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Do Ghosts Only Come Out At Night?

Do ghosts only come out at night?

The majority of people seem to assume ghosts only come out at night, This could be down to TV, and other ghost hunting shows.

The majority of shows and ghost hunting teams use the phrase Lights out, before they hunt for ghosts..

“there could be a number of reasons why they turn out the lights, but this does not indicate they only come out in the darkness”

Over 75% of Ghost sightings happen in broad daylight

If ghosts are real, it would make more sense for them to appear in daylight, Going about there day to day life as they would in there normal life.

If you was a ghost, What would you be, A day or Night person?




3 thoughts on “Do Ghosts Only Come Out At Night?

  1. I am a “night” person so I would probably be a night spirit!

    1. Haha so would you be a spirit who would love to scare and trick people?

      1. No, I’m more of an observer and I would watch over and protect people. Did you know that spirits keep the same personality they had in their physical body? So once a trickster, always a trickster!

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