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How to make an EMF Pump. Ghost Hunting Secrets Revealed

A lot of ghost hunting shops will soon hate Paranormal Magazine as we reveal secrets on how to make gadgets used for ghost hunting!

Today we reveal how to make an EM Pump, Electro magnetic Field Pump.

What is this Device?
This device kicks out electro magnetic fields, within a small radius.
The theory is that ghosts need electro magnetic fields to show them self’s or to do something.. so placing this down may increase activity..
The other thing this device can be used for is EVP enhancement, Acts as a white noise generator.
You can easy test if the device is working with k2 meter which picks up on Electro Magnetic Fields, also used within the paranormal industry.
Items Needed
9V motor
Project Box
9V Battery Clip
Rare Earth Magnets
Now we know the components, All we need to do next is put them together, and you don’t need to be very technical minded.
Net step
You will need some Super Clue and a soldering iron.
  • 1. Super clue the rare earth magnets edge to the side of the metal pivot which spins on the 9v motor.
  • 2. Connect the 9V battery to the Motors metal – and + points
  • 3. Use Soldering iron to burn an hole into the side of the project box “small hole for the 9v clip to fit through
  • 4. Glue the Motor onto the base of the project box
  • 5. pull the 9v battery clip through the hole.
***Want to add a light?
extra Attach the long Led Leg, to the Red Wire, on the 9v battery clip, and the small leg to the 9v Motor*** 
Please be careful when making this device, we cannot be held responsible for any injuries which may occur if you are not careful..
If you are under 18 please advice your parents and ask them to assist you if you want to make this device.
Thank you
Happy ghost hunting!

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  2. Does anyone have resources for buying these items in the USA?

  3. I can’t get any reading on my digital EMF from this,it seems simple enough, works electric outlets and my mini Tesla coil

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