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“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.” Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 18

There is always something within us all that thrives for a bit of excitement in our own unique ways. A guilty pleasure of mine is Horror movies, but somehow with a few movies now, I feel that it isn’t the movie that frightens or questions me, more so what happened before, during  and after filming that has fascinated me even more so..

There have been many movies now that lead us to believe that the films were plagued with unusual occurrences, coincidental deaths of the cast members or relatives of those involved, freak accidents that mimicked scenes within the films made, and or strange animal behaviours especially around a specific film that I will go on to write about more in depth.

MOVIE CURSES! Yes you have read that right.. There are a number of movies now that have had a stigma attached to them, but is it real? Is it a marketing ploy? Or is it a huge coincidence in some cases? Or is it actually happening? Is there some force at work here trying to stop productions? Who knows? None the less a fascinating subject and here are a few examples of films that hold an apparent CURSE within them



Those who have seen the original 1982 film, will recognise the famous scene where ‘Diane’ played by Jobeth Williams, who was playing the mother, fell into the families pool that was filled with skeletons, these were later found to be real human skeletons that were used, as this was a much cheaper option than making and using rubber or plastic ones.

Was this a cause of some of the cast and crews demise?

5 months after the film was released, 22 year old Dominique Dunne, Who played Dana, the family’s older daughter was brutally attacked and strangled in her own driveway by her abusive ex boyfriend. Her life support was switched off 5 days later.

Will Sampson, the native American actor who starred in Poltergeist II – The other side, performed an exorcism on the set whilst filming the sequel in 1984, the cast were apparently relieved by this, however, in 1987 Will Sampson passed away of malnutrition and kidney failure aged 53.

Julian Beck, who played the main antagonist Kane in the second Poltergeist film, also passed away on September 14th 1985, aged 60 from stomach cancer, before the production of the film had even finished.

Lou Perryman, who played a minor role in the first original poltergeist, died in 2009, aged 67 after being attacked with an axe in his own home.

Heather O’Rourke, who played the lead part as Carol Anne, the little girl who was plagued by poltergeists in all three films, sadly passed away on 1st February 1988 at the mere age of 12, due to complications from an acute bowel obstruction.

It was also noted that after filming, on return home, Jobeth Williams had to straighten up her pictures she had hanging at home on a regular basis..She reported that they were continually ‘tilted’ after filming.

Also During the filming where ROBBIE is choked by the creepy clown in the original poltergeist movie, the clown robot actually did malfunction, and actually did choke child actor Oliver Robbins whilst filming! However he did live to tell the tale..

This seems to me a series of unfortunate events that are a coincidence, to the cast members, and to those who lost their lives prematurely. Julian Beck was indeed battling cancer for 18months prior to the filming of the second poltergeist.




In 1971 William Blatty wrote a novel called THE EXORCIST which was based on the real life exorcism of a boy known through a pseudonym as ROLAND DOE. Catholic Priests at the Georgetown university performed the real life Exorcism, but had to stop when Roland managed to free himself from his restraints, pull a bed spring out of his mattress, and slash one of the Priests arms. When William Blatty wrote the Novel based on these events, Roland’s family requested his identity to be changed to a girl for his protection.

In 1973 William Friedkin set out to bring the novel to the big screen which was to tell the story of a young girl possessed by a Demon that was to instil ultimate fear into its audiences.

Taking on the subject of Demonic Possession and an incredibly controversial Catholic ritual at this time, was turning many heads within the industry, and after a string of many strange and catastrophic occurrences started to amalgamate, many became convinced  that the Movie and the film set were indeed cursed by a Demon.

Whilst shooting for the film began, it was delayed however, because of a fire ripping through the set, which destroyed what was supposed to be the Macneil’s home. The Director Friedkin blamed this on a winged creature with talons. What had actually happened in hindsight was a pigeon had found its way into the set, and then found its way into one of the circuit boxes, which then, caused this fire. There is something slightly Creepy about this fire though, as the little Girl Regan’s room was totally unharmed by the Fire. Coincidence?

Whilst filming the scene where a demonically possessed Regan throws her mother to the ground, Ellen Burstyn whom played Regan’s mother was in fact actually injured by this. They went on to use this scene in the film and the blood curdling screams she lets out in the film, are actually  genuine. Ellen Burstyn still implies that the spinal injury bothers her to this day.

