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True Tale Tuesday: The Pollock Twins

On May 5, 1957, two English sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline, were killed in a car accident in the parish of Hexham. Two years later, their mother gave birth to twins, Gillian and Jennifer, who were identical in almost every way. Jennifer though had birthmarks that resembled similar marks on her deceased sister, Jacqueline.
Not long after the twins were born, the family moved away to a different part of the country. As time went on, Gillian and Jennifer began asking for toys that their elder passed sisters used to favour, and when the family moved back to Hexham, the twins supposedly recognized landmarks they had no way of having seen before.

Eventually, these incidents trickled off, but it was enough evidence for parapsychologist Dr. Ian Stevenson to write about the Pollock twins in a book about reincarnation, claiming they were reincarnations of their older sisters.

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Creepy True Tale Tuesdays – Voice In My Head

Charlene Lowe Kemp


In 1984, a woman was sitting at home reading when she suddenly heard a very clear voice inside her head. The voice told her,

“Please don’t be afraid. I know it must be shocking for you to hear me speaking to you like this, but this is the easiest way I could think of. My friend and I used to work at the Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street, and we would like to help you.”

She was A healthy woman and had no previous recorded illnesses, she was born in continental Europe in the mid-1940s and settled in Britain in the late 1960s. After a series of jobs, she got married, started a family, and settled down to a full time commitment as a housewife and mother. She rarely went to her general practitioner as she enjoyed good health and had never had any hospital treatment. Her children had also been in good health.
After a series of medical tests, including psychological assessments, the patient was eventually diagnosed with a large benign meningioma brain tumour. The voice continued to speak to her throughout the medical testing.
After she had surgery to remove the tumour, the patient heard from the voices one last time after regaining consciousness when she heard them say,

“We are pleased to have helped you. Goodbye.”

She reported no post-surgical problems and never heard the voice again. The study of a patient diagnosing her own brain tumour with help of mysterious voices in her head was published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ).


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Creepy True Tale Tuesday – Toxic Women

By Charlene Lowe Kemp


I’m sure worldwide hospital accident and emergency  workers have their fair share of weird experiences to tell, but the story of Gloria Ramirez is undoubtedly one of the most famous.

In 1994, the young woman was wheeled into the Emergency department at Riverside General Hospital, California, by paramedics. Although awake, she sometimes seemed confused. Her blood pressure was extremely low, her heart rate incredibly fast, and a look at her medical history showed that she had advanced cervical cancer.
The strange thing was that doctors noticed an oily sheen to her skin, and her mouth had an odd, garlicky smell. When a nurse went to draw blood, she found that the sample smelled like ammonia. Meanwhile, others noticed that Ramirez’s blood contained whitish particles. Not long afterward, medical staff began to feel nauseous and faint. By the end of the night, 23 workers were affected, and five were hospitalized. After 45 minutes of treatment, Ramirez passed away from kidney failure.
Forensic teams have looked into Ramirez’s death, but explanation after explanation has been ruled out. To this day, nobody has found out for certain what caused Ramirez to become literally toxic.

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Highgate Cemetery, London – ‘The Highgate Vampire’

By Charlene Lowe Kemp


Many rumours and stories of a dark figure haunting the north London cemetery began after a group of teenagers, who took an interest in the occult, started roaming the abandoned graveyard.
One member of the group named David Farrant, spent the night in the cemetery on December 21, 1969. Two months later he wrote to the Hampstead and Highgate Express about a sighting he encountered of a paranormal shadowy grey figure.
Soon after this, many other people began informing the local paper, claiming to have witnessed all kinds of creepy and scary activity there, including a figure in a pond, a tall man wearing a hat and a ghostly cyclist.

Following the reports, another man called Sean Manchester stated he believed ‘a King Vampire of the Undead’ – a medieval nobleman who had participated in black magic in Romania – was brought to England in a coffin during the eighteenth century.
The ‘vampire king’ was apparently buried in the same burial grounds, that later became as Highgate Cemetery.  Sean Manchester claimed that modern-day Satan worshippers had awoken him.

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The Grave Of Mary Hart – Who was Buried ALIVE!

Charlene Lowe Kemp


Mary Hart, who, according to urban legend, haunts Evergreen Cemetery after she was accidentally buried alive in 1872.

Her gravestone reads:
“At high noon just from, and about to renew her daily work, in her full strength of body and mind, Mary E. Hart, having fallen prostrate remained unconscious, until she died at midnight October 15, 1872 — born December 16, 1824.”
The tale goes at 48 years old, Mary E. Hart, as she was known in life, just dropped to the floor one day at midnight. Believing to be dead, her family had her buried at Evergreen Cemetery.  However, one night her aunt had a terrible nightmare that Mary was not actually dead.
The aunt eventually convinced the family to exhume the body, and when they open the coffin, they found Mary’s nails bloodied from scratching and a petrified look on her face. It is believed that Hart may have suffered a stroke and when she fell to the floor, her family believed she was dead and So they buried her, not realizing she was still alive.
The epitaph on her gravestone offers a foreboding warning in bold black text: “The people shall be troubled at midnight and pass away.” Some believe anybody caught in the graveyard after midnight or who desecrates her grave would die shortly thereafter. While the quote is from the Book of Job in the Old Testament and, in context, is a statement about being resigned to fate, some locals over the years have interpreted the phrase to mean Hart hated the world enough for burying her alive to curse it with her final epitaph.
Hart’s gravestone is at the back of the cemetery, on the path that parallels the iron fence that separates the graveyard from Winthrop Avenue, with many people coming to visit, leaving coins and wondering whether the myths and tales are true.

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Chapel of Bones – Portugal

By Charlene Lowe Kemp

Capela dos Ossos, also known as the chapel of Bones, is located next to the church of St. Francis in the medieval Portuguese town of Evora. 

The 16th century chapel is a large room which the walls are filled with the bones of over 5,000 monks. Evora, in the 16th century, had around 43 cemeteries, that took up to much land. The decision was made to destroy some of the cemeteries so the corpses of 5,000 monks was exhumed in a effort to save their souls from condemnation. These bones was sent to Capela dos Ossos. The exisiting monks soon realised that it would be better if they displayed the bones rather than hide them. So they set about creating a place for meditation, a place where the undeniable reminder of death would help people transcend the material world.

When you enter the chapel you will see the words

“Nos ossos que aqui estamos, pelos vossos esperamos.” 

“We, the bones that are here await yours.”

Wrote on the door, a reminder that death happens to everyone giving people the perspective before they enter the chapel to prey. 

The corpse of a women and a child hang from a wall, no body knows who they are but legend has it that a powerful man had onced cursed them. They was refused burial in the local cemeteries so the corpses received shelter from the chapel.

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The Sunken Church 

Charlene Lowe Kemp

The Sunken Church is located in Bramcote in Nottingham in the UK. The Domesday Book records a settlement here in ‘Bruncote’ and a simple wooden structure is likely to have orginally been here before the rebuild in stone. Now only stands the tower as a new church was built and parts of the old church was used to construct the new but it was agreed that the tower would be preserved to house some memorials. Within the tower the timber frame of 1586 in still insit. It is known by locals as the sunken church but no body knows why…only people can assume that from afar away it appears to look as though it is sinking into the ground.

It is reputed to be haunted by a phantom monk. In 1978 the village policeman witnessed a strange figure in the churchyard. He observed it until it stopped by a gravestone, at which he then shone his torch towards it. The light from the torch shrone straight through the shadow and on to the gravestones behind it.

Then the figure began to approach the policeman in a gliding like motion. The policeman walked closer the shadow stopped and again retreated to a gravestone. By this time the policeman had radioed his inspector who came out to assist, they searched the area but could not find anyone. 

The policeman described the figure as wearing a black ankle length coat and wearing some sort of three cornered hat. With a high collar pulled underneath It. He was unable to see a face.

Shortly after his experience an elderly local gentleman came forward who believed that what had been seen was the ghost of a phantom coachman. He explained that many years ago a female servant in the village was killed by a coachman. The coachman was sorry for his crime, so sorry that he committed suicide before he could be arrested, somewhere in the vicinity of the sunken church. His ghost is often mistaken for that of a monk, and was also witnessed by another two policemen on another night as they drove near the church……

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‘IF YOU GO DOWN INTO THE WOODS TODAY……’ Britain’s Most HAUNTED Woods…10 Places to visit for Halloween?

