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Ghost Hunters In The UK NEW Sky TV Show. Season Premier Part 1 of 2.

Part 1 of the Season premier 2015…

ghost hunters in the UK.

Paranormal Magazine is proud to announce that we are able to show you a downscaled quality version of the show before it airs on sky and get scared tv.
On this Episode Paranormal Magazine Team bring to you:
Norfolk Ghost Hunters, investigating the claims of paranormal activity at westwick church, This show is where the team Ghosts Of Britain AKA paranormal magazine go on the search for paranormal investigation teams to show you the audience just how different everyone works, from methods, equipments, theory’s, with the greater goal of spreading knowledge within the field of the paranormal. Enjoy.

Up Next: Season Premier Part 2/2 with : Pitch Black Investigations

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Paranormal Magazine is Expanding To Your TV Screens.

Paranormal Magazine is Expanding To Your TV Screens.
Paranormal TV.
Follow us the Paranormal Magazine Team. On an epic adventure to investigate the ghostly goings on from the most haunted locations around the united kingdom.
We are proud to announce that we will be bringing our services right to your TV screens, On Sky channel 192.
Who have produced hit shows across major Channels
The devils Vice – BBC 1 Wales
Airsoft TV – Sky
Operation Spartan – Sky
Facebook. As Day Productions
We are currently open for any advertisers who wish to capitalize on this production, please contact us
Many thanks.
Paranormal Magazine Team.


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Ask The Skeptic Ghost Hunting Questions – LIVE

Welcome back to paranormal magazine.

Founder lee steer will be going live 6pm Sunday. UK time.  to answer your paranormal questions.

Pease click onto the YouTube page, and leave your questions ready!

We hope to see some good questions on the paranormal.

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The Other Ghost Hunting Company – Drakelow Tunnels – The Next Team To Hit BIG Time?

Its time for that spotlight, But who have we picked today?

Over in USA, a group called “the girly ghost hunters” made it big time, here we think we have found the UK equivalent to this team.

The Other Ghost Hunting Company

A group of girls using all the hi tech equipment and amazing paranormal methods, We at Paranormal magazine will be bringing you some unique interviews with this team..

For now lets learn a little about this team of ghost hunters!


About Us

 A ghost hunting experience like no Other

The Other Ghost Hunting Company are proud to provide exciting, innovative genuine ghost hunt investigations at the UK’s most haunted locations. Designed for seasoned investigators and intrepid newbies alike, our unique events include traditional spirit communication techniques and cutting edge paranormal technology. We offer several different types of experiences, including overnight ghost hunts and our trademark “After Dark Arcanum” ghost adventure nights.

Established by two of the UK’s most respected and accomplished ghost hunt professionals, we each have over 14 years experience and have run more than one thousand public and private ghost hunt events combined. Dedicated to sharing our passion, skills and knowledge, we invite you to join us and attempt to communicate with ‘The Others’ using dynamic and original experiments to encourage paranormal activity.

The Other Ghost Hunting Company ethic is to take ghost hunting to the next level, putting new twists on existing methods and above all, make your experience an exclusive one you will thoroughly enjoy.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, psychic or scientist, our events are created for you to explore and discover the truth behind the UK’s most prolific hauntings.

Cassandra Deacon – Medium

Cassandra DeaconBorn with the gift of mediumship, Cassandra is able to communicate with spirit beings, describing them in incredible detail and conveying their messages with care and respect. She has dedicated her life to helping those affected by spirit energies and indeed the spirits themselves. By the age of 8 she had learned not only to communicate with those on the other side, but importantly, how to protect herself spiritually, physically and emotionally while doing so. She has taught thousands of people these techniques and through her own psychic development and awareness courses, has guided many on their own path of Spiritual Unfoldment. Cassandra has 30 years of practical experience with spirit communication and decades of using her knowledge in Qabalah, Tarot, energy work, Astrology, Angels and Demons, ritual Magick, Past Life Regression and Reiki. She has worked on hundreds of paranormal investigations, public and private, and has cleared many buildings of negative energies upon request. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, experience and genuine spiritual strength, you can trust Cassandra to guide you through the darkness. One of Britains’ best loved ghost hunting Mediums, Cassandra is honest and professional, with an exciting and innovative approach to exploring the paranormal.

