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The Church Refused To Return To This Haunted House??? Paranormal Documentary

Paranormal magazine AKA project-reveal was called for help from a family in south kirkby, in south Yorkshire England, who was experiencing poltergeist activity revolving their daughter.

upon arrival the team could instantly tell that the family have been experiencing some major things, just from the look of their face, you saw pure fear and panic, they then Brierly explained the story’s to the groups skeptics “lee steer and dave rising.

The Key Points of Interest was.. 

  • The vicar refused to return to the house.
  • The Social worker, experienced the child getting dragged, and will do all she can to get them out of the house.

Here is the video documentary / investigation of the nights events when paranormal magazine came to visit with project-reveals Mediums “sensitive’s”  to move along the spirits which reside there.



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