By Charlene Lowe Kemp

Can’t afford a location? Or just simply curious, then why don’t you check out some of the Most Haunted Woods in the UK?

With autumn fast approaching and Halloween only around the corner, it’s that time of the year when every investigators obsession with the paranormal peaks and when people from outside the field reach in for a peak…

So take a look at some of the Britain’s most haunted woods…and if you have been please comment how it was and if anything happened, i would love to hear your stories and ghostly tales

Screaming Woods – Dering Woods – Pluckey 

Smarden Bell Road, Smarden, Ashford, TN27 0SY

Alledged to be the most haunted woods in Britain, Dering Woods, also known as Screaming woods lays between the villages of Smarden and Pluckey. The woods earned it’s title after there have been many reports of people hearing screams coming from the woods at night or footsteps and whispers during the days of fog.

It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the people who get lost in them, in particular locals speak of a suicidal army colonel of the 18th century, a highways who was captured by the villagers, pinned to a tree and beheaded. Many from nearby villages claim to have seen black shadows following them while they were travelling across the woods. The wood is also famous for presenting one of the oldest Neolithic sites in the world.


One of the most strangest phenomena for these woods took place on 1st November, 1948. 20 people from Maltman’s area was found dead, 11 whom was children.

Many witnessed reported seeing strange lights coming from the woods on Halloween night when the massacre would have taken place.

Autopsies couldn’t determine the cause of death of these 20 and after a few weeks the local authorities ended their investigation into their deaths claiming that the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning. These raised questions of the police involvement regarding the case.

In 1964, Robert Collins, a private investigator, conducted in-depth witness interviews to uncover possible links about the alleged activity of an unknown religious cult in the village of Smarden. His research came to a halt, when he died in a tragic car accident the following year.

On the same night, 50 years later in 1998, 4 college students went missing from the woods, witnesses came forward to say they had experienced seeing strange lights again in the sky. The 4 college students bodies was never found and the investigation into their where bouts stopped after 3 weeks.

Check out this EVP some locals caught a while investigating the area 

Bradley Woods – Lincolnshire 

Bradley Road, South of Grimsby, DN33 1Qw

The ghost named as the Black Lady is said to haunt these woods. Eye witnesses have claimed to have described her as a young and pretty female, around 5 ‘6 tall and is dressed in a flowing black cloak and a black hood that obscures her hair but reveals her mournful, pale, tear soaked face.

There are many stories where the ghost of the Black Lady is from, one being that she is a nun, another, that she was a spinster who lived her life alone in a cottage in the woods and the last that a woodsman and his wife lived in Bradley Woods in a cottage, the woodsman went off to fight at war, and everyday the wife would wander the woods to meet her husband at the edge with her child to see if he had come back…one day, however, the enemy army crossed the Humber and marched through the area on the way to attack Lincoln. As the wife left her cottage, three hobilars brutally raped her and snatched her baby boy and rided off laughing their heads off into the woods. Heartbroken and humiliated, she wandered the woods searching for her boy and husband. After her death people reported still seeing her wandering the woods, carrying on her never-ending search. It is said that who ever ventures into the woods on Christmas Eve and shouts ‘ Black lady, black lady, I’ve stolen your baby’ three times, the lady will appear to take her child back……

Hoober Stand – Rotherham 

Hoober Hill, Wentworth, S62 7SA

Hoober Stand is a 30 metre high tower on a ridge in Wentworth. Hoober Stand has a large woodland surrounding the area and is reported that a monk has been seen. Light anomalies are often caught and voices are often heard and feelings of being surrounded are often felt. There is a cave within the woods, which is now closed off, it is alleged that an angry spirit haunts this area and has claimed to scare many away. 

A massive claim to this area is black arts and witch craft takes place here, butchered crows pinned to trees have been spotted and white hooded men chasing investigators out of the woods …there is also more recent evidence to suggest that this does exists, please see the two articles below….

Hoober stand, Rotherham, A second Alter Found? Possible Evidence of WitchCraft?


Below is an investigation with myself in that we did at Hoober…i have also included another local teams investigation of the area

But don’t just take my word for it…it is also rated on trip advisor with one reviewer stating

 My dad and I went ghost hunting at night, after hearing stories about it being haunted. After me being terrified that we would actually find something, I decided to not turn our SB-7 spirit box. Something moved in the bushes, the emf detector went off and we legged it.’

Parsonage Woods – Kent


Benenden, Kent, TN17 4LD

Parsonage Wood is a beautiful place to take a stroll with its lush foliage, majestic trees and  bubbling streams. However, when night falls the woods become a much more scary place. It is said that those who have braved the woods after dark have come back with many ghostly tales of disembodied voices among the trees. Disturbingly, all of the accounts are similar and they do not tell of spirits talking, but rather the sounds of a ritual happening. The voices are said to chatter excitedly, getting louder and louder until they reach a high-pitched point then a spine chilling scream which seems like it can only belong to someone in pain follows. Then silence. No-one knows what this relates to and few who have experienced it are keen to return to investigate the area more.

Epping Forest – London

This postcode will take you to hang man’s hill IG10 4AB

Most of the history of the forest may have been lost with time. However, there is still evidence of “Iron Age” forts; stories of Iceni Warriors; Roman battles; Saxon saints; Norman invaders; Tudor hunting grounds; notorious highwaymen; a place to escape war and plague, and a retreat for famous artists and writers.

Epping Forest is also notorious for its link with crime. The famous highwayman Dick Turpin had a hideout there, he lived for many years in a cave at High Beach. He and his partner Tom King would rob most people who would pass by. Because of its proximity to the city of London, the forest is also a notorious burial area for murder victims, another reason why this forest is notorious for its ghost stories. People have reported apparitions, lights and there’s even a spot called the Hangman’s Hill at High Beach where some claims that when you put your car in neutral, your car gets pulled uphill.

It is said that if you park on the hill the car will roll up it instead of down as you reach the top and look straight ahead you will see a bare field with just a tree in it which is apparently where a man was hung, supposedly you are being pulled up the hill by the hangman.

Wychwood Forest – Oxfordshire – OX7 3BN

Located in rural Oxfordshire, this dark forest is known for many mysterious happenings. One in particular tree is a known hotspot for activity. It is believed to have been used as a ‘hanging tree’, believed to have been used to hang criminals sentenced to death by the local courts. Many have reported the sensation of a male presence around the tree and having feelings of oppression and dread. The sounds of thundering hooves has also been heard with no evidence of any animals nearby. People have claimed to have been touched on their shoulders while through. 

It is also alleged to be home to the aristocratic ghost known as Amy Robsart. In life, she was married to the Earl of Leicester and after her death it is said that her apparition confronted her husband while he was out hunting in the woods and proclaimed that he would be joining her in the afterlife in 10 days time. He soon fell ill and died within 10 days. Its believed that anyone who meets Amy’s appartition in the woods will suffer a similar fate.

Cannock Chase

Lady Hill, Birches Valley, Rugeley, Staffordshire, Can knock, WS15 2UQ

Cannock chase is a large location noted for its outstanding beauty and ancient history. It is also one of the most paranormally active areas in the U.K also. Not just ghosts have been witnessed here.  Both strange lights and unusual shaped aircrafts have been witnessed within this area also. In addition, there have literally been thousands of observations over the years of a large black cat, frequently described as panther like – that stalks the Cannock Chase Woods and the surrounding country side. One of the weirdest entities is a demonic dog that is believed to haunt the area. Witnessed by numerous people, the description seems to be the same – huge and muscular, with abnormally pointed ears and glowing eyes. This terrifying spectacle is often seen at night. Another strange creature has been observed at night but also during the day is of an entity has been described as being like a werewolf. When eyewitnesses who first come across this creature thought it was an unusually large dog. On closer inspection, and for some reason unknown to the witnesses, they started to become very uneasy. When the creature became aware of them, it rears onto its hind legs and moved like lightning into the woods, running not on all fours, but only on its hind legs. This creature has been witnessed by many credible people – many who will not give their name publicly for fear of ridicule – but are adamant about what they have seen.

