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Are ghosts real?

Are ghosts real please debate the question by leaving a comment .
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7 thoughts on “Are ghosts real?

  1. Are Ghosts real, I have seen one, So yes.

    1. Were did you see one please tell us about your encounter.

  2. A question that may never be answered.
    We can not ignore the sheer volume of people’s accounts of seeing ghosts that date back 1000’s of years.
    Whether the person is seeing the spirit of a deceased person or is it just a time slip or maybe a recording that was trapped in time, we may never know but one thing is for sure something is happening that we’re are unable to explain…

    1. Thanks for the comment. So have you encountered something your self you can’t explane ?

  3. Yes they are. Have had ghost experiences in a few ways from smells in our house and toilets flushing themselves to appearances on photos. Also been on a ouija board more than once too.

    1. Thank for the comment so what have you done about the activates have you seemed help ?

  4. Yes, they are real….have seen and captured pictures of
    them which you can find in my personal blog.

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