As with any big film production it can take well over a year for completion, and there are always possibilities of negative things happening to certain people connected within this time period, that is simply life, however, The Exorcist has had many tragedies and deaths.

Both Actors Jack Macgowran who played the part of director ‘Burke Dennings’ died from complications from influenza in post production, on 31st January 1973 and actress Vasiliki Maliaros (Karras’ mother in the film) died just 9 days later of natural causes. What makes this interesting is both parts played in the film, also died in the film.

Other deaths that occurred whilst filming were Linda Blair’s (Regan) grandfather, and Max Von Sydow’s brother, who died on the first day of filming. Whilst filming there was also an accident with a motorcycle hitting the son of Jason Miller, who played father Damien in the film, almost, killing him.

Linda Blair who played the famously possessed girl Regan in the film, also suffered a back injury in one of the possession scenes, after a piece of rigging broke. After the film was released Linda received so many death threats that the studio also had to hire her personal bodyguards to escort her over the next 6 months.

In 1987, another tragedy was to hit when the actress Mercedes McCambridge, who played the demonic voice of PAZUZU, had the terrible news that her son had murdered his wife and children before then taking his own life. 

The cast and crew were increasingly worried during the filming and it is rumoured that the set and crew were repeatedly blessed throughout.

On the film’s release, it was believed by many, that playing this through a projector to the masses was a pure invitation to the devil himself. Televangelist Billy Graham stated “THERE IS A POWER OF EVIL IN THE FILM, IN THE FABRIC OF THE FILM ITSELF”

When the film was released it was banned in every Middle Eastern country but Lebanon. During the Roman premier, it is rumoured that audiences fought their way through torrential rain, thunder and lightning, to get into the theatre. Many reported to hear demonic like cries coming from outside once the movie was rolling. One lady also claimed that she was that frightened she passed out in the theatre then fell and broke her jaw.

 Again for myself, is it a pure string of coincidences? And something completely different from the norm that people simply can’t cope with? The Exorcist film for me, never really bothered me, like many others that had watched the film would tell me, and it seems that the movie curses are almost certain to happen within movies that have a religious, biblical or demonic story. Whatever the cause, it is still known to this day as one of the scariest Horror films ever made amongst all different age groups.

Before I continue to a film that really does question me, and fascinate me, I would like to also mention a couple more films that have an apparent curse attached to their making..



Mel Gibson’s 2004 film portraying the last 12 hours of JESUS CHRIST’S life was at the centre of huge controversy throughout the world. Many people leaving half way through the film at the theatre’s, simply because of its brutality.

Jim Caviezel, whom played Jesus in the movie fell victim to various incidents during the filming, he suffered hypothermia, as well as pneumonia, a dislocated shoulder whilst hauling the Cross, he was accidently whipped during the thrashing scenes, which became infected, he endured several skin reactions and infections through the makeup and skin effects he had to wear for such long periods of time also.

Caviezel and assistant director Jan Michelini were also struck by lightning during the scene of the’ Sermon on the Mound’. Neither was injured by the lightening, however it was the second time Michelini had been hit….



The 1968 cult movie was released and also gained much hatred for its involvement with satanic witchcraft. Producer William Castle received several death threats, and believed he was the centre of a curse being made against him. It is reported he actually started to believe he was living the film, and feared witches were casting their spells upon him.  He received a hate letter stating that he was a ‘Believer of witchcraft, worshipper of the Shrine of Satan and my prediction is you will slowly rot during a painful illness brought upon by yourself’ Producer William Castle started suffering from debilitating health issues shortly after this and was convinced the film and himself were cursed.

The most horrific real life incident that happened connected to this movie also, was the murder of Director Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate who was pregnant at the time. Sharon was murdered along with her baby and three friends by members of the MANSON FAMILY.

Before I continue to what I believe is one of the most powerful films ever made,  I would also like to mention that there were also curses linked to the films Psycho, The Amityville Horror, The Conjuring, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Innkeepers and also The Possession.



