Creepy Place To Visit – Rose Hall – Jamaica

January 11, 2018

rose hall 1Rose Hall is one of the finest examples of colonial great houses on the island of Jamaica, but what truly makes it legendary is the fact that locals believe the house has been haunted for decades by the ghost of Annie Palmer, better known as the White Witch.
Since her death in the early 1830s, the spellbinding legends surrounding Rose Hall have been woven into Caribbean folklore and have been immortalized in at least a dozen Gothic novels including the H. G. De Lisser novel, The White Witch of Rose Hall, published in 1928.
Most of the folklore surrounding Rose Hall relates to its infamous mistress Annie Palmer, an 18-year-old English woman who arrived at the estate in the spring of 1820 after her marriage to John Rose Palmer. After the death of her parents in Haiti, Annie had been raised by a nanny who was an expert in the black art of voodoo and faithfully taught her young charge. When Annie came to the island searching for a husband, she was already quite an expert in the dark art of voodoo and some say she used it to attract her first husband, John Palmer.
Although it was never proven, it is widely believed that Annie Palmer murdered three husbands and countless slave lovers in the 10 years she lived on the plantation, who are all believed to haunt the house. Some believe that the lead china she dined on almost daily may have caused lead poisoning that slowly drove her insane.
The Story of Annie’s death presumably at the hands of her slave lover named”Takoo”. , it is said he attempted to bury her in a grave protected by voodoo spells to prevent her malevolent sole from rising up and haunting the mansion. Unfortunately, the spells are believed to have not been performed properly, because countless locals and visitors alike claim to have seen her. A song about the legend called “The Ballad of Annie Palmer” was recorded by Johnny Cash and the satanic band, Coven made a song called “White Witch of Rose Hall.



(Tomb said to be Annie Palmer’s at Rose Hall, Jamaica)

Creepy True Tale Tuesdays! – James Dean’s Car

January 9, 2018

James Dean was all about his customized 1955 Porsche Spyder, calling it his “Little Bastard.” . When Sir Alec Guiness saw the car, he could sense the evil and told him that he’d be dead in a week, and a week later Dean had his fatal accident. Then when the wreck was brought to the mechanics, it fell on one of them crushing his legs. When the car’s new owner sold the ending and drivetrain to two racers, one lost control and hit a tree, dying instantly. The other was injured when his car locked up and he rolled it.
It didn’t stop there though, a thief who tried to steal parts of the remaining wreck was fatally injured. The car was then donated to a safety exhibit of the California Highway Patrol. Soon after, the exhibit caught fire. They tried it again, only this time, the wreck fell on a student, breaking his hip. Finally, a truck driver who was transporting the wreck to the exhibit, was found crushed to death somehow by the wreck.

White Noise Experiment – Facebook Live

December 29, 2017

White noise is the random nondescript static sound produced by various electronic devices. The sound covers and combines all wavelengths and frequencies. In this way it is like the colour white which is really a combination of all colours. Hence the name white noise – the combination of all sounds. Examples of common white noise sources are the radio or television static when set to an empty channel, the hum of an electric fan motor and the babbling sound of a fast movie stream.

Over the years white noise has been used for many different situations such as in the aid to train soldiers, to torture and in more recent times to help with sleep, relaxation, to calm infants and Tinnitus.

We conducted a Live experiment to our audience to see exactly what people would feel and hear while real pure white noise static was played. During this experiment no human words or any sounds was injected into the footage at any time.

Have a listen and see what you hear or feel…..

White noise has a variety of benefits and applications.  Because of its sound masking properties, white noise is ideal both as a concentration aid and a relaxation aid. It is useful in a huge range of situations.
It is thought that if a person hears white noise and only they can hear it they could possibly be having a spiritual awakening. So if white noise is given to a person does this automatically mean that this could be opening a persons ‘third eye’? A lot of people will buy mediation C.D’s or download pure white noise to mediate too and most claim it to work.
The experiment was to see how many people heard different things. The fact is everyone was listening to the same thing so why was people reporting hearing many different things…the results was very interesting
here are just some of the reports

White noise has it uses and affects people in all different ways, What are your thoughts? are we just making ourselves hear words from our subconscious minds or is it an aid used to open someone’s minds eye?
What are your thoughts?

Other uses for White noise in Paranormal Research – The White Noise Theory

The white noise theory is widely used in the investigation of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). It often used a huge debate between researchers with some believing

There are two theories on the use of white noise for EVP investigations:
Theory 1
Using white noise during  EVP investigations relies on the random sound reorganization theory of EVP formation. That theory holds that entities take sounds in the ambient environment and somehow reorganize them into coherent words for us to hear. By providing a white noise source (or at least investigating near a white noise source) you are providing a base of raw sound (“raw material”) for the entity to use to form communication. However, a significant drawback to use this technique the white noise can be hard to filter out later when you analyse your recordings and can then contaminate an otherwise good EVP recording.

Theory 2
This theory is that white noise can be used to filter out background noise or enhance EVPs when listening to recordings.

  • To use white noise in this way place the EVP recorder player (or speaker) on one side of you and the white noise source on the other sides. Stand (or sit) in the middle and turn both on.

As you listen to the recording the white noise source will either filter out background noise on the recording and/or enhance any EVPs captured.

There is some evidence this could work. Noise cancelling headphones is based on a similar principle. These types of headphones play low levels of white noise through the speakers to filter out surrounding noise and enhance the quality of the audio.