Kathryn Warburton – Event Manager

10665966_10204463390766231_3904694100991061132_nKathryn has hosted hundreds of ghost hunting events around the uk, also appearing on many ghost hunts that have been streamed online.

Kathryn has always had an interest in the paranormal and started her spiritual journey when she was very young with many personal experiences as a child.
During her time investigating the paranormal Kathryn has witnessed many unexplained events, but ensures that any rational explanations are ruled out before coming to a decision on what is paranormal and what is not.


Now lets take a look at the venue they are investigating!

if you watch most haunted last week you would be very interested to know that this is the very venue where this team is investigating on this Friday, and next month.


Terror at the Tunnels

Terror in the Tunnels 17/10/14

Category: .

Product Description

Ghost hunting at Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster, (formerly known as Drakelow Underground Dispersal Factory) come and spend the night tentatively walking through these tunnels with only a torch for guidance.

These tunnels are pitch black and sit empty and desolate! Not for the faint hearted! The Tunnels were excavated during World War II. they were built for use as a shadow factory for Rover, who at the time were supporting Britain’s war effort with engines for the RAF. as a former underground military complex, it consists of numerous tunnels that stretch for 3.5 miles!

In 1958 the tunnels were developed by the government for use as a Regional Seat of Government in the event of the Cold War as a nuclear bunker, the tunnels were used as a ministry of supply, mainly for storage, contains areas once used as dormitories, storage areas, workshops, office spaces and a canteen.

One night, during the current caretakers rounds on the Nuclear side, his two dogs were found barking at the corner of one room. Upon investigation, the caretaker found no explanation as to why they were so distressed.

Manifestations have been caught on camera, as well as orbs, and mists, On a few occasions wartime music has also been heard playing over the tannoy system, even though the site has been without electricity for years. With at least six people thought to have died in the tunnels during there construction, and weekly reports of event guests capturing evps and seeing dramatic ghostly shadows, being touched, breathed on and pushed during event walk rounds of the location. This incredible site is a must to explore!

There is no power in these tunnels. So please bring warm clothing, blankets and flasks of hot drinks with you. * Anyone who suffers with Asthma please bring your medication due to the dust in the tunnels.

Your ghost hunt at Drakelow Tunnels includes the following:

  • Medium Walk Around
  • History Tour
  • Overnight Ghost Hunt with the Paranormal Team
  • Vigils and Seances in small groups, including Medium Vigil
  • Experiments, using up to date ghost hunting equipment,

We are one of the only companies in the UK who have the amazing P-SB11.  Ouija Board, Glass Divination


Event runs 21.00 till  04.00

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Looking To Investigate a Witch’s Prison?

Looking to investigate something different? here is your chance!

Step into an eerie world of witchcraft, execution, torture and darkness in one of England’s most haunted houses.

The Cage in St Osyth was once a medieval prison and temporary ‘home’ to many women, including England’s most notorious witch Ursula Kemp, who was accused of witchcraft and hanged in 1582.

 Back in the 16th century, witch-hunts were common and popular. Ursula Kemp, a young nursemaid and healer, was well known by the local folk for her special ability of removing curses from those who believed they’d been hexed and for making and selling potions to cure the sick. She was said to be a fine woman and a good mother to her son Tom. After a local woman accused Ursula of witchcraft and went to Lord Brian Darcy of St Osyth Priory with her complaint, the infamous St. Osyth witch trials began. Fourteen women were dubbed witches and the ones who were executed left behind young children who, tarred with the same brush as their mothers, perished alone.

mothers. This was where they would be kissed goodbye. Inside The Cage, the accused women would hold their children for the final time before being carted off for unfair trials and inevitable execution. Perhaps that’s why The Cage still holds the spirits of these ‘witches’ and their children – echoes of the pain and sorrow trapped forever within the four cold walls of this desolate place.