The release of this movie on the date 6/6/76 couldn’t have been more appropriate, as this may possibly be one movie where the ‘true story’ was based upon the making of this film!

Gregory Peck was to play the leading role and adoptive father of Damien, the second coming. It soon became apparent that the shocking events before, during and after production would stay with the cast and crew forever, and taken to their graves.

Before filming Gregory Peck’s own son took a rifle and shot himself in the head and ended his short life unexpectedly, and without explanation, this was shortly after the actor had accepted his role. Gregory Peck continued to take the role on though his grief, barely making it across the Atlantic ocean from L.A. to London, as the plane was struck by lightning, causing an engine fire and a near fatal crash.

Lightening seemed to be a regular feature for some of the crew, as three days later, THE OMEN’S screenwriter David Seltzer was also on a flight to the UK, which also was struck by lightning. Shortly after, Mace Neufield the executive producer was also victim to the very same threat over the very same ocean. There was also a threat made to producer of the movie Harvey Bernhard, whilst visiting Rome, a lightning bolt barely missed him also.

This wasn’t the end of plane related occurrences centred around the movie either; the production team rented a plane, to shoot an Ariel view of London. The rental company had a last minute switch, resulting in the plane being hired to a group of Japanese business men instead. The plane crashed upon taking off, hitting a car and resulted in several deaths.

On the first day of shooting several of the crew members were involved in a head on collision also, but luckily no one was harmed seriously.

In a documentary I watched several of the cast and crew mentioned how erratic the Rottweiler’s were in the famous scene, where Gregory Peck is attacked by them, the stuntman ordered extra protection and padding, but still ended up with horrific injuries from these ‘highly trained’ hounds.

During the shooting in the famous scene in Longleat safari park, another crew member was to meet his demise.  A London zoo keeper named Sidney Bamford was working for the production as a big cat wrangler, for a scene which was meant to appear in the movie. The scene was to show the tiger menacing Damien, however after filming finished that day, one of the tigers wasn’t secured properly and attacked Sidney Bamford, piercing his skull and killing him. The scene was never shown in the movie.

Mace Neufield was also staying at the Hilton Hotel in London during filming, which was bombed by the I.R.A., luckily for him he wasn’t there during this time, however because one I.R.A bombing wasn’t enough to escape from, the directors , producers and several of the films actors including Gregory Peck were scheduled to eat at a restaurant in London, which was also bombed shortly before they were due.

There continued to be so many incidences that haunted the cast and crew and producer Harvey Berhard simply stated “THE DEVIL WAS AT WORK HERE, AND HE DIDN’T WANT THE PICTURE MADE”

The absolute biggest coincidence perhaps for me in this film happened a year after the movies release.

John Richardson, the special effects consultant who was responsible for creating the movies epic death scene of the photographer, was working on his next production in Holland called ‘A BRIDGE TO FAR’ .

Richardson, along with his girlfriend/assistant Liz Moore, was involved in a head on collision on Friday the 13thUnfortunately Liz Moore was decapitated in the accident very similarly portraying the death scene of the photographer in THE OMEN.

What really is scarily creepy, is at the crash site when Richardson gained consciousness was a milestone…

The mile stone read ‘OMMEN 66.6’  which stood for the town Ommen, Netherlands, 66.6km…….

So with all these scary incidents surrounding our modern day movie industry, are these mere coincidences?, a negative force at play? Is it the devil? Is it what people may think is God? Are the cast and crew merely cashing in, or are they playing their roles too much? Who knows…? I would also like to mention that 666 in HEBREW translates as WWW…. but this is another story..

 So whilst you are in your beds tonight.. Reading this story.. Sleep tight…

 By Clare Burrows



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SCIENCE Lending it’s hand to SPIRITUALITY – The Experiments



This is a subject that not only do I find fascinating, it really makes me Re-think my reality and thought process. I firstly came across these experiments whilst studying an advanced Transpersonal Awareness Course several years ago, I also believe now that not everything that we are taught is how it seems, and not everything that is taught is correct perhaps?

I am going to provide in this article, three separate documented Experiments, that were performed in the 90’s on how Human DNA, firstly, not only reacts to Human emotion, the Photons (light energy all around us) also react to the DNA and takes on the form of human emotion given off.



