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Katrina Weidman – Paranormal States- Halloween Special – Ghost Hunting TV Talk Show #24 LIVE

The Halloween Special Ghost Hunting TV Talk Show With Guest Katrina Weidman

from The Paranormal State TV show, You do not want to miss this episode!! What can we learn today?? 🙂


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limited edition Ghost Hunting TV Talk Show T Shirts. 

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Ghost Hunters In The UK NEW Sky TV Show. Season Premier Part 1 of 2.

Part 1 of the Season premier 2015…

ghost hunters in the UK.

Paranormal Magazine is proud to announce that we are able to show you a downscaled quality version of the show before it airs on sky and get scared tv.
On this Episode Paranormal Magazine Team bring to you:
Norfolk Ghost Hunters, investigating the claims of paranormal activity at westwick church, This show is where the team Ghosts Of Britain AKA paranormal magazine go on the search for paranormal investigation teams to show you the audience just how different everyone works, from methods, equipments, theory’s, with the greater goal of spreading knowledge within the field of the paranormal. Enjoy.

Up Next: Season Premier Part 2/2 with : Pitch Black Investigations

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Live Ghost Hunting TV Talk Show –

Join Us Tonight LIVE.
For The Paranormal Community Talk Show.
With Guests Niki Paraunnormal and Chris Beech.

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The Paranormal Community Talk Show – Interview with a Psychic. 19th June 2015

LIVE This Friday

19th June 2015

8pm (UK) UTC.

The Paranormal Community Talk show LIVE

(Click picture above to check out the community)

Interview with: Psychic Medium

Beth Peters

To get a Reminder before the show please click Attending on the Event Page.

Watch LIVE ON YouTube Below..


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Thackray Medical Museum Asylum – Ghost Hunt – 22nd August 2015

Paranormal Magazine Will be Attending The

Thackray Medical Museum
Ghost Hunt             (Asylum)
22nd August 2015 8pm – 2am

ÂŁ49.95 Buy Ticket

Thackray Afterdark

The Event: Join the Afterdark Paranormal Team in this fantastic location. Will you last the night? Will the spirits that still walk in the location communicate with us? Buy your tickets now and find out. Please see the side panel for what to expect on all our events. This event finished at 2am and has no sleeping policy!
Ghost Stories: A ghost of a woman in 18th century clothing has been witnessed waving to staff Mysterious footsteps, often followed by a smell of urine. Feelings of dread and depression in certain parts of the building. In the recreation of the Victorian street a ghost of a man in a white coat has been witnessed many times. Intelligent poltergeist activity such as knocks and bangs reply to calling out
History: In the late 1840s after an influx of Irish vagrants in the wake of the Great Famine, the old Lady Lane workhouse was unable to cope so the “Poor Law Guardians” of Leeds resolved to build a new workhouse with the latest facilities. The new workhouse comprised a main block, infirmary, chapel, and “idiotic” wards with a large new infirmary added to the site in 1872-4. The original infirmary, to the north of the chapel, had up to 140 beds, including some for the mentally ill. In 1904, the building underwent a “reconstruction” and several new buildings were erected at the site, the updated Workhouse now accommodated 784 paupers who existed under a spartan regime of work in return for food and accommodation, with discipline rigorously applied by the Master, who was responsible to the Guardians. Since 1997 the building has been used to house the impressive Thackray Medical Museum with its highlight being a real life Victorian Street and operating theatre. Its conversion from hospital to museum seems to have stirred a great deal of energy and the building is well known for paranormal activity. 
Event to be Featured on
ghosthuntersin the uk
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Paranormal Magazine Issue 4

Paranormal Magazine Issue 4


Paperback ÂŁ2.99



Paranormal Magazine issue 4 comes back BIGGER and BETTER then ever!! this Issue Contains: The paranormal A to z “K, L, N”

Feature length Articles:


The Amazing Saga of Florence Cook and Katie King


conducting an EVP session

A CBS correspondent Jeff Tells us about:

Ghost hunters 10th Season

Haunted Buildings:

drakelow tunnels shadow factory

My home, The Cage St Osyth

We learn about: wiccan foods

Vernal Equinox, 20th March 2014

Interview With

Alexandra Holzer

Ghost Gallery by hellen cherry

We Meet Lifting spirits

New Ghost Hunting Equipments:

Devils toy box

atdd teddy

We Also Share Ghost Hunts

Please share, Like, comment,

Submit your content for ISSUE 5 now by contacting us.



