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The Grave Of Mary Hart – Who was Buried ALIVE!

Charlene Lowe Kemp


Mary Hart, who, according to urban legend, haunts Evergreen Cemetery after she was accidentally buried alive in 1872.

Her gravestone reads:
“At high noon just from, and about to renew her daily work, in her full strength of body and mind, Mary E. Hart, having fallen prostrate remained unconscious, until she died at midnight October 15, 1872 — born December 16, 1824.”
The tale goes at 48 years old, Mary E. Hart, as she was known in life, just dropped to the floor one day at midnight. Believing to be dead, her family had her buried at Evergreen Cemetery.  However, one night her aunt had a terrible nightmare that Mary was not actually dead.
The aunt eventually convinced the family to exhume the body, and when they open the coffin, they found Mary’s nails bloodied from scratching and a petrified look on her face. It is believed that Hart may have suffered a stroke and when she fell to the floor, her family believed she was dead and So they buried her, not realizing she was still alive.
The epitaph on her gravestone offers a foreboding warning in bold black text: “The people shall be troubled at midnight and pass away.” Some believe anybody caught in the graveyard after midnight or who desecrates her grave would die shortly thereafter. While the quote is from the Book of Job in the Old Testament and, in context, is a statement about being resigned to fate, some locals over the years have interpreted the phrase to mean Hart hated the world enough for burying her alive to curse it with her final epitaph.
Hart’s gravestone is at the back of the cemetery, on the path that parallels the iron fence that separates the graveyard from Winthrop Avenue, with many people coming to visit, leaving coins and wondering whether the myths and tales are true.

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“Missing in The Woods…” Chilling Search and Rescue Stories…

Listen to terrifying and eerie accounts of strange disappearances from a US Forest service search and rescue officer, narrated by Claire Barrand.


Our all-time most popular and most downloaded podcasts have been this series of three creepy stories narrated by Claire Barrand from Reddit’s infamous “NoSleep” thread. With eerie background music and sound effects, it guarantees you will be looking over your shoulder the next time you venture down into the woods….

These stories have had 520 downloads in a month via Podbean and over 8.5k listeners via YouTube channel “Conflict Official”! (September 2017)

We bring them to readers of Paranormal Magazine and hope you enjoy them!

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Chapel of Bones – Portugal

By Charlene Lowe Kemp

Capela dos Ossos, also known as the chapel of Bones, is located next to the church of St. Francis in the medieval Portuguese town of Evora. 

The 16th century chapel is a large room which the walls are filled with the bones of over 5,000 monks. Evora, in the 16th century, had around 43 cemeteries, that took up to much land. The decision was made to destroy some of the cemeteries so the corpses of 5,000 monks was exhumed in a effort to save their souls from condemnation. These bones was sent to Capela dos Ossos. The exisiting monks soon realised that it would be better if they displayed the bones rather than hide them. So they set about creating a place for meditation, a place where the undeniable reminder of death would help people transcend the material world.

When you enter the chapel you will see the words

“Nos ossos que aqui estamos, pelos vossos esperamos.” 

“We, the bones that are here await yours.”

Wrote on the door, a reminder that death happens to everyone giving people the perspective before they enter the chapel to prey. 

The corpse of a women and a child hang from a wall, no body knows who they are but legend has it that a powerful man had onced cursed them. They was refused burial in the local cemeteries so the corpses received shelter from the chapel.

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Top 5 Most Haunted Locations In The UK

The Top 5 most haunted places / locations in the UK (united kingdom)
Presented by the much loved spirit seeker Charlene
What creepy scary places made it into her top 5 list???

What is your top 5 most haunted locations?