The first experiment and major study was performed by Two Russians, VLADIMIR POPONIN and PETER GARIAEV at the Russian Academy of Science. This was named THE PHANTOM DNA EXPERIMENT, and produced some astonishing results.

First, they created a vacuum, in a specially designed test tube, and measured the location of the ‘LIGHT PHOTONS’ (ENERGY ALL AROUND US) inside this empty vessel, to see if they were all either, clumped at the bottom, clung to the sides or dispersed randomly. These Photons were scattered randomly throughout the tube, as totally expected by the Scientists. They then placed a strand of Human DNA in this vacuumed tube, and what happens next is fascinating. The photons acted as though drawn by an invisible force and spontaneously arranged themselves around the DNA Strand. Even stranger still, when they removed the strand of DNA from the tube, the photon particles stayed in exactly the same position and shape of the DNA strand.

This is amazing evidence , as nothing in conventional physics allows for such an effect to occur, yet with this experiment and study alone, there is now observable and documented proof that DNA, the substance that composes each and every one of us, can have a powerful Effect on the world (energy of everything) around us.


Well this experiment is important as it tells us mainly, that there is a direct relationship between DNA and the energy our world is made up of. There are two certainties from the many conclusions we may draw up from this demonstration, one being, A type of energy exists that has previously gone unrecognised, and also, CELLS/DNA influence matter through this form of energy.

This experiment, THE PHANTOM DNA EFFECT has allowed us to see, that under the right laboratory conditions and with the proper equipment, we can document, that, DNA changed the behaviour of the light particles,(photons) the essence of our world, the same way as perhaps, that Ancient traditions and Spiritual Texts have informed us all along and for so long?

ULTIMATELY it has validated that we do, in fact, have a direct Effect on the world around us.


Around the same time frame that The Phantom DNA Effect was being recorded, similar experiments were being conducted by the U.S Army. They were testing the power of emotion on DNA and living cells.

Volunteers were hooked up to specially designed electrometers, then they were played a series of graphic video images (from comedy to erotica to torture), this was to create genuine states of ‘feeling’ so they could collect a broad range of emotional fluctuation.

As expected, the peaks and dips in electrical responses from the volunteers coincided perfectly with the changes in the emotional stimuli from the images.

The next phase, and this is where it becomes interesting, was they took tissue/DNA swabs from the volunteers, and placed them in a vault several hundred feet away, and repeated the experiment.

Strangely enough, the tissue/DNA samples, locked hundreds of feet away, still, registered the same electrical peaks and dips, with the volunteer’s emotional response to graphical video stimuli. More recently this experiment was performed by Dr CLEVE BACKSTER, with a distance of 350 miles away, from the volunteer to their DNA. Even at this extreme distance in experiments gauged by an atomic clock, the volunteer and their CELLS/DNA, responded absolutely identically, simultaneously.

With this experiment alone, the fact the volunteer and his CELLS/DNA are separated by 350 miles suggests the volunteers emotions, dot not ‘travel anywhere’ but rather are already, everywhere!

This experiment may also grant credibility to such practises as prayer? Or even energy healing?

It does, however, tell us one thing for sure, it certainly shows that emotion, and intention, can produce measurable physiological results at any distance.


In this third experiment, conducted around the same time also, by The Institution of HeartMath in Northern California, Scientists began by isolating Human DNA in glass beakers, then exposed them to ‘COHERENT EMOTION’, which is an intentionally created physiological state, achieved by practising specially designed mental/emotional self management techniques through meditation.

Volunteers trained in applying coherent emotion, directed it towards the glass beakers and actually succeeded in changing both the physical and chemical structures of the DNA!! Different directed intentions produced varying effects on the DNA molecules, causing them to wind or unwind, change shape or even separate atomic/chemical components.

In further studies, The HeartMath Institute found that our hearts, actually have the strongest magnetic field in the body, and that field, has an effect well beyond our actual bodies.

When we feel love or joy, our heart’s magnetic field relaxes and UNWINDS DNA, But when we feel anger, frustration, anxiety, the DNA WINDS UP.

Furthermore, when tested for immune response, researchers found that relaxed DNA performed more proficiently than the control group, whilst the tightened DNA performed far worse.