  Over the last 400 years, tragedy, suicide and death have plagued the residents and owners of The Cage. Is this just coincidence? Or is it because of a curse that can never be lifted?

Enter The Cage and the sadness is immediately felt, the fear and heartbreak almost tangible. Sensitive types will sense the presence of restless souls, still reaching out for their lost loved ones. Some will even hear the plaintive cries of the spirit orphans, abandoned and bereft, trapped between two worlds.

We are proud to offer an exclusive offer, for Paranormal groups and Event Company’s who are wanting to come and investigate the cage located in Essex.

£30.00 per Person, Instead of 35.00 Just quote Paranormal magazine for the deal.

Minimum of 8 People, Max of 16.

If you would like to talk to the venue organiser you can contact Vanessa here

07854 756 231

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Do Ghosts Only Come Out At Night?

Do ghosts only come out at night?

The majority of people seem to assume ghosts only come out at night, This could be down to TV, and other ghost hunting shows.

The majority of shows and ghost hunting teams use the phrase Lights out, before they hunt for ghosts..

“there could be a number of reasons why they turn out the lights, but this does not indicate they only come out in the darkness”

Over 75% of Ghost sightings happen in broad daylight

If ghosts are real, it would make more sense for them to appear in daylight, Going about there day to day life as they would in there normal life.

If you was a ghost, What would you be, A day or Night person?




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Ask a question to ghost hunters

Please fire away any questions you may have for real ghost hunters to answer. Will will answer your question live on YouTube channel. Http://
8th Feb. 2014 at 9pm please be sure to ask your questions now. Cheers. See you Saturday you spooky lot.

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Ghost Appears during an Ice Storm blackout

Is this a ghost? You decide.

Your Name.:Philysteak
What could this possibly be? Last night during the Ice Storm Black Out that we
had here in Wellington Ontario I snapped a picture of this strange Entity that
was floating around the house. By the time I tried to take another picture it
was gone. There was no flash and no lights because of the black out. And it was
there for about 5 -10 seconds or so.

Please leave your comments to the above person.
Thank you, will appear in issue 4!.

Submit your ghost videos to:­ideos-2014/4581812157

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Pontefract Poltergeist Story

The Black Monk of Pontefract

black monk

Wayne Ridsdel


In 1966, the Pritchard family, of 30 East Drive, Chequerfield Estate, Pontefract, became the helpless victims of a terrifying chain of events that was to develop into the most unique and violent case of poltergeist activity in the documented history of the paranormal world.

It all began on the evening of 1st September, 1966; this was the time when Joe and Jean Pritchard had recently moved into the house and had decided to take a long – awaited holiday, taking their twelve-year-old daughter, Diane with them.

After much discussion and long heated debates, Joe and Jean reluctantly decided that, due to unresolved, long standing family issues, it would be better for all concerned if their fifteen-year-old son, Phillip, was to stay at home under the watchful supervision of his grandmother, Mrs Sarah Scholes.

After the Pritchards had loaded the car and departed on holiday Sarah Scholes and her grandson settled down for the evening in the living room. Mrs. Scholes occupied herself with her usual past-time of knitting, while Phillip turned on the TV for a night of viewing; although it wasn’t long before he had convinced his grandmother to allow him to go visit his friend who lived a few doors away on the same street.

At 9pm. Phillip returned home, as had been stipulated by his grandmother. No sooner had the fifteen-year-old entered the house than a gust of wind blasted through the house and the back door slammed shut. Immediately the living room felt icy cold. Understandably the two of them looked at each other in shock; each of them believing that the back door had mistakenly been left open and when Phillip entered the house through the front door it had resulted in a ‘through draft’ rushing through the downstairs rooms of the house and quickly dissipating the heat from the gas fire, making the living room instantly feel cold.

Click the black monk  picture to read more!