Another strange occurrence is a ghost like figure known as ‘The Lady of the Chase’. This female apparition has been seen on numerous occasions around Cannock Chase Woods and the surrounding area. However, this spectre does not seem to be an ordinary woman. Witnesses describe her as being tall and slender and having a female shape. However, she has no breasts nor any sign of genitalia. But the eyes are described as being extremely large, dark and very hypnotic. There is also reports of black-eyed children believed by some to be the murder victims of Raymond Leslie Morris in the 1960’s and many also reporting to have seen The Slenderman.

Hermit’s Wood – Derbyshire

Dale Abbey, Ilkeston DE7 4PJ


Located near Ilkeston in Derbyshire, the area which Hermit cave sits in is an area of ancient woodland. One of the most common paranormal reports here is strange banging noises often followed by an oppressive atmosphere. Many have claimed they begin to get the overwhelming sensation of bring watched and then followed. Many have also reported seeing an apparition of a monk or some other hooded figure.

Legend states that a monk, who was properly from the nearby Abbey of dale, hung himself in the cave and continues to haunt the area to this day.

Pembrey Woods – Wales – SA16 0EJ


Human activities in Pembrey Woods dates back to at least 400 B.C. when a fort was established there. The area is better known for what the locals call the “little hatchet men of Pembrey” who would lure ships with their lanterns close to a coast line that was filled with dangerous rocks, ultimately wrecking the ships. The little hatchet men would then slaughter the survivors and rob everything they could. From the 19th century, gun powder and dynamite was produced in the forest. Close by, was a RAF air field and during the second world war, many damaged planes crashed in the area trying to make it home. Many ghosts are seen roaming in the forest as well as on the shores, from the little hatchet men to the ghost of a second world war air man, people have also seen ghost ships with dead sailors on board. 

Clapham Wood – West Sussex –  BN13 3XR 


Clapham Wood is a woodland area in Clapham, West Sussex, which Fortean authors and paranormal enthusiasts believe to be a focus of UFO sightings, Satanic cult activity, deaths, and lost or sick pets.

According to Nick Brownlow’s article in Fortean Times magazine, reports of UFO sightings, claims of nausea, sudden patches of grey mist, and sensations of being pushed or followed have been made since the 1960s, as well as a number of reports of pets being sick or lost in the area.

Four deaths have occurred either in or close to the woods. In 1972, Police Constable Peter Goldsmith went missing, and body was found hidden in a patch of thick bramble at Clapham Wood some six months later. In August 1975, missing pensioner Leon Foster was found in the woods by a couple searching for a lost horse. In 1978, the missing Reverend Harry Neil Snelling’s body was found by a Canadian tourist. In September 1981, the body of Jillian Matthews, a homeless individual with schizophrenia was discovered, having been raped and strangled. It is believed that these woods are used for rituals by a satanic cult . Both the woods and Chanctonbury ring have been linked with possible cult activity and are believed to be sites of dark mystical powers. Bramber castle lies to the East where the crumbling ruins are alleged to be haunted by ghostly apparitions. Some believe that Clapham woods could even be cursed……

To see a blog from someone who has visited this area please click the below link



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12 Creepy Ghost Photos…Not Yet Proven to be Faked!

Charlene Lowe Kemp

When it comes to a ‘real picture’ of a what could be a ghost, there are thousands of fakes…’Ghost Photos’ is always a hot topic in the paranormal field, where people’s opinions on weather it is genuine or a fake and how it may be fake is always a hot topic for a discussion…

So I thought I would have a look for a few ‘GHOST photos’ that have not bean proven to be Faked even though some people may offer alternative view on what it may be, a logic approach but….it hasn’t been proven to have any editing done to make it a hoax photo….


This photo looks to good to be true but it had not yet been proven to be a fake!

This was lady By a Australian mother who was photographing her daughter’s grave. The interesting factor in this is that the mother states that her daughter was not a baby at the time of her passing and the mother said that she did not regonise the baby in the photo playing on her daughter’s grave. It is believed this could be the ghost of a baby that is buried nearby.


This photo does not show a ghost, but does show a transparent hand on the top of a bureau. The photo was taken by a Montague Cooper roughly a century ago. He claimed to have no knowledge of how the hand got there.


Lord Combermere, once governor of Barbados and curious party in the case of the chase vault mystery, appears to be relaxing in a chair after his death. The photo was taken by Sybell Corner and was taken in the library of Combermere Abbey in 1891.


In 1919, this photograph was taken of a squadron of R.A.F. pilots. Behind one of the men, a face appears to the right, not wearing the uniform cap, appears transparent and stood very close to the man in front. The squadron identified the strange face as that of Freddy Jackson, who had died two days previous to this picture being taken.


The 1936 Brown Lady of Raynham Hall photo is properly one of the most famous ghost pictures in history. The story is that the believed ghost in this picture is to be of Lady Raynham, who was allegedly imprisoned in the hall by her husband for a long period of her adult life. There are many stories and sightings but this picture is always the centre point of the story.


The Tulip staircase ghost photo was taken in 1966 at the Greenwich National Maritime Musuem by Reverend Ralph Hardy. It appears to show a person struggling to get up the stairs with both hands pulling the railing. How the hands are positioned is very strange. They appear to be two left hands and the top one is longer.


Taken in Newby Church by Reverend Lord at NEWBY Church in North Yorkshire, England. The specter looks like a ghost of the murderer from the scream films and to add to the scare factor the photo has been analysed and it was found that whatever or whoever it was would have measured 9 feet tall.


Corroboree Rock in Austrilia is the location which this photo was taken in. The subject appears to look like a women holding binoculars. She is looking to the right of the photo and appears to be simply watching the wildlife.


Soldiers are popular subjects within ghost photos especially civil war soldiers. This picture dares back to the civil war and appears to look like a ghost of a soldier walking a set of stairs.


In 1959 Mable Chinnery went to the cemetery to visit the grave of her mother. She took some photos of the gravesite and turned and took a picture of her husband sitting alone in the car’s passenger seat. The photo was developed and this came out….someone sitting in the backseat wearing glasses. Mrs Chinnery swore that the ‘backseat driver’ was none other than her own mother…whose grave she was stood next to when the photo was taken.


In 1924 James Courtney and Michael Meehan, two crewmen of the tanker S.S. Watertown, were accidentally killed by gas fumes while cleaning a cargo tank. The crew of the Watertown, on its way to the Panama Canal from New York City, buried the two sailors at sea off the Mexican coast. That was on December 4th. On December 5th the first mate reported that the faces of Courtney and Meehan were appearing in the water off the port side of the ship. Over the next several days every member of the crew witnessed the faces appear and disappear, including the ship’s captain. When he reported this to his supervisors after docking in New Orleans it was suggested that he try to photograph the faces. Captain Keith Tracy bought a camera and the ship was soon underway again. Sure enough, the faces appeared, and Tracy took six pictures, then secured the camera in the ship’s vault. The camera was not removed until it was taken to a commercial developer after docking in New York City. Five of the photos showed nothing unusual, but the sixth clearly showed what was said to be the faces of the two dead crewmen. No evidence of forgery or tampering of the film was ever discovered. The faces stopped appearing after a new crew was brought aboard the Watertown.


On November 19th, 1995, Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England was engulfed in flames and burned to the ground. As firefighters tried to stave off the inferno a town resident, Tony O’Rahilly, took pictures from across the street using a telephoto lens on his camera. There, rather clearly in one of the photos, is what looks very much to be a small girl standing in a doorway, with the brightness of the flames behind her. No one ever remembered there being a small girl present on scene, much less in that close a proximity to the fire. The photo and the original negative were turned over to a photo expert who decided that the picture was 100% authentic: “The negative is a straightforward piece of black-and-white work and shows no sign of having been tampered with.” In 1677 a fire destroyed many of Wem’s wooden houses. The fire was said to have been caused by a 14-year old girl named Jane Churm, who had been careless with a candle. Churm died in the fire along with several others, and her ghost is said to still haunt the area.

After publishing this article it has been brought to my attention that there is a belief that this photo could have been a hoax but there is no 100% that it actually was…. Brian Lear casted doubt over it as a picture taken in 1922 appears to have a girl similar in it…to read the article relating to this please see the link below 🙂

Below article argues why they think it isn’t
I’ll leave you the reader to decide for yourself…..

