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Ghost Hunters In The UK NEW Sky TV Show. Season Premier Part 1 of 2.

Part 1 of the Season premier 2015…

ghost hunters in the UK.

Paranormal Magazine is proud to announce that we are able to show you a downscaled quality version of the show before it airs on sky and get scared tv.
On this Episode Paranormal Magazine Team bring to you:
Norfolk Ghost Hunters, investigating the claims of paranormal activity at westwick church, This show is where the team Ghosts Of Britain AKA paranormal magazine go on the search for paranormal investigation teams to show you the audience just how different everyone works, from methods, equipments, theory’s, with the greater goal of spreading knowledge within the field of the paranormal. Enjoy.

Up Next: Season Premier Part 2/2 with : Pitch Black Investigations

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Your Best Ghost Hunting Epsiode? UK Ghost Hunts POLL!!

Welcome We Would Like Your Help..

We would like to know which episode of UK GHOST HUNTS you like the most.

Please give these a watch if you haven’t already and make your choice.






Feel free to explain further your answer in the comments below if you wish.

We will do our best to reply back to your feedback.




Thank you.