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Whats in Store for Paranormal Magazine Issue 3

Issue 3 – Paranormal Magazine Details

Its close to the 14th November, the release date of Para Mag Issue 3.

What will be in issue 3?


  • A to Z – G = Geo Phone – H : Haunted – I : Infra sound Why do ghost hunters turn off the lights?
  • Fan Ghost pictures
  • Donnington le heath
  • Snibson Collery,
  • Bosworth Battlefield
  • Understanding EMF
  • Firbeck Hall Mansion House
  • In The dead of Night – People who are paralyzed at night, and encounter strange paranormal phenomna
  • Ley Lines
  • Vampirism pt 1 Lure of the vampire pt 2 The origins of a dark culture pt 3 Vampires in mind
  • Christmas
  • Demonoligy.

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