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By Charlene Lowe Kemp

Recently I  have had a lot of people come forward sharing their creepy paranormal experiences….

We have been fascinated by these stories and what people from across the world have experienced.



So with their consent I thought I would share some of these experiences with yourselves….. So sit back, relax, tuck yourself up in bed and ready for a good creepy tale or two?



JENNIFER RIDLEY – The Floating Women

”at my previous address I lived in a 1930’s house just me and my 2 girls it was small, cosy and had a nice feel. Lots of little things used to happen, lights going on and off things being thrown and my dogs growling at the wall. The previous owners had lived there since the end of the war until about 4 years before I moved in when they both died peacefully there within 6 months of each other, the house stood empty until I brought it. The gentleman was a German prisoner of war, who stayed here after the war to marry the English girl he loved. I saw photos of both of them. One night not long after moving in I woke up to see right before me a floating woman’s head above the bed, it was the lady I’d seen in the photos and I got the sense she was cross with me in her room, it scared me and jumped out of bed putting on the light and she disappeared, I slept with the light on for 2 weeks after that lol about a month later I again woke in the night and turned to look beside me and she was laying in the bed next to me staring at me as jumped backwards she floated out of the bed and through the closed-door… terrified as I was I had to go check on my girls one slept upstairs and one down as she is disabled … thankfully they were both fine and fast asleep.. again I slept with the light on for weeks after that but I never saw her again …. I just asked her if she minded if we lived there for a while and that I was happy to share with her if she promised not to scare me or my girls and she didn’t !”

LINDA FENTON – Haunting from a Hospital? 

I had a strange experience myself many years ago when my ex husband and I moved into a brand new house on a new housing estate I had gone to bed early and my ex was watching telly I was just dosing of when I sensed I wasn’t alone l looked over to my bedside cabinet and there was a young girl who looked about 15-16 just sitting on it smiling at me she had long blonde hair in plaits she was wearing a white blouse and a long black skirt with braiding around the bottom I shouted at her what are you doing in my bedroom she looked so real and she didn’t disappear until I put the light on I never saw her again but we found out that other neighbours on the estate had been experiencing some supernatural problems as well it turned out that the old hospital across the road from us used to be a workhouse in Victorian times and when the local graveyard was full they used to take the body’s and wheel them in a cart and bury them in the fields at the back of our houses without any headstones or anything anyway some people complained to the local council saying it wasn’t right to build a housing estate over graves so the council put up a memorial stone to them and I think things improved after that.

MARK MEADOWS – The Evil Spirit


“I tried committing suicide 3 years ago, I died, and was brought back. I had hellish nightmare, that I will tell in another story later. Once I was released from the hospital after being in ICU, I had to serve 30 days in a mental home. Once I got out, I had an evil spirit. Probably a demon that was attached to me, and the house. I was scared cause I pray, and believe in God. I would hear growling, and see a dark shadow every now n then. Ignoring it, made it worse. It started to bother my mom by shaking her bed or anything she sat on. My mother was always scared. Eventually she could never get sleep. After she couldn’t sleep for a week we tried using holy water n cleanse our house n property line. It made it worse. Scratches started appearing on my back. Then the cross was knocked off the wall with some kind of gooey substance on it. My dog was getting attacked all the time, and would shake constantly. Then I started getting voices in my head with constant sadness. We finally had our local priest come over, and help us. He read verses of the bible, and blessed the house with holy water. He had us hang rosaries all over the house. This still didn’t stop it. But helped a little better. What finally helped was me going to confession, and praying to the holy spirit to bless n protect me with the white light. Its been gone ever since, and I try to keep on going to my church at least once a month. I’d like to go more if I could. The evil spirit is gone. I still have the broken Cross to remind me that this was real. My family never believed us when this was happening. We were on our own to figure it out.”

SARAH JENNINGS – My Death Experience

“I took my life september 12 2016.. my ex boyfriend left me.. he is a narcissistic sociopath psychopath person. The up down up down of his abuse was to hard for me. I tried getting away from it but it was very hard. My psychiatrist has diagnosed me with Stockholm syndrome gas lighting disorder c-ptsd and narcissistic victim.. killing myself was my way of getting away. My three teenage kids were well taking care of. I took 55 ambien tablets, the moment it took effect my grandmother who has passed for well over 10 years came to me and told me to call 911 before the dark slipped over me. In the place i went was a dining room table and my grandpa was sitting at the head of it. My grandmother was beside me crying. She told me i had to go back. That i had a special gift waiting for me. My grandpa hugged and kissed me and told me my ex boyfriend will never leave me alone but didn’t want me. If i stayed away from him i will be stronger. My grandma has always came to me sitting at the dining room table this was the first time i seen my grandpa. I remember everything blurring and my grandparents telling me they loved me and i had to go back. I didnt want to. I was at peace. From all the hurt i suffered as a child and all through my adulthood I wanted to stay but I couldn’t it just wasn’t my time. EMT and law enforcement don’t know how long i was gone for. When they had found me my lips where all ready blue and i was cold to the touch. From what my mom say my mom arrived and told them to start CPR and to restart my heart. At this point i watched my mom argue with the EMTs and looking at my spirit telling me to come back please just come back she couldn’t make it with out me that she will die too. All i can see and hear is her crying. Walking to my body. While the EMT started CPR and had the paddles ready. It was slow motion. I remember hearing my grandma tell me that i can be happy again. I dont know anything else after the paddle shock. It is all black. I was on life support for a week. My mom was there the whole time. She wont leave my side. I CANT get her crying that day out of my head. I was sent to a mental Institution for 30 days. My childhood has been wiped away and most of my memories. I have to rely on other people and pictures to tell me things. My mom said GOD didn’t want to send me back with bad memories it was time for me to be happy. After my death and life I found out that I’m going to be a grandmother that was what my grandmother was telling me that was so special for me to be here. I have a 3 month old grandson. I thank god everyday for giving me my second life.. a few months ago i found out from my cousin that my grandmother came to my aunt and told her to call 911 and gave her the location to where i was at. And then called my mom. My mom knew what was going on but didn’t know where to find me. I am better now. I am happy. I see two psychiatrists. I am a regular at church. I have my kids, my family, and my ex husband back in my life”

Member – The Nun

“I was born on a summer day in a little old nineteen 20 s council flat in London, the youngest of 9, two died , our little flat was ornate crooks and crannies , in the room my mum gave birth to me, there was a floor to ceiling arch, in that arch the second I landed on planet earth , a nun appeared, my mum knew this would be my earth guide, my mum and her sister my gran [gran i never knew died before i as born] were all spiritualist all saw spirit and picked up on most things, The years rolled on, I got married, got pregnant with my daughter, the hospital I gave birth to my daughter was very old went back to 16 somethings, The General Lying in hospital [ London], I had a retained placenta and i had a hemorrhage, has I came round, a beautiful young fresh face Nun in a royal blue skirted long dress, with a white apron and white wrist cuffs, was holding my hand and telling me ‘ill be alright now’, She then seemed to move away, i closed my eyes and for a second a lovely little Irish nurse in a stripe green nurse s’ uniform was asking if i ‘d like a cup of tea, i asked her where is the nun in the white, she said there were none in the hospital only black dressed nuns on rare occasions s,I must be dreaming i thought, after a while the nun i saw was dressed in the days of old what the french nun would have dressed like years ago, i thought about what my mum saw when i was born and instantly i thought that my mum was right and this nun was my earth guide. 


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PARANORMAL Wiltshire – Avebury Stone Circle – Pt 2

Charlene Lowe Kemp

There is something quite magical about the Avebury Stone Henge and I felt it was a special place without even looking into the history of the site , for me I felt more at Avebury then I did at Stone Henge, which quite surprised me as I expected to feel the opposite way round, but after researching in to it I kinda see why now I may have felt this way.

Avebury lies in the heart of the Wiltshire Downs just west of Marlborough (known to be the most ancient borough in England). Avebury Stone circle is a Neolithic henge monument one of the largest stone circles in the world and is older than Stone Henge, but unfortunately less well-known and I urge anyone who is taking a trip to Stone Henge to pop by Avebury to take a look for yourselves.

