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By Charlene Lowe Kemp

Recently I  have had a lot of people come forward sharing their creepy paranormal experiences….

We have been fascinated by these stories and what people from across the world have experienced.



So with their consent I thought I would share some of these experiences with yourselves….. So sit back, relax, tuck yourself up in bed and ready for a good creepy tale or two?



JENNIFER RIDLEY – The Floating Women

”at my previous address I lived in a 1930’s house just me and my 2 girls it was small, cosy and had a nice feel. Lots of little things used to happen, lights going on and off things being thrown and my dogs growling at the wall. The previous owners had lived there since the end of the war until about 4 years before I moved in when they both died peacefully there within 6 months of each other, the house stood empty until I brought it. The gentleman was a German prisoner of war, who stayed here after the war to marry the English girl he loved. I saw photos of both of them. One night not long after moving in I woke up to see right before me a floating woman’s head above the bed, it was the lady I’d seen in the photos and I got the sense she was cross with me in her room, it scared me and jumped out of bed putting on the light and she disappeared, I slept with the light on for 2 weeks after that lol about a month later I again woke in the night and turned to look beside me and she was laying in the bed next to me staring at me as jumped backwards she floated out of the bed and through the closed-door… terrified as I was I had to go check on my girls one slept upstairs and one down as she is disabled … thankfully they were both fine and fast asleep.. again I slept with the light on for weeks after that but I never saw her again …. I just asked her if she minded if we lived there for a while and that I was happy to share with her if she promised not to scare me or my girls and she didn’t !”

LINDA FENTON – Haunting from a Hospital? 

I had a strange experience myself many years ago when my ex husband and I moved into a brand new house on a new housing estate I had gone to bed early and my ex was watching telly I was just dosing of when I sensed I wasn’t alone l looked over to my bedside cabinet and there was a young girl who looked about 15-16 just sitting on it smiling at me she had long blonde hair in plaits she was wearing a white blouse and a long black skirt with braiding around the bottom I shouted at her what are you doing in my bedroom she looked so real and she didn’t disappear until I put the light on I never saw her again but we found out that other neighbours on the estate had been experiencing some supernatural problems as well it turned out that the old hospital across the road from us used to be a workhouse in Victorian times and when the local graveyard was full they used to take the body’s and wheel them in a cart and bury them in the fields at the back of our houses without any headstones or anything anyway some people complained to the local council saying it wasn’t right to build a housing estate over graves so the council put up a memorial stone to them and I think things improved after that.

MARK MEADOWS – The Evil Spirit


“I tried committing suicide 3 years ago, I died, and was brought back. I had hellish nightmare, that I will tell in another story later. Once I was released from the hospital after being in ICU, I had to serve 30 days in a mental home. Once I got out, I had an evil spirit. Probably a demon that was attached to me, and the house. I was scared cause I pray, and believe in God. I would hear growling, and see a dark shadow every now n then. Ignoring it, made it worse. It started to bother my mom by shaking her bed or anything she sat on. My mother was always scared. Eventually she could never get sleep. After she couldn’t sleep for a week we tried using holy water n cleanse our house n property line. It made it worse. Scratches started appearing on my back. Then the cross was knocked off the wall with some kind of gooey substance on it. My dog was getting attacked all the time, and would shake constantly. Then I started getting voices in my head with constant sadness. We finally had our local priest come over, and help us. He read verses of the bible, and blessed the house with holy water. He had us hang rosaries all over the house. This still didn’t stop it. But helped a little better. What finally helped was me going to confession, and praying to the holy spirit to bless n protect me with the white light. Its been gone ever since, and I try to keep on going to my church at least once a month. I’d like to go more if I could. The evil spirit is gone. I still have the broken Cross to remind me that this was real. My family never believed us when this was happening. We were on our own to figure it out.”

SARAH JENNINGS – My Death Experience

“I took my life september 12 2016.. my ex boyfriend left me.. he is a narcissistic sociopath psychopath person. The up down up down of his abuse was to hard for me. I tried getting away from it but it was very hard. My psychiatrist has diagnosed me with Stockholm syndrome gas lighting disorder c-ptsd and narcissistic victim.. killing myself was my way of getting away. My three teenage kids were well taking care of. I took 55 ambien tablets, the moment it took effect my grandmother who has passed for well over 10 years came to me and told me to call 911 before the dark slipped over me. In the place i went was a dining room table and my grandpa was sitting at the head of it. My grandmother was beside me crying. She told me i had to go back. That i had a special gift waiting for me. My grandpa hugged and kissed me and told me my ex boyfriend will never leave me alone but didn’t want me. If i stayed away from him i will be stronger. My grandma has always came to me sitting at the dining room table this was the first time i seen my grandpa. I remember everything blurring and my grandparents telling me they loved me and i had to go back. I didnt want to. I was at peace. From all the hurt i suffered as a child and all through my adulthood I wanted to stay but I couldn’t it just wasn’t my time. EMT and law enforcement don’t know how long i was gone for. When they had found me my lips where all ready blue and i was cold to the touch. From what my mom say my mom arrived and told them to start CPR and to restart my heart. At this point i watched my mom argue with the EMTs and looking at my spirit telling me to come back please just come back she couldn’t make it with out me that she will die too. All i can see and hear is her crying. Walking to my body. While the EMT started CPR and had the paddles ready. It was slow motion. I remember hearing my grandma tell me that i can be happy again. I dont know anything else after the paddle shock. It is all black. I was on life support for a week. My mom was there the whole time. She wont leave my side. I CANT get her crying that day out of my head. I was sent to a mental Institution for 30 days. My childhood has been wiped away and most of my memories. I have to rely on other people and pictures to tell me things. My mom said GOD didn’t want to send me back with bad memories it was time for me to be happy. After my death and life I found out that I’m going to be a grandmother that was what my grandmother was telling me that was so special for me to be here. I have a 3 month old grandson. I thank god everyday for giving me my second life.. a few months ago i found out from my cousin that my grandmother came to my aunt and told her to call 911 and gave her the location to where i was at. And then called my mom. My mom knew what was going on but didn’t know where to find me. I am better now. I am happy. I see two psychiatrists. I am a regular at church. I have my kids, my family, and my ex husband back in my life”

Member – The Nun

“I was born on a summer day in a little old nineteen 20 s council flat in London, the youngest of 9, two died , our little flat was ornate crooks and crannies , in the room my mum gave birth to me, there was a floor to ceiling arch, in that arch the second I landed on planet earth , a nun appeared, my mum knew this would be my earth guide, my mum and her sister my gran [gran i never knew died before i as born] were all spiritualist all saw spirit and picked up on most things, The years rolled on, I got married, got pregnant with my daughter, the hospital I gave birth to my daughter was very old went back to 16 somethings, The General Lying in hospital [ London], I had a retained placenta and i had a hemorrhage, has I came round, a beautiful young fresh face Nun in a royal blue skirted long dress, with a white apron and white wrist cuffs, was holding my hand and telling me ‘ill be alright now’, She then seemed to move away, i closed my eyes and for a second a lovely little Irish nurse in a stripe green nurse s’ uniform was asking if i ‘d like a cup of tea, i asked her where is the nun in the white, she said there were none in the hospital only black dressed nuns on rare occasions s,I must be dreaming i thought, after a while the nun i saw was dressed in the days of old what the french nun would have dressed like years ago, i thought about what my mum saw when i was born and instantly i thought that my mum was right and this nun was my earth guide. 


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