This PROVES scientifically that positive/negative emotions alter both DNA and our Immune systems, which means, our emotional states are significantly contributing to our physical health and well being.


The first experiment by Vladamir Poponin tells us that HUMAN DNA has a direct effect on the vibration of light.

The U.S Army Experiment tells us that, whether we are in the same room as our DNA or separated by distances of hundreds of miles, we are still connected to its molecules, and the effect is the exact same.

The HeartMath Experiment also tells us that Human emotion has a direct effect on DNA, which in turn, directly affects the stuff our world is made up of!

This is quite simply an inner technology, that does more than tell us Our Emotions can have an effect on our bodies and on the world around us, it shows us, that this EFFECT Actually works and it Actually exists.!!

SOOOOO.. with all this wonderful information we have, how does this affect things? It doesn’t really, but what it does do is allow us to ask ourselves questions.

Whether you are a spirit seeker, a sensitive, a religious individual practising from an ancient belief system, or from more recent based religions, or indeed a non believer, we have to question how we perceive our reality.

Does having fear, create a fearful environment and allow us to see, hear and feel fearful things?

Does being a light worker allow us to sense positive emotion from other sources?

Do mediums and sensitive’s pick up from the emotions given off by the individuals around them??


Are they picking up from emotions, positive or negative left there from times gone by? Stone tape Theory?

Can we form our own destiny?, and have the ability to help our own ailments and others ailments too?

These Experiments leave us with many unanswered, and several answered questions too.

As we know Einstein made a Theory about Energy. ‘IT CANNOT BE CREATED, NEITHER CAN IT BE DESTROYED’ but that is another article….

I hope this gives you, the reader, an insight and a chance to form your own judgement on SCIENCE lending it’s hand to SPIRITUALITY, for a change, which to me, can only be a remarkable thing on our Individual journeys throughout our time here.




By Clare Burrows


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Reincarnation, and Children’s Past Life Memories



Reincarnation is a subject that most of us find fascinating, it is also known as ‘Transmigration’ or ‘Rebirth. It is the concept that the soul, is reborn into new lives, into humans, plants or animals. Most Religions believe it is a continuation of working towards an eventual escape from the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth, and a path to absolute purity and salvation.

Reincarnation is most widely accepted by eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism to name a few. It is also found in many ancient cultures, and was also held as a belief by great historical figures such as Pythogaras, Plato and Socrates. It is also a very common belief within various ancient and modern Religions today, such as ‘Spiritism’, ‘Theosophy’ and ‘Eckankar’, as well as many other tribal communities throughout the world. Although the majority of sects within the Abrahamic Religions, such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism are not believers in Reincarnation, some particular groups within these Religions do. These groups are followers of the Kabbalah, Alawaites, Cathers and the Druze.

The Worlds longest surviving Religion ‘Hinduism’ is unified by it’s acceptance of ‘SAMSARA’, this is a chain of births and deaths linked by Reincarnation. This is controlled by what we all know in modern day as KARMA. Although Hindu’s worship an array of Gods, they believe that Karma is not assigned by any God, and is simply earned by each individual, and passed down through subsequent lives.


Following good Karma is said in Hinduism, will eventually earn a person a higher place in a future life or existence, then eventually total salvation from ‘SAMSARA’ ( Ultimate Enlightenment)

So in modern day, how do we believe or have evidence that Reincarnation actually exists?

It is said that some of most common signs and symptoms of having a past life, or past lives is firstly

DEJAVU- The feeling of overwhelming familiararity to a place you have never visited, or a person, you have never met, or to a memory you never had, hidden deep within your subconscious.

RECURRING DREAMS OR NIGHTMARES- Vivid dreams or nightmares, of specific occurrences, distress, places, times, era’s and so forth, that recur in a similar manner.

NATURAL TALENTS- Children and adults that have amazing talents without studying or practising them. Some children have been known  to speak a foreign language fluently, without ever being exposed to it.

PHOBIA’S- Most phobia’s will appear to be completely irrational, such as spiders, heights, chlostrophobia, (learnt phobia’s if you like) but what about explaining a fear that the person has never been exposed to? and never before threatened them?