Over several periods Avebury Stone circle has been added too and altered. It currently has half a village within it and is claimed to be the only stone circle in the world to have a pub and chapel sit within it. The site to this day consists of a grass-covered, chalk-stone bank that is 1,396 feet in diameter (427 meters) and 20 feet high (6 meters) with a deep inner ditch having four entrances at the cardinal compass points. Just inside the ditch, which was clearly not used for defensive purposes, lies a grand circle of massive and irregular sarsen stones enclosing approximately 28 acres of land.

This circle, originally composed of at least 98 stones but now having only 27, itself encloses two smaller stone circles. The two inner circles were probably constructed first, around 2600 BC, while the large outer ring and earthwork dates from 2500 BC. The northern circle is 320 feet in diameter and originally had twenty-seven stones of which only four remain standing today; the southern circle is 340 feet across and once contained twenty-nine stones, of which only five remain standing. There is a ditch which surrounds the stones and there is some evidence that this ditch was once filled with water, thereby giving the inner stone rings the appearance of being set upon an island.

From excavation and soil resistivity studies it is known that the three rings originally contained at least 154 stones of which only 36 remain standing today. There are three main reasons for the disappearance of these stones :-

  • In the 14th century or possibly slightly before, local Christians damaged, toppled over and broke up and buried many stones to rid pagan religious practices deeming it as being the work of the devil.
  • In 17th and 18th century, more religious stones was removed and damaged due to the same reasons.
  • Early 18th century, the Avebury template was still visible, Dr Stukeley, an antiquarian visited the site and watched in dismay as local farmers continued to destruct the site. Dr Stukeley, however, made careful measurements and did numberous drawings of the site, which can still be seen to this day, which today is the only record available to understand the size and complexity of the template. For over 30 years Stukeley watched and observed. He clearly recognised that the original ground-plan of Avebury was a representation of the body of a snake passing through a circle and from this forming a traditional alchemical symbol. The head and tail of this snake was huge and were delineated by 50 foot wide avenues of standing stone, each extending 1 and 1/2 miles into the countryside. One of the avenues was removed at another stone ring, not far from Avebury, known as the Sanctuary. Stukeley gathered his evidence and mapped explorations suggesting that the sacred land of Avebury had many other massive earth and stone monuments( Pictured above: One existing avenue to Avebury)

In the 1930’s, anthropologist, Alexander Keiller, spent today’s equivalent of £2 million to partially restore the site.

(Pictured above is the sanctuary)

The Sanctuary 

Built in about 3000 BC, the Sanctuary was originally a complex circular arrangement of timber posts, which were later replaced by stones and now concrete slabs. Its function remains a mystery, believed to possibly be the dwelling place of some revered person, and certainly huge numbers of human bones were found here, accompanied by food remains suggesting elaborate death rites and ceremonies. 

Silbury Hill

Only 1500 meters south of the main Avebury rings stands Silbury Hill. Silbury Hill is the largest, and perhaps the most enigmatic, of all megalithic constructions in Europe. compares in height and volume to the roughly contemporary Egyptian pyramids. Completed in around 2400 BC, it apparently contains no burial. Its purpose is still a mystery and out puzzles them all out of all the sites within this area, across the countryside where it is, there is a crisscross effect, that consists of numberous lines of stand stones and mysterious underground chambers, many positioned according to astronomical alignments.
Recent research of John Michell, Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller, determined that the Avebury temple was part of a vast network of neolithic sacred sites arranged along a nearly two-hundred mile line stretching all across southern England. Positioned directly on this line are the great pilgrimage sites of Glastonbury Tor and St.Michael’s Mount.

Some research gathered from

This article now relates back to my first, Some people believe that Avebury may have had some input from Aliens on the construction of the build, as well as having the same input on Stone Henge. As I have stated in my first, this whole area of Wiltshire, especially the area surrounding Stone Henge and Avebury is a hot spot for crop circles with Silbury hill being a centre piece for these formations. To read part one please click this link.

PARANORMAL Wiltshire – Stone Henge – Stone Circles – Crop Circles – Pt1

PARANORMAL Wiltshire – Stone Henge – Stone Circles – Crop Circles – Pt 1

Regulars at the Red Lion, the pub which stands in the centre of the circle, are remain tight-lipped about this explanation, which is one of many to have been suggested down the years. Apparently the stones are identical to ones on Mars called Cydonia and are arranged in the same formation!


John Aubrey had suggested that the Druids were probably responsible for building Stonehenge, a theme he developed into a book originally to be titled ‘Templa Druidum’ but which ultimately formed a chapter in his “Monumenta Britannica”. In the early 18th century, Aubrey’s views became known to William Stukeley who not only declared Stonehenge (and Avebury) to be a temple of the Druids, but, according to some, was instrumental in initiating in 1717 the first Order of Druids on Primrose Hill, London

Exactly when the Ancient Order of Druids began their annual summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge is unclear and the celebrations that occur at Avebury, but it is understandable why Druidry takes place here, if it is indeed believed that Druids built both.

Druidry was the native spiritual tradition of the people’s who inhabited the islands of Britain and Ireland, spreading through much of Europe.  Though many consider it to have been a religion or political force that came to Britain with the influx of culture concurrent with the Iron Age, it is increasingly understood, and acknowledged, to be of an older indigenous if ever-evolving religious tradition sourced within these islands.
As an ancient pagan religion, Druidry is based on the reverential, sacred and honourable relationship between the people and the land.  In its personal expression, modern Druidry is the spiritual interaction between an individual and the spirits of nature, including those of landscape and ancestry, together with the continuities of spiritual, literary and cultural heritage. Most Druidic practice is celebrated openly. Public ritual ceremonies marking the seasonal festivals are open and free to all. Examples of these include the gorseddau at Avebury and Stonehenge.

The Beech Tree 

The wishing Tree / sacred tree / the ancient tree / magic tree…..there are many names given. 

As I walked around Avebury Stone circle I came across 3 amazing exposed beech trees, where the roots are on show they sit on top of a slight hill. Upon the roots and trees there are offerings. Offerings of love, peace and wishes, people will also walk between them and whisper a prayer or a wish to the tree spirits of the gods/ goddess of this ancient land. A peaceful spot that is a main site for Druid rituals.

Traditional folk magic suggests that Beech wood or leaves can be carried to enhance the flow of creativity (so in druidic terms, it has a connection to the flow of Awen). It’s also associated with wishes, where one folk magical tradition has a person write their wish on a beech stick, then bury the stick in the ground. As the stick returns to the earth through the natural process of decomposition, the wish will be manifested in the world. A final piece of folk-lore suggests that beech is also tied to prosperity.

Lovers had craved their names into the Beech tree as it is believed that their love will grow with the tree.
















The West Kennet Long Barrow

The West Kennet Long Barrow is situated on the skyline to the south of Silbury Hill. It is a 104 metre long earthen bank with a series of stone chambers at its eastern end. At around 3700BC it was constructed centuries earlier than Silbury Hill or Avebury Stone Henge. It appears to have been in use up until about 2200 BC when for some reason it was closed off. There is still some mystery about how it was used. It is obviously of some funerary importance as when excavated the remains of 46 people were found within the stone chambers, at least a dozen of whom were children. It is now accepted that long barrows were more than just tombs and were almost certainly the focus of other rituals that were important to the society who built them. Its prominent hillside position and the fact that the barrow is aligned east/west would appear to be meaningful. The direction of the rising sun would seem the most obvious reason for such an orientation.
Many see barrows as a door to another world – a liminal, a place of intense spiritual awareness. The remains of offerings are frequently found within: fruit, flowers, corn, candles and incense are a reminder of how important the barrow is to some.

The barrow, which is now part of the Neolithic Avebury complex, is one of the most visited and best preserved burial mounds in Britain. It may also claim to having one of the oldest hauntings in the country, if not the world.

One Man and His Dog
It is said that at dawn on the longest day, the figure of a man dressed in white robes, possibly the ghost of one of those who were buried within the tomb, has been seen standing on top of the mound accompanied by a large powerful hound with starling red ears. The pair are said to stand silently and quite motionless at the barrows eastern end, presumably waiting for sunrise. At first light, they turn in unison and enter the tomb below. Several local farmers, who’s profession ensures an early start, have witnessing this strange eerie spectacle.

