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Drakelow Tunnels 22nd March Ghost Hunt

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DRAKELOW TUNNELS 22nd March, £35.00

Venue Description

The Drakelow Tunnels are a former underground military complex beneath the Kingsford    Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, covering 250,000 sq ft. The    tunnels, which have a total length of 3.5 miles, have a very interesting past and    are a historical monument to the military history of the United Kingdom.
Designed by Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners, the Drakelow Tunnel Complex (originally called    “Drakelow Underground Dispersal Factory”) was excavated during World War II in sandstone hills near the village of Kinver and the town of Kidderminster. It was originally  constructed as a shadow factory for the Rover car company who were at the time manufacturing  engines for the Bristol Aeroplane Company.

It was also intended to supply components to Rover’s main shadow factories at Acocks Green and Solihull, to supply spare parts, and to act as a backup facility if either of the main shadow factories was damaged    by enemy action. The tunnels contained dormitories, storage areas, workshops, electrical equipment, toilets, offices, a BBC studio, a GPO Telephones communications facility and other facilities.
During the 1950’s and the growing Cold War, the site was initially used by the Ministry of Supply for storage. Then around 1958 part of the site was    developed by the Home Office as a Regional Seat of Government (RSG9). It was publicly exposed in a demonstration held there by the West Midlands Committee of 100 in the    summer of 1963. Under later Home Defence schemes the bunker was designated a Sub-Regional  Control (SRC), Sub-Regional Headquarters (SRHQ) and finally Regional Government Headquarters    (RGHQ). The site was greatly modernised in the early 1980’s, only a small portion of the site was designated for use. New blast doors were fitted in place of the previous    wooden factory doors and the interior of the site was refurbished in the areas forward of tunnel 4.
It is claimed that during construction workers were crushed to death    by collapsing tunnels and accidents with dumper trucks. Reports of experiments gone    wrong, and people stationed there taking their own lives. Many mediums have picked    up on a deadly demon’s presence down by the old theatre.

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