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New Age Paranormal Ghost Hunting Equipment – 2014 – 2015

Paranormal Magazine will be working with a leading paranormal equipment specialist Called: Paranormal Investigations Equipment


P.I.E.’s mission is to help the paranormal community by providing tools and equipment for investigating the paranormal at a price that wont break the bank. Paranormal Investigations Equipment (P.I.E.) is all about paranormal unity and helping others with there research and investigations into the paranormal. Paranormal research is NOT a competition, we are all in search of the same thing…answers and proof of the paranormal. P.I.E. is based in the U.S. and we do ship the next day in most cases.

 Paranormal magazine: Now days there is much more to ghost hunting then a Camera and a K2 meter, The technologies is getting better and new methods are showing up faster then what we can say “paranormal” We at paranormal magazine can guarantee that you will find something interesting at P.I.E.  

Here is a small selection of equipment Offered at P.I.E

Here is a list of categories of what P.I.E Specialises in, Feel free to click and look through of what cool funky ghost hunting equipment is on offer here!

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