There have been occasions where people have reported intense feelings of dread when inside the tomb. Some even claim to have seen figures moving therein and the faint sound of whispered voices.

Early one morning in 1992, a holidaying couple had a terrifying experience whilst inside the barrow; well one did, her partner was actually outside during her ordeal. She had been exploring the interior, when all of sudden she was grabbed by unseen hands which attempted to pull her towards the deepest part of the chamber. Later, when she had regained some composure, she told her partner of the terror that took hold of her as she tried desperately to break free from the invisible clutches that held her fast. She described how her whole body had become inexplicably ‘weighed down‘, like she was walking through deep mud making any movement a huge effort. It transpired she had only been in the chamber minutes but the whole sorry episode felt to her like an eternity.

The Ghosts of Avebury

Avebury Manor – It is reported that a white lady drifts around the grounds of the manor and sometimes the stones, her face covered by a large hood. The manor house itself is said to be haunted by several entities. One spirit which would scatter rose petals across the floor of the Crimson Room, a phantom monk was spotted in the library, and a ghostly Cavalier sometimes makes an appearance.

Diamond shaped stone (outer ring) by the roadside – This particular stone is reputed to cross the road at midnight.

Field close to Silbury Hill – A government worker walking from Avebury Manor reported encountering a ghostly woman in white lace and a white hood at an iron gate close to Truslow. The witness said the woman appeared from nowhere, took his shoulders, and spun him around before pushing him away.

Red Lion public house – The wife of an English Civil War veteran, Florrie was strangled and tossed down a nearby well by her husband once he discovered she had slept with other men while he was away fighting. She now haunts the public house, scratching anyone who upsets her. The sounds of a phantom coach have also been heard outside the building, while in 2004 a photograph was taken which captured the image of a bleeding bald man.
Silbury Hill – No one can say for sure why the hill was built, though one group has alleged that it was the only way the builders knew of immobilizing a great evil. The ghost of King Sil is also said to ride around the base of the mound on moonlit nights, while others believe that a horse and rider of solid gold are contained within. Finally, another ghost, this time headless, is said to haunt the base.

Standing Stones – Locals claim that these stones have an air of ill luck surrounding them, with several bizarre accidents occurring in their presence. At night, phantom singing has been heard going from the circles. Another person claims to have seen a medieval fair in progress while she stood in the circle.

The Lodge – Stories tell of a number of phantoms said to inhabit this building, including children, a young woman, a man in Georgian style clothing, a voice speaking in French and a coach drawn by four horses. A former owner of the property believed the building to be the most haunted house in England, though the current occupier has not encountered anything and is a little more cynical.

The churchyard – A witness on bicycle spotted a large white figure in this churchyard.










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Day Of The Dead and Sugar Skull Mexican Tradition – Thursday 2nd November 2017

BY Charlene Lowe Kemp

Día de los Muertos

The day of the dead is a interesting holiday celebrated every year In central and southern Mexico on November 1st and 2nd. Even though this clashes with the Catholic holiday called All Soul’s & All Saint’s Day, people have combined this with their own ancient beliefs of honouring their passed loved ones.

It is believe that the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on October 31, and the spirits of all deceased children (angelitos) are allowed to reunite with their families for 24 hours. On November 2, the spirits of the adults come down to enjoy the festivities that are prepared for them.

In some Indian villages, beautiful alters (ofrendas) are made within each home. These are decorated with buckets of flowers, candles, mounds of fruit, peanuts, stacks of tortillas, plates of turkey and DAY-OF-THE-DEAD breads called pan de muerto. The alter itself is stacked with lots of foods, bottles of pop, hot chocolate and water for the weary spirits. 

Toys and candles are left for the spirits of the children expected on the 1st and on 2nd cigarettes and shots of Mezcal are left for older spirts. Sugar skulls and little folk art skeletons are brought from markets and provide the alters with the final touches needed.

This is a extremely expensive holiday for those celebrating. Many save at least 2 months income to honour their dead relatives during this time and they believe that happy spirits will provide them with protection, good luck and wisdom. 

Festivities are taken to the cemetery on the 2nd of November. During this day people will clean tombs, play cards, listen in to the village band and generally reminisce about their passed loved ones.

Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico and the Catholic world. Many countries such as Italy, Spain, South America and the Philippines all celebrate All Souls and All Saints Day on November 1st and 2nd. It is only in Central and Southern Mexico where the colourful parties take place in the cemeteries and elaborate ofrenda altars are built in the homes to honour specific family members who have passed on.

The Sugar Skull Tradition

Sugar art was brought to the New World by Italian missionaries in the 17th century. The first Church mention of sugar art was from Palermo at Easter time when little sugar lambs and angels were made to adorn the side altars in the Catholic Church.

Mexico, abundant in sugar production and too poor to buy fancy imported European church decorations, learned quickly from the friars how to make sugar art for their religious festivals. Clay molded sugar figures of angels, sheep and sugar skulls go back to the Colonial Period 18th century. Sugar skulls represented a departed soul, had the name written on the forehead and was placed on the home ofrenda or gravestone to honour the return of a particular spirit. Sugar skull art reflects the folk art style of big happy smiles, colourful icing and sparkly tin and glittery adornments. Sugar skulls are labour intensive and made in very small batches in the homes of sugar skull makers. These wonderful artisans are disappearing as fabricated and imported candy skulls take their place.

There is nothing as beautiful as a big, fancy, unusual sugar skull! And many people who are celebrating will paint their faces and dress up to represent the sugar skull.

Although it is a holiday from far away in southern Mexico, it’s a holiday one can personalize and integrate into their own religious and cultural beliefs. It is more of a cultural holiday than a religious one. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the memories of our loved ones who are now gone… through art, cooking, music, building ofrendas, doing activities with our children, we can recount family stories, fun times and lessons learned… not how the person died, but how they lived.

So this year why don’t we come together to celebrate a day dictated to our passed loved ones and kick start the tradition here in the UK.

Update – thanks to John Williams there is a event taking place in Doncaster but on the 24th November

If you wish to attend please click on the following link for details


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PARANORMAL Wiltshire – Stone Henge – Stone Circles – Crop Circles – Pt 1

So for a few weeks I have been looking at a range of different topics to write about.

One place I have always wanted to visit was Stone Henge, so I decided to have a road trip out to Wiltshire to find out the mysteries that surround this fantastic monument.

I expected to come back to write about Ley lines and the history surrounding this but while visiting found myself researching about crop circles from the internet and books. I will stress I am not expert in UFOs but the paranormal field isn’t just about ghosts and ghouls, it is all things paranormal (anything that is a mystery, unexplained which isn’t normal) , but even crop circles have been linked to spirits, something I will touch on further on in the article.

Why crop circles?, well after researching into Stone Henge, I came across many sites that connected recent and previous crop circles to this location and was fascinated at the fact that a lot of the reported crop circles are indeed reported in Wiltshire. Crop circles have been reported outside this area of course, but Wiltshire tends to be the main hotspot for them.

Many people will think that crop circles are some kind of hoax, many may believe that it is the farmers way of drawing attention to their farm, but after researching into this, farmers are less than impressed when these things pop up in their field over night and due to attention they get, the farmer ends up at a massive loss in profit, sometimes a huge loss of up to 120, 000. Some farmers will allow you access to view these circles, but looking into it, a lot don’t and a lot just do not want the attention they get, as it can result in further damage to their crop fields. The ones that do allow you to view, may put a donation box outside the field, in order for you to view, but this is at a cost of £2 and this still would not add up to what profit they would have made if they had sold the crops after harvesting.

Crop Circles are still widely considered to be one of the world’s biggest paranormal hoaxes since 1991, when hoaxes Doug Bower and David Chorley were filmed showing how they made many that had been discovered across the UK. This however, didn’t stop people believing though and has in anything paranormal people will fake… and the actual formations from these guys was nothing spectacular and the quality of them was poor compared to all the other formations. Many believed this was a deliberate distraction to dilute the interest in the real phenomenon that was and is taking place.