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Paranormal magazine issue 4 out now!!!

Paranormal Magazine #4: The Ghost Hunting Magazine

Enjoy and sorry for the delay. Me and Wayne have had personal problems which delayed the release.

Thank you for been patient and hope to see you on issue 5.

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Your Best Ghost Hunting Epsiode? UK Ghost Hunts POLL!!

Welcome We Would Like Your Help..

We would like to know which episode of UK GHOST HUNTS you like the most.

Please give these a watch if you haven’t already and make your choice.






Feel free to explain further your answer in the comments below if you wish.

We will do our best to reply back to your feedback.




Thank you.

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The Devils Toy Box – TRAP A GHOST? Dangerous

“The Devils Toy Box”

Considered more dangerous then the OUJIA BOARD

What is this device I hear you say?

6 mirrors all identical size, all facing each other forming a cube.. with the mirrors facing inwards

Attached with a special microphone which picks up vibrations and sound.

The idea behind this device is an interesting one to say the least!!,  this device is believed to bring fourth paranormal activity. An Energy loop that is perpetuated by the six mirrors, which can be recorded.

More about this device

Mirrors are believed within the paranormal community to be doorways and portals to other dimensions, In fact a lot of todays pictures are captured in mirrors and windows,

With 2 mirrors facing each other, you will notice an infant image, a Mirror within a mirror, which goes on endlessly, until you can no longer see any more, which doesn’t mean it ends there… Now adding more mirrors is going to create more reflections and more Infinite images and double the energy within the cube.

 His idea behind it, is that mirrors can work as a window to bring fourth paranormal activity. An Energy loop that is perpetuated by the six mirrors making up the cube.

It is believed that when we combine the mirrors, it is like adding a signal booster to the reception on a different wavelength

Its believed that Wiccan’s of the past supposedly used the box to trap and transfer negative energies, and it wasn’t until 2012 when someone decided to look more into this field, and conduct research. The results he found was “out of this world” “phenomenal” and the longer you leave the box the more energy you will get coming thought the mic.


Lee steer from paranormal magazine and project-reveal decided to put the device to the test.

Using an Olympus VN3200

Now there is a number of experiments I would like to try with this device.

  • Plugging an GUITAR AMP into the box, and listing to LIVE audio, where you can play with the gain and noise.
  • Putting trigger objects within the box, which could be connected to a person or house.
  • Putting a light source into the box
  • Put a camera into the box
  • use a franks box on top of the box

There will be more experiments I can think of but my first one, was a standard recording session.

I wasn’t expecting to get any sounds but after 15 mins, I started to hear a slight hissing.. 5 mins later we started to get some scratching sounds..

“there was nothing in the box”

so as a sceptic I cannot explain what was causing the scratching and growls, this device manages to block out around 75% of human sound. due to the construction of the mirror and the microphone inside.

overall this device has left me scratching my head.. MORE EXPERIMENTS TO COME


people say this device captures spirits, its safe to say I let them out…

Wait… maybe that’s a bad thing!!!!


I urge all paranormal researchers an paranormal investigators to look more into this!!

Paranormal Investigations Equipment


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Black Moon Manor: Oddity FIles S01EP01


A paranormal TV show that will follow investigators with various levels of experience, through a Journey of seeking out the Odd and the Paranormal.

