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The Real Show – Im A Ghost Hunter Get Me Out Of Here

In Feb 2014 there was a creation called

Im a ghost hunters get me out of here

One person, One Radio, one Camera.

im a ghost hunter

The idea was founded by steve co founder of UKGH (uk ghost hunts)

I’m A Ghost Hunter Get Me Out Of Here , Where real ghost hunting guests can take a 30 minute challenge to see if they have what it takes to be a ghost hunter on there own in the dark with just a radio and camera for 30 minutes with the top paranormal ghost hunts team

Real People, Real Footage, Real Ghost Hunts

Now It seems this idea was stolen by other teams who want to try the same kind of series..

this article is to make you all aware of the REAL series..

you can watch here

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Do Ghosts Only Come Out At Night?

Do ghosts only come out at night?

The majority of people seem to assume ghosts only come out at night, This could be down to TV, and other ghost hunting shows.

The majority of shows and ghost hunting teams use the phrase Lights out, before they hunt for ghosts..

“there could be a number of reasons why they turn out the lights, but this does not indicate they only come out in the darkness”

Over 75% of Ghost sightings happen in broad daylight

If ghosts are real, it would make more sense for them to appear in daylight, Going about there day to day life as they would in there normal life.

If you was a ghost, What would you be, A day or Night person?