My thoughts are people will fake, in what ever area within the paranormal you are interested in, fakes will always be reported but it doesn’t necessary mean they are all fake and it didn’t stop crop circles being formed, in fact this year, the increase in reported crop circles have increased within Wiltshire, police put out an official statement saying that it is a criminal offence to form a crop circle and anyone caught will be prosecuted but as up to yet No body has been caught creating these formations this year or previous years apart from the two named above.

I also find it extremely interesting that surrounded around Wiltshire and Stone Henge, there are many military bases, on my travels I seen at least 3 all located with 10 mile range of Stone Henge, why is this interesting? Well this topic may be an area I need to touch up on in another article but in my opinion where there Is heightened UFO activity there tends to be a lot of government bodied areas for example look at area 51 in America and the UFO activity reported there.

So what are Crop Circles? 

Crop Circles are strange patterns that mysteriously form overnight in farmers fields. Mostly found in the United Kingdom but have been previously reported in dozens of countries around the world in past decades

Unlike many other mysterious phenomenon such as ghosts, psychic powers or Bigfoot, there is no doubt that crop circles do exist and are very real. The question is what creates them?

THERE are many theories and explanations ranging from Aliens making patterns themselves, their space ships creating an energy to form them, precise wind patterns, time travellers, scientifically undetectable earth energy fields and meridians called Ley lines, spirits (ghosts), humans and even horny hedgehogs lol.

Many believe that a crop circle could be a message to us…from who ever is doing them and when a crop circle is first reported, researchers will go out to investigate. All crop circles have the same characters such as

– Will involve circles within the pattern

It is very rare that a crop circle will contain squares, triangles or rectangles, but some may have straight or curved lines. Sceptics of these circles would suggest that a circle is the most easiest for a hoaxers to do.

– Mostly have been formed overnight. Again sceptics would say that is the best time for a hoaxer to do these to not be seen, but I would have to argue that it would be extremely difficult to create these in pitch black conditions and given the fine details of them, surely it would make it extremely difficult.

Even though, some have been reported during daylight hours it is very rare.

– usually appear in a field that has easy access to the public. It’s very rare that one will appear in a remote field.

21st August 2017 is the day the USA will experience a total eclipse. In the south of England, people will experience a partial eclipse. 

On 17th August 2017 a crop circle was reported in a field near London Southend Airport. Many people have associated this circle with the eclipse as it has appeared only days before and there are many different theories to what it could mean. For example in the picture below…


‘The mowing devil’

Many people believe that crop circles have been reported for centuries. Farmers have mentioned throughout the years strange shapes appearing in their fields but due to the fear or supersaturation these was not reported. The first piece of evidence of this was a woodcut In 1968 in Hertfordshire, which appeared to show a field of oat stalks laid out in a circle.

The pamphlet tells of a farmer who refused to pay the price demanded by a labourer to mow his field. The farmer swore that he would rather that the devil mowed it himself.

According to the pamphlet, that night his field appeared to be in a flame. He woke the next morning, the field was found perfectly mowed ‘ that no mortal man was able to do the like’

Some researchers would say that this isn’t the first ever account has the pattern in which it was made is different but many do think it is. 

The first photograph of a crop circle was in 1932 at Bow Hill, near Chichester, West Sussex.

A large proportion of these crop circles appear more regularly in or around an area that has become known as the ‘Wessex Triangle’ with its main cardinal points around Silbury Hill, Warminster and Winchester. The triangle boosts the presence of two of the largest stone circles Avebury and Stonehenge. The whole region is surrounded in burial grounds. Many being circular.

Pictured below Silbury Hill.

Silbury Hill is also circular and is the largest man-made earth work in Europe. It’s source and purpose is a complete mystery like the crop circles themselves that cluster themselves around it as a precise centrepiece for them.

Below is the area I visited at Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, where the white horse craving is situated. There has been many crop circles appear in this area in the fields and some people even reporting seeing balls of lights and strange occurrences in this area.

Below is some footage I have found by a you tube channel, Temporary templates..

As you see in the picture from the book I have, this circle would sit in the field i am in front of, where a formation of a winged insect was formed on the 26th June 2014.


ENTERING A crop circle can be an exciting, hypnotic and a mysterious experience. Of course it doesn’t come without a warning. For those who have entered, some have reported experiencing many physical and mental effects. This has been dependant on the pattern of the formation and the individual. Feelings can range from elation, peacefulness to nausea, headaches, disorientation and panic.

Some people have reported electrical tingles and other strange sensations.. Miracles and healings have also been reported but also sudden declines in well-being, as well as menstrual cycles being disrupted.

Animals have been known to act strangely in and around crop circles. Livestock and local dogs have been reported to have acted wildly in fields or houses near new formations.

Electronic equipment, for example, seems to malfunction when taken inside a formation. There has been regular reports of mobile phone batteries draining and cameras failing. There has also been reports that compasses and other magnetic devices have had strange effects on them. Farmers have also reported that combine harvesters have broken down when attempting to cut the crops.

The fields opposite Stone Henge tends to be very popular for crop formations, each different each time and each being perceived differently, take a look a some YouTube footage of a reported circle on the 8th July 2016

Pictured below is a crop circle that was reported on 7th July 1996. This is known as the ‘Julia Set’ and is 915 feet long and consisting of 151 circles.

This one is particular interesting as one of a series of fractal shapes (self replicating patterns which result from a natural reiterative equations, as generated by computers)

This was formed during day light hours and believed to have been created in a 45 minute slot. In full view of stone Henge, in front of the road the A303, with nobody reporting to have seen someone doing it.

OLIVER’S CASTLE – 7 second Formation – 1996 .

The footage was taken near an ancient hill fort of Oliver’s Castle, near Devizes, Wiltshire.  This footage as split researchers to whether is was an elaborate stunt or genuine proof. It still has many researchers convinced it is in fact genuine despite an admission it was a hoax.

What are your thoughts….

To read more take a look at this article


Reported 4th August 2017

MY VISIT and look around 18th August 2017

THERE is a donation box if you wish to visit, it’s not so easy to find, the farmer as not drew attention to it being there, but the reason she has opened it up is because people who have been interested have visited in their 100’s and have unfortunately damaged some of her other crops trespassing.

Feelings when stood in the centre

dizziness, emotion and sickness


Reported 7th August 2017


20th August 2017

Unfortunate for me, the farmer had harvest the remaining crop so the depth of the circle wasn’t so clear. On my pictures you can still see the outline where it was and upon looking at this crop circle and the previous one I had visited in Wiltshire they appeared to have similar characters. Both had like a weaved effect to them, like a blanket would, rather than just a flattened effect.

This one, however, had like weaved swirls as you can see in my second picture and I would guess it would have taken some time to do this.

Feelings while being in this circle was disorientation, feelings that everything appeared closer then it was.

I HAVE included an over head video I have found on YouTube by Matthew Williams, for you to have a better look.

To view the latest crop circles and to see whether you can access the sites please visit the below site, where all the information is available

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Paranormal Hauntings

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IBIZA – Es Vedra – The MYTHS and SECRETS 

Thousands of tourists visit the island of Ibiza every year with the intention of visiting the masses of nightclubs, sunbathing and relaxing while glancing at their beautiful surroundings the island has to offer.

Booking a break myself I decided to head to Ibiza for just that, a complete break for 10 nights with nothing associated to the paranormal what so ever, But depending what you believe the paranormal had a way of finding me without me even realising and I was quite amazed with what I found while there and coming back researching the area, I could see why all week I had been extremely drawn to the area, so drawn that I decided to rent a buggie to just visit. I Came back and researched the area and was quite amazed and decided I had to visit again the day after to take more footage and to add it to this article for you guys to read.


As I approached the area it seemed to have a spiritual feel to it, but looking around I thought it could be the beauty of the area. 

I started to walk and reached the first viewing point looking over the cliff I was taking in by the breath taking views of the sea. A Couple appoached and from the point where im stood i could not see Es Vedra so i asked if they knew where it was. They stated it was further down the track and there was another viewing point and said you must go to see, it is said that it is full of good energy. I was a little suprised by the comment and felt i had needed to see it anyway. I then looked behind me to see what appeared to be rocks stacked. At this point my phone goes which I answer (this is a important part later).

