare in mind when this clip happens..

  1. everything is already set in place when the camera is turned on.
  2. when hes about to do it, he pans the camera to the left, so the wire doesnt reflect from the IR light off the camera.
  3. it happens on command, 11 years doing this i have never had activity like that 😉
  4. the way the ball moves and direction and spins from going under.
  5. The Pictures showing the fishing wire
  6. More evidence on other videos with a teddy “clear as day you can see it” we will leave you to find that one.
  8. Do not expose anyone without proof…

Please share this Article, make people aware of the fakes

Make people open their minds and Investigate what they see!

Below is my LIVE video response to this news and me exposing Tom, and asking him to come forward with an answer..