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Looking To Investigate a Witch’s Prison?

Looking to investigate something different? here is your chance!

Step into an eerie world of witchcraft, execution, torture and darkness in one of England’s most haunted houses.

The Cage in St Osyth was once a medieval prison and temporary ‘home’ to many women, including England’s most notorious witch Ursula Kemp, who was accused of witchcraft and hanged in 1582.

 Back in the 16th century, witch-hunts were common and popular. Ursula Kemp, a young nursemaid and healer, was well known by the local folk for her special ability of removing curses from those who believed they’d been hexed and for making and selling potions to cure the sick. She was said to be a fine woman and a good mother to her son Tom. After a local woman accused Ursula of witchcraft and went to Lord Brian Darcy of St Osyth Priory with her complaint, the infamous St. Osyth witch trials began. Fourteen women were dubbed witches and the ones who were executed left behind young children who, tarred with the same brush as their mothers, perished alone.

mothers. This was where they would be kissed goodbye. Inside The Cage, the accused women would hold their children for the final time before being carted off for unfair trials and inevitable execution. Perhaps that’s why The Cage still holds the spirits of these ‘witches’ and their children – echoes of the pain and sorrow trapped forever within the four cold walls of this desolate place.


  Over the last 400 years, tragedy, suicide and death have plagued the residents and owners of The Cage. Is this just coincidence? Or is it because of a curse that can never be lifted?

Enter The Cage and the sadness is immediately felt, the fear and heartbreak almost tangible. Sensitive types will sense the presence of restless souls, still reaching out for their lost loved ones. Some will even hear the plaintive cries of the spirit orphans, abandoned and bereft, trapped between two worlds.

We are proud to offer an exclusive offer, for Paranormal groups and Event Company’s who are wanting to come and investigate the cage located in Essex.

£30.00 per Person, Instead of 35.00 Just quote Paranormal magazine for the deal.

Minimum of 8 People, Max of 16.

If you would like to talk to the venue organiser you can contact Vanessa here

07854 756 231