BIRTHMARKS- Many Religions believe that birthmarks are a sign of Reincarnation, it is commonly believed they appear as a reminder to heal certain past life trauma’s. Apparently birthmarks can change in colour and in shape, due to an emotional shift.

SOULMATES- This is the total connection to certain people, to which individuals feel they have known each other before and feel at one, at peace, or maybe even distress with.

Although many adults do believe they have lived before within a different timeframe, body and mind, I find nothing more fascinating than the study into children whom recollect past lives with remarkable accuracy. One modern day case I have been following, is of a 10 year old boy, from the city of Oklahoma, America…

Ryan, the little boy from Oklahoma, started having vivid dreams from the age of 4, and by the age of 5, made a revelation to his mother Cyndi, whom is a devout Baptist, that he in fact used to be ‘somebody else’. He claimed he used to be a Hollywood Actor, He described his experiences of travelling the world, working with stars like Rita Hayworth, and dancing on Broadway. His mother Cyndi, claimed his stories were so detailed, there was no way a child of 5 could make these things up. As a Baptist, Cyndi had not been taught, neither was a believer in Reincarnation, however, her son Ryan’s revelations, left her feeling the need to research his claims further. It was here that a picture, in black and white, was found in a Hollywood memorial book, and Ryan, whom saw one of the pictures said ‘that was me’, ‘that’s who I was’. A man named MARTY MARTYN, who was in fact, a small role actor and Hollywood agent. The photo he saw was shot from a 1930’s film called ‘NIGHT AFTER NIGHT’, where Marty Martyn appeared as an extra, with no lines.

Ryan, in fact, went on and had identified more than 50 truths about Marty Martyn’s life, including how many wives he had, to the street he used to live in, to how his heart ‘exploded’ and even an African maid he used to have, in his home with one of his wives. As these claims and details became more specific, Cyndi the mother, sought after help from DR Jim Tucker, a Professor of child Psychiatry, at the University of Virginia. Marty Martyn died in the year of 1964, and Professor Jim Tucker stated, IF YOU LOOK AT A PICTURE OF A GUY WITH NO LINES IN A MOVIE, AND THEN TELL ME ABOUT HIS LIFE, I DONT THINK MANY OF US WOULD COME UP WITH MARTY MARTYNS LIFE’.

Ryan would regularly talk about his two sisters, trips to Paris, his 5 wives, and living on a street with the word ‘ROX’ in it. He also said he missed an orange soda called ‘TRU-ADE’. Professor Jim Tucker also stated, non of this information was available on the internet, and after thoroughly investigating what Ryan had claimed, all of the 50 plus truths were accurate. Marty Martyn had a weakness for an orange soda named ‘TRU-ADE’, he used to live on ROXBURY DRIVE in Beverley Hills, he had two sisters and indeed spent time in Paris with his 5th wife, and died from a heart attack. Ryan also claimed that ‘HE DID NOT SEE WHY GOD WOULD LET HIM GET TO 61, THEN MAKE HIM COME BACK AS A BABY?’ Professor Tucker then went on to find, that the death certificate claimed that Marty Martyn in fact died when he was 59, which seemed a big inconsistency and major detail wrong in Ryan’s story, however, since then, Professor Jim Tucker received concrete evidence and information, that MARTY MARTYN was indeed 61 when he  had died. Ryan, therefore, was correct all along…..

There are many wonderful stories, claims, and perhaps evidence? throughout the world, from these remarkable children. Some do not hold so many evidential factors. however, many cases through study, investigating, seeking and acceptance, have allowed these children to move forward, and eventually allow these past life memories to diminish.

I find it fascinating that these children are pure in spirit and not tainted by society, ghost stories or exposure to the Reincarnation belief system, however some Religious communities do expose their children to Reincarnation from a young age, but would a child of 4-8 years old really understand it? let alone have vivid, and factual memories of a previous existence? Again, it is a remarkable subject that can never be totally proven, and there are many arguments against the theory to support this, however I believe we owe these children a chance to follow their stories and investigate their claims, whether they are imagination?, coincidence? or indeed the truth. Being a  trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Past life Regressionist, I am still seeking answers, still searching for concrete evidence, and this will no doubt continue on, throughout this, my life here…..