We went in, planning to just investigate Black Moon Manor, before even filming an episode of Oddity Files, but Black Moon Manor is soooooo active, we got enough footage to film our pilot episode.


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Oddity Files – Black Moon Manor E01 – Promo

This is the teaser for Darkrider Studios upcoming series ODDITY FILES.

A paranormal TV show that will follow investigators with various levels of experience, through a Journey of seeking out the Odd and the Paranormal.

We went in, planning to just investigate Black Moon Manor, before even filming an episode of Oddity Files, but Black Moon Manor is soooooo active, we got enough footage to film our pilot episode.

Paranormal goodness

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New Age Paranormal Ghost Hunting Equipment – 2014 – 2015

Paranormal Magazine will be working with a leading paranormal equipment specialist Called: Paranormal Investigations Equipment


P.I.E.’s mission is to help the paranormal community by providing tools and equipment for investigating the paranormal at a price that wont break the bank. Paranormal Investigations Equipment (P.I.E.) is all about paranormal unity and helping others with there research and investigations into the paranormal. Paranormal research is NOT a competition, we are all in search of the same thing…answers and proof of the paranormal. P.I.E. is based in the U.S. and we do ship the next day in most cases.

 Paranormal magazine: Now days there is much more to ghost hunting then a Camera and a K2 meter, The technologies is getting better and new methods are showing up faster then what we can say “paranormal” We at paranormal magazine can guarantee that you will find something interesting at P.I.E.  

Here is a small selection of equipment Offered at P.I.E

Here is a list of categories of what P.I.E Specialises in, Feel free to click and look through of what cool funky ghost hunting equipment is on offer here!

Website Link:

Facebook store link:




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Doncaster Aircraft Museum Ghost Hunt 2014. 30th August.

Aircraft Museum

South Yorkshire – Aircraft Museum

Date:  30th August 2014

Time:  8.30pm till 1.30am


Dakota Way,

Airbourne Rd,


South Yorkshire



Day: Saturday

Uk Ghost Hunts Price: £30

Deposit: ÂŁ15 – ÂŁ15 To be paid on the night of event.

South Yorkshire air museum is the largest air museum in Britain and is also home to the The Allied Air Forces Memorial.

Situated in a 20 acre parkland site on the former World War II RAF Bomber Command Station at Elvington near the City of York, the Museum/Memorial is located on the largest and most original WWII station open to the public. It was also the only base used by the French heavy bomber squadrons during the war and today includes award winning gardens, 15 top class exhibitions and over 60 historic aircraft and vehicles, many of which are in working order.

Join the uk ghost hunts team as we investigate the aircraft hangers and discover the paranormal activity that is said to occur.

It is said that staff as well as visitors have seen full bodied apparitions as well as a sense of deep sorrow, oppressive atmosphere, whispers, whistle and screams

Discover who the spirits are that remain in the hangers, find out why they remain there.


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The Real Show – Im A Ghost Hunter Get Me Out Of Here

In Feb 2014 there was a creation called

Im a ghost hunters get me out of here

One person, One Radio, one Camera.

im a ghost hunter

The idea was founded by steve co founder of UKGH (uk ghost hunts)

I’m A Ghost Hunter Get Me Out Of Here , Where real ghost hunting guests can take a 30 minute challenge to see if they have what it takes to be a ghost hunter on there own in the dark with just a radio and camera for 30 minutes with the top paranormal ghost hunts team

Real People, Real Footage, Real Ghost Hunts

Now It seems this idea was stolen by other teams who want to try the same kind of series..

this article is to make you all aware of the REAL series..

you can watch here

Read more:

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Ordsall Hall Ghosts – The White Lady – UK Ghost Hunts S01 E01

Episode One of UK Ghost Hunts new TV show is here!

We would like your feedback on our show, any suggestions, Anything.. We welcome all feedback.

Did you enjoy?

Would you watch again?

Thanks for your support a lot of time and effort has gone into this production and we look forward to bringing you more episodes every 2 weeks.