I then walk over to the rocks to see two pink ribbons on the trees either side of what I could only describe as two stone circles. These are not the stone circles you may see in England, these are stone circles that look like they have been made in more recent times and appear to be used for some ritual to this day.

I approach and seen there is a entrance to both, but on the this one, specifically, there is some kind of decoration if you like or display (pictured below) 

There is like a maze you then have to walk round which goes in a circle, once you have reached the middle there are what appears to be offerings placed there. I took off a chain and placed it there unsure if I was partipating correctly. I then wondered back out the circle and on leaving placed a stone onto the walls. It appears that this is what may happen as the walls have small and big stones placed on top of another and colourful stones people have coloured themselves. 

The second one is slightly different with stones being placed within a circle of circles with one entrance through the middle. I couldn’t quite work out what they could be used for but did come to the conclusion that it was linked to a ritual that probably takes place at the first and maybe this circle is used either after or before you have entered the first as a celebration or event ( for example a bride walking down the aisle to get to the front of the alter to get married) 

I then began to notice that ribons was placed in a line, I followed them and they lead me to the entrance of the area and quickly realised this was a sign for people to find the circles. 

I came away full of questions and proceeded to make my way down the track to where the couple had told me to go. 
I was amazed by the beautiful view.
I came back and researched the area and was surprised that many paranormal teams have investigated here at the watch tower at the top, which is known as the pirate tower. It is said that the apparition of Virgin Mary has been witnessed many times.

Many people who are of a spiritual kind use this location to relax and worship. I was later told that when I was rung, they could hear what sounded like a ITC session being done behind my voice and that they could hear me, but like when the ITC is on they could also hear names being said and other voices….was it simply a bad phone connection or was something trying to reach me?

We also decided to ask a local regarding what may happen around the stone circles. I was told ‘bad practice happens..not good..’ ‘they place a stone on everytime they do a ritual not good at all’ with my Spanish being limited I couldn’t explore it anymore but I said do these people believe it is good, which she replied ‘yes but shouldn’t be messed with..its very bad’ 

SOME locals believe that Es Vedra is actually cursed rather then having good energy around it.


Es verda stands at almost 400 metres high, it is a uninhabited rock island made of limestone and is situated 2km off the West coast of Ibiza.

Es Vedra is surrounded by many myths and legends and is said to be the 3rd most magnetic spot in the world ( after the north pole and Bermuda triangle). Many geologists say this isn’t true but they can not deny that navigational instruments tend to go haywire in this area and it is also impossible to get a direct compass reading. Homing pigeons also often get confused whilst flying over the island and often completely lose their sense of direction.

Another interesting part to this island is that many people have reported UFO sightings. Some even believe that there is a secret UFO base under sea and ES Vedra is the gateway or navigation beacon. Unidentified objects have been spotted swimming in the sea and circles of light emerging from the sea have often caused many boat captains and fisherman to avoid the area.

There is a famous case which was near Es Vedra and was named ‘caso Manises’ and is one of the classic events in the history of Spanish Ufology. 11th November 1979 an airplane carrying 109 passengers on board was on route to Palma de Mallorca to Tenerife, it made a emergency landing at Ibiza after the pilots claimed they was being followed or chased by a UFO. There is a video on YouTube you can listen to (if you have good Spanish) of conversations the pilots had while flying over Ibiza.

One of the myths is that it was home of the sirens and sea nymphs who tried to lure Ulysses from his cave in Home’s Odyssey and also it is believed to be the birth place and holy island of the Phoenician goddess, Tanit. It is said sacrifices took place on the shores during full moons to honour her. Other stories tell of two brothers who cured there father with a special rock sapphire from the island. To get the rock they had to fight a giant who lived there in one of its many caves. The brothers won.

IT is also said that part of Es Vedra was maybe used to build the Pyramids in Egypt as the limestone rock is claimed to hold a maximum concentration of energy, that similar to the Pyramids, Stonehenge and Easter Island.

One of the best known myths surrounding Es Vedra is that it is the tip of the sunken civilisation of Atlantis. The natural cave of Atlantis is in the bay opposite Es Vedra.


Atlantis, as the hippies called this place in reference to the myth of the Atlantis island loss, is officially known as Sa Pedrera of Cala d’Hort. This is an old quarry from where the stones were removed to build part of the Dalt Vila walls in the XVI century. Furthermore, according to a legend these stones were also used for the Egyptian pyramids. The curious diagonal slashes of the rocks create strange stepped structures by where the water from the sea slips through and forms natural pools. Among the walls it can be found small altars, carved drawings and images, many of them Buddhist and Hindu symbols and divinities. Possibly due to the strong influence that these philosophies and Eastern religions had in the hippy movement.

One of the Hindus deities more depicted is the Shiva god. Some people believe that the island is under the influence of this destructor, regenerative and creator god. Shiva destroys everything that is unnecessary in order to regenerate the energies and be able to create something again, so this god could be kind or evil. He is the god of chaos, dominates all the supernatural forces, the esoteric, the magic, what is unclassifiable and dangerous. Shiva also is the protector of the alienated people, those who for different reasons are different and live outside the convention. In line with his irrational and impulsive strength, he also is the god of drunkenness, of the feast, of the sexual pleasure and debauchery. In his regenerator side, he is the one who guides the reflection and self-control of the ascetic people in their life of solitude, sacrifice and self-denial in order to reveal them the truth. As a god of creative knowledge, he instructs the philosophers and teachers, and inspires and protects the artists.

Curiously, many of the descriptive traits of Shiva god are very similar to the characteristics of the Scorpio sign. According to the conclusions of the astrology congress celebrated in Ibiza in 1978, this zodiacal sign rules the Magic Island. Scorpio energies are associated with the mysterious, the esoteric, the seduction and sexuality. As Tanit goddess or Shiva god, they are bipolar forces that symbolize death and life. Scorpio stands for transformation processes, loneliness and isolated reflections which lead to a state of change and metamorphosis to be able to undertake a new beginning. This is the creative capacity that allows you to reinvent yourself, to be reborn again. As occurs in the cycle of the island, the lonely, quiet and introspective winters give way to the explosive summer seasons full of vitality, party and sensuality. ‘ 

Source from

So of course after researching I couldn’t not go back, so this time, we went and approached a local that appeared to be guarding the area and asked him if he knew what the circles meant.
His response was that a man was diving along the edge of what is believed to be apart of Atlantis and seen some engravings on the walls under the sea, of circles, he decided to come back up and form these circles on the land and said that to walk around the circle you are opening yourself up spiritually and when u reach the middle you have reached your maxium and mediation after this is suppose to be amazing. YOU place something down from yourself as a thank you and then you proceed to mediate. YOU place a rock onto the circle to be welcomed back.


This is a tradition that has followed on for many years and many people come to this area to open up and describe the mediation they experience to be something that they have never experienced before.

HE then asked if we knew where Atlantis was and proceeded to tell me if we followed the ribons from the circle down the cliff side we would find Atlantis beach. Pictured above is the cliff edge you need to climb down from the ribbon, the ribbons then all follow down the slope. I was quite surprised he informed me of this as after researching I knew it was something the locals didn’t like to tell and I knew it was a area which many struggle to find. 

So we proceeded down the cliff following the ribbons to come across arrangements of other stones all scattered around.

Along the way there was caves that people have made fires in, engraved symbols and writing in and had left over candles. 

Further down we reached a open area where people had made symbols from the rocks and had a mass of stone arrangements all over.

When we got to Atlantis beach the views was amazing. It appeared to look as though a temple once stood there but over the years has subsided. It has coral surrounding it, attached in parts, which suggests to me that at some point this area was under sea. The cliff you go down to get to this area has thick, soft sand all the way up, which the sea no longer gets to and there is too much sand to suggest the wind blows it upwards in my opinion. Within the temple area there is natural rock pools, these rock pools have steps within them.

Do I think this was a temple from Atlantis….yes I do the structure appears to look as though it was a temple at some point…yes the land was quarried but by the Romans in 123BC…was they trying to get rid…was they bothered it was a temple from previous years (probably not) and maybe they probably would have wanted to get rid?…but I’ll leave you as the reader to decide…either way the concept is very interesting and I’m so very pleased I found this hidden gem.


Below is some photos I took from this area and a few short look around videos.