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The Paranormal Police!! To regulate the field.. The New Direction

The time is here, the paranormal police if set-up and ready to monitor your ethics, best practices, and fakery, they are here to regulate what you do within the field!!!!

Sadly i am only joking about the above but heyyy i wish i wish to a certain degree..


From 1970s to the 1990s was the paranormal community’s true era, for science, real investigations, real discovery.. But what has changed from then to now? back then the people who would come to investigate your hauntings would be people who had an education or background in (EMF electro magnetic fields) – Temperature – Acoustics “audio” – Even Doctors..

Now days, the people who come to your house are people “with little knowledge of what they are using”  telling you “ghosts exist” this equipment is to pick up on ghosts” WRONG! it isn’t… everything in the paranormal world / community is based on a theory, a theory of which isn’t yet proven in the eyes of science.  so any piece of equipment which claims to pick up on ghosts is basically lying  in your face… People can have an opinion on the fact and if they say “i believe that this piece of equipment can contact ghosts / spirits” then that’s a different matter as the person as admitted that its only their view.

So why do people have little knowledge on the field????


Please don’t bombard me if you own or run an event company, as a skeptic i do respect alot of event company’s out there, who are trying there best to do the field some good… but also a good number of event company’s cause the community so much harm its unreal! Why? To some people the community is a profit maker, and business needs over run the RESEARCH EVIDENCE collecting with these people, This causes sloppy evidence collecting, 10000s of ghost videos on youtube.. which claim to be 100% legitimate.. when you watch these videos you see a bunch of people who have no idea what the equipment picks up.. and for skeptics like myself this is frustrating…

due to the tv shows, it has sparked major interest with the vast majority of people, which will cause them to book on a ghost hunt, with a local ghost hunting event company…….. OR it will cause them to make there own team by watching the shows they see… the problem with shows is that they are mostly one sided, and they don’t tell you the other side of the argument, and they dont seem to tell you what can cause the activity’s of which is taking place. “plus the clear evidence of fakery just makes people like more more of a skeptic”

I am sure that event company’s now over run the paranormal research teams… which make real research teams jobs alot harder now.. as people see a price tag on the field, back in the 70s+ it wasnt like this with event company’s and venues wanting to make a quick buck!!! so now the real research teams are getting charged an arm and a leg due to the popular “entertainment era of ghost hunting”..

So we have gone from a legitimate research field into an Entertainment field and this saddens me so much…

Now i just want to make clear i don’t have a problem with event company’s i have worked with 100s of them, and i am fine with them as long as they make clear what they are doing, and have done their research on what they are using… also staying true to the guests, and if you are doing it for entertainment state it! 🙂 just please don’t brain wash that’s all i ask.

And this is my little rant over for now….



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  1. Couldn’t agree more.

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