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Charlene Lowe Kemps Find

Charlene Kemp.

Lee Steer account at Hoober

” After many years investigating Hoober stand, it’s properly the only place as a skeptic I feel somewhat on edge.”

The first strange encounter here was around 13 years ago. With two friends John and Phil had decided to explore hoober and investigate. On this particular night it wasn’t ghosts and the paranormal that we encountered but something id class as far more scarier.
We were walking up towards the stand and we seen what appeared to be 8-10 men dressed in hooded white coats towards us. As we came closer we felt somewhat uncomfortable and started to run the other way away from them to which they started to chase us. We managed to get away and quickly went home.

The day after, we again decided we would head back just to see if there was any evidence to what they may have been up to and what they may have not wanted us to see. What we found was a crow pinned to a tree, which had been butchered and its insides was out.

Throughout history a crow as been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings, but mainly is associated to bad omen, death and dark witchcraft.

This crow did appear to have been sacrificed and we believe it could have possibly been done by an occult and we may have caught them in the act.

‘ In occult theory a living creature is a storehouse of energy, and when it is killed most of this energy is suddenly liberated. The killing is done inside the circle to keep the animal’s energy in and concentrate it. The animal should be young, healthy and virgin, so that its supply of force has been dissipated as little as possible. The amount of energy let loose when the victim is killed is very great, out of all proportion to the animal’s size or strength, and the magician must not allow it to get out of hand. If he is unsure of himself or lets his concentration slacken, he may be overwhelmed by the force he has unleashed.’

John Ankerberg

Sacrifices normally take place as an offering to please or appease gods, spirits or the deceased.

Like I say I have investigated this location many times and the overall feel from mediums that have come here is that witchcraft does take place without me mentioning my encounter here.

Over the years myself, John and Phil have told many about this story. And for me each time I visit it unmasks something new.

Myself and Charlene decided to visit Hoober Stand one evening and Charlene Found a interesting find.


”This particular evening we decided to head over to hoober and have a look around it was still daylight and the place has a much better feel to it we thought.

We were quite surprised when we accidentally came across what we may believe is to be some kind of sacrifice alter as pictured above. This isnt easily to find and is very carefully hidden away to the eye. Many times I have walked past this area and its never stood out but like I say it is very cleverly hidden within the brushes and is set quite abit back. We literally found it out of pure chance. There is a flat surface at the top which appears there would be enough room for a person to lay and candles laid out around this area that had been lit at some point and the wax was over the rocks. Clearly in front of this is where a fire has been had. All indictions of witchcraft and dark arts.

On further investigation at the side of this we found a leather type pocket it wasn’t until further inspection of this we realised the shape and be labelled as a heavy duty axe.

This laid on top on the over growth but when we decided to uncover what was under this we actually found a Axe.

We have since been in contact with some investigators (phil and john) who know abit about occults/witchcraft and dark arts and decided we would take them to have a look, which their thoughts also is that this could very well be some kind of sacrifice alter.

So have we gained evidence to suggest that witchcraft does indeed exist within hoober, I will leave it up to you as the reader to decide :).

Just a warning to any investigators out there thinking of investigating this location, please do not go alone, please go in a large group and try to stay together because even if you do feel this may not be linked to this behaviour, someone somewhere knows of this place and someone has placed this item here and even if removed properly would hide other weapons around this location.”

Update 14/09/16

After releasing this article yesterday it has came to light by certain investigators who have studied the occult and have practised in such has suggested this may not just be a sacrifice alter but also could be a Sex magick Altar.

‘For people of you that don’t know this, the story of sex magick starts with the Knights in battle Templar. This is the Western origin of sex magick. In 1118 C.E it was the Templars’ objective to ensure that the pilgrims in the Middle East were guarded. The storyline from the Templars is extremely interesting when it comes to sex magick, they were said to have learned the sex magick from the ancient Indians. The secret information on Sex Magick was said to be passed to the Freemasons, then finally the Rosicrucians from the Templars.

The order of the temple of Jerusalem was really a protective group, the ensured that the pilgrims were protected in their travels. It is thought that money and riches came from both alchemy and “attraction” magic. There was also some reports that the Templars found treasure from King Solomon. In total members included around 30,000. Apparently the Frence king of France at the time, King Philip, was annoyed at the rate of wealth of the Templars, thus, he accused them of being evil. Worshipping Saturn and the most important accusation: carrying out evil sex acts.  He reported to Pope Clement that the Templars were carrying out sex magick and therefore many Templars were burned or tourched. Not a great start to the definition to Sex magick, but this was the story.’


Pictured below is a sex magick alter..this is what they typically look like. I think with this for us we feel